The Kreativ Blogger Award

kreativbloggerawardI am honored to have been awarded this Kreativ Blogger Award twice.  Once by Mom’s, Ministry, and More and most recently by Primitiques ‘n Poetry.  Thank you ladies!  Mindy from Primitiques ‘n Poetry was even kind enough to teach me how to claim this lovely award and insert into my post.  I would proudly display it on my sidebar, but I’ve been unsuccessful.

I started the domestic fringe the first of September after being on vacation and reading Word Press For Dummies.  Those “For Dummies” books were written especially for people like me.  I know some go on vacation to lounge in the sun, enjoy amusement parks, and take tours.  I read a how to blog book.  Now that’s a pathetic life.  I suppose I’m over being pretentious.  I did not begin blogging correctly, so I floundered without many readers for my first month blogging.

I can thank my sister-in-law Kelly for introducing me to the world of blogging.  She recommended I read Confessions Of A Pioneer Woman and I’ve been addicted ever since. 

So now my fellow bloggers, I’d like to pass this award along to you.  I’ve been inspired by you.  You’ve made me laugh and cry.  You’ve encouraged me to write which is exactly what I enjoy doing and you’ve validated my work with your kind comments.  So now I’d like to award four blogs with this Kreativ Blogger Award…each for their own unique reasons.

1.)  Kelly Ferreira Photography– Kelly is not only family, but she’s been an inspiration to me.  She recently took her love for pictures and developed it into a personal business.  In my opinion, Kelly is an artist.  She’s become a wonderful photographer whose creative shots speak volumes.  If you haven’t seen her work, please check out her website and blog.  There is a link to her blog on the front page of her website.  You’ll not only get to see awesome photos, but you’ll also get to meet my two beautiful nieces, Alissa and Avery.  They’re adorable…they take after their aunt!

2.)  Woman In A Window – I read this blog because Erin is a phenomenal writer.  She has a special gift with words and is also a great photographer.  I don’t know if she’s ever written a book, but she most definitely would be a best-selling author.  Her posts cause me to read, think, and re-read.  She shares her heart and honesty can be seen woven throughout each post.  Thank you Erin for sharing your creativity with the world.

3.)  The Texas Woman – I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Cher’s blog, but the first post I read was My Butt Is Famous.   I think that about says it all.  I was hooked!  Cher makes me laugh and I do love to laugh.  She’s a woman that I’d love to meet in “real life”.  She’s helped define me here on the domestic fringe by naming me FringeGirl and has been an encouragement to me from the start.  Her blog is by far one of the most creative I’ve seen.  It’s full of junk, dead animals, and personality.  I love it!  Seriously, she’s developed a very unique style of decorating with stuffed, skinned, and nearly alive animals.  You’ve got to check out the Texas Woman!

4.)  The Bayou Belles and Their Beau – I’ve only recently discovered this blog, but I enjoy reading it so much that I had to include it on my list and bestow upon Mama Belle this award of great value, significance, and prestige.  Mama Belle is full of creativity, energy, and a sense of humor.  Go check out her blog.  I’m sure she’ll have you coming back for more.

Thank you all for being faithful readers.  I love to read through your comments.  You make me smile!  My next project will be creating a Flicker group, so you can upload a picture of yourself.  Don’t expect this anytime too soon.  I tend to figure things out very slowly.  I haven’t found a Flicker Book For Dummies yet.

Now go read some blogs!


9 thoughts on “The Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Cher

    Wrote about ya tonight on my blog. Presented you the award back but you don’t have to do anything for it. Just wanted to thank you for entertaining me!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Cher

    I am humbled by your words, my dear. I truly am. Thank you so much but I must say, “Back at ya.” You make me laugh. You make me think. But most of all you “get” me!

    Thank you again.

    The Texas Woman

  3. Renee

    another one from Texas. I am the clueless blogger, I am a close friend of Cher’s. I have met Mindy, for about 30 minutes, the bloggers feel sorry for me and let me hang around with them, I am able to lift heavy items, and have a large truck, I love your wit! I have no human children but have one of the canine variety and a feline! I love your puppies picture! I some times wish to have a puppy again and I read a note regarding chewing and change my mind I will just read about yours.

  4. Carin

    Great job on your award! I put Kelly Ferrierer Photography on my favorites ( probably got there from your link) and I enjoy her work and site very much. I will have to check out the others. Keep up the good work


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