Lethal Love

I’m a lover not a fighter, except for about one week per month.  Even during that dreadful week of hormonal upheaval (and I do mean DREADFUL…imagine tiny droplets of blood dripping from the R, A, & F), I LOVE my husband.  I do not wish him bodily harm for my personal gain, nor do I consciously plot to eliminate him at my earliest possible convenience.  Now there’s no telling what my subconscious is thinking, but let’s not discuss that right now.

Today I bring you another chapter in Long Island Love Stories, only this time it’s ripped right from the headlines (Law & Order aren’t the only ones reading the papers).  If you haven’t read my Long Island Love Stories, what in the world are you waiting for?  Yes, click that link and then hurry back to read this next tale of love. 

You really will appreciate this news article more after reading a Long Island Love Story.


What can I say?  I know you thought I was exaggerating when I accused the yard-saler of dime shopping while her husband suffered symptoms of a heart attack.  I also suspect that you surmised my story of Deli Love was a fabrication of my imagination.

Now I’ve proof!  The media supports my theory that marriage may be lethal…at least on Long Island.

Go now; give your boyfriend or hubby a kiss (Not both! One or the other…boyfriend OR hubby.)  Since I believe in equal time for both sexes, guys give your wives or girlfriends a kiss (not the kiss of death).  This weekend be a lover, not a fighter.

Do you think men may secretly read this blog?  I don’t know.  They run scared the minute you mention h-o-r-m-o-n-e-s.

On a lighter, somewhat spookier note, I’ll have “dress-up” pictures posted Saturday.  Hope you all get lots of good candy.  Honestly, I just hope my kids get lots of chocolate.  I’m going to need it!



3 thoughts on “Lethal Love

  1. Ashley Perkins

    Oh My! Both stories. I have often wondered if I could really kick in and give CPR – would I remember or just hit panic mode. Unbelieveable, when did the wife stroll over to check on her near death husband?

    I love Spasters!!!

    Today you have inspired me to focus on being a lover and not a controller (more of my issue) :)!


  2. lemonsmm

    my husband likes the quote – be a lover not a fighter! ha
    hope you got A LOT of candy, i mean your kids got alot & will share with you!!!


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