Quackers…not Quakers

With a name like Agnes, you might expect an older woman with a mature spirit, but that’s not my Agnes.  She’s youthful, vibrant, and stands with her head held high.
I discovered Agnes in Georgia; however, after becoming fast friends, she just had to return to New York with me. I could not leave her!

Recently I’ve also taken in her son Hunter.  Now when I was introduced to Hunter on my last trip to Atlanta, he was so little and adorable, how could I leave without him? What a welcome addition he’s been to our family. Agnes and Hunter love to sit together basking in the sunlight from my bay window.

My kids just love them! In fact, at times I have to reprimand my children for giving them a little too much attention.

“Hunter needs his space.” I tell them. He doesn’t always want to be manhandled.

Enough of my words. Why don’t you just meet them! I know you’ll love them too.My Agnes

Here’s my girl.  She’s a quack!


We have a duckie family.


I’m glad you’ve met my friends.  Now I’m off…lots to do and I need to make sure I’ve got all my ducks in a row.


15 thoughts on “Quackers…not Quakers

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  3. chrissy

    by the way, I came over here to see your responses, but I can’t remember where I posted, except on this one. The most recent posts have changed. That’s what I was counting on…oh well. I’ll try to find them.

  4. thedomesticfringe Post author

    Chrissy, I did not say ATLATNA to sound pretentious. Who in the heck knows where Powder Springs is? It’s just NORTH of ATLANTA for all you folks who care. While I’m being COMEPLETELY forthcoming, I live in LONG ISLAND, not NYC.

    Excuse me now, I’m going back to my pretensious life! I actually like saying that word…pre-ten-sious…just rolls off the tongue.

  5. Chrissy

    You are such a dork. Exactly who is it that you see that lives in Atlanta? Now, I know a Pat in Powder Springs. Is John’s family in Atlanta? Stop being pretentious. You visit Powder Springs and some other lesser known town, don’t you? Who even likes Atlanta? Yuck I say. Nasty too…and traffic that is unbelievable. Just in case you ever visit here, I live in Melbourne, not Orlando 🙂

  6. robinaltman

    Awesome ducks! I fall for every practical joke. Something is truly wrong with me. I was imagining an old woman staying with you, now, and I’m thinking, “I hope they have room! What if she gets sick? They’ll have to switch her medical insurance to New York.” *hits head on wall*

  7. lemonsmm

    super cute! u live in ga? i grew up there – born & raised until i went to college in texas & meet my husband who moved me to ok. small world!

  8. Hat Chick

    I love the ducks! We have a cousin of your lovely ducks, but he’s the black sheep of the duck family. He came from the Goodwill in Austin and we had to name him ourselves, Gary.

  9. Tori

    How cool is that, I just seen an episode on HGTV (on the computer of course) anyhow they made over this lady’s house and she collected these ducks and said they each had a name. How cool is that??

  10. Cher

    What a lovely story, you silly goose. Love your iron book ends. I’m getting up and doing that to mine as soon as I’m done typing!

    The Texas Woman


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