Thanksgiving Preparation or Procrastination

I received a picture request, but I really don’t have many pictures of myself.  I’m usually the one snapping the goofy pictures.


Over the past several years I’ve learned some things about myself.  Some of those things are not so pleasant, some I can live with, and yet others things must change.  I think self-examination is good every now and again.  Helps keep my head from floating too far in clouds or being buried in the sand leaves blowing around my backyard. 

Anyway, in this time of self-enlightenment, I’ve discovered that I’m just not a good planner.  I procrastinate.  I should have picked-up on this fact sooner since I always send belated birthday cards.  I Christmas shop every Christmas Eve (early in the day of course), and I grocery shop for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. 

With this revelation came acceptance.  I’m just not a good planner.  I’m an idea person.  I’ve ALWAYS got an idea!  Unfortunately it’s usually last minute.  Not everyone accepts me for who I am.  For instance, the grocery store clerk does not care that I will need a Turkey next Wednesday and it must come already defrosted.  So, I’ve decided that there are some things I must prepare for ahead of time.  I purchased my husband came home with a turkey last week.  He knows and has reluctantly accepted my wayward traits.

A lack of planning is not acceptable when you have company coming to dinner…you see, I’m learning.  For a few weeks now I’ve been reading blogs filled with preparation, meal planning, and table setting ideas for Thanksgiving.  Wow, I’m way behind schedule!

Blogger-buddies, I’m hurrying…don’t get too far ahead of me in this Holiday planning.  Some of us are just a little less anal about our entertaining than others.

After much thought and deliberationa wing and a prayer, I’ve decided what I will serve this Thanksgiving (provided the grocery store still has all the necessary ingredients next Wednesday).  All things are subject to change.  Isn’t that the wonderful thing about life?    

First we will have a turkey.  No duh…I know, but this year I’m lining the top of turkey with bacon.  Ahhhh, bacon makes all things delightful!  This was a tip from my neighbor.  I’m taking her at her word even though her specialty is cookies and cakes.  I’m not sure what a pastry chef knows about cooking turkeys, but she’s got my trust.  Bacon it is!

Next I will be making my sausage stuffing.  This is a Jimmy Dean recipe I clipped from a magazine years ago and it’s become a Thanksgiving tradition.  This stuffing is packed with mushrooms, spinach, celery, onions, and of course sausage.  I hate it.  No, really, I do.  Everyone else loves it and my husband needs this stuffing on Thanksgiving, so I oblige him…just on holidays.

I’m serving candied yams with apples.  Another tradition stemming from a recipe featured in Country Living magazine (my favorite!).  Yams, Granny Smith apples, and onions are chunked and drizzled with honey.  They are seasoned and pats of butter are spread throughout the pan.  Smells yummy.

I’m also making fresh green beans with bacon (my favorite food, second only to cheese) and sliced almonds.  I do love this dish.

And we must have the good old staples – mashed potatoes, gravy and bread.

This year I’m incorporating three new recipes.  Home-made BBQ sauce thanks to Texas Woman’s secret family recipe.  I figured we Yankees could use a little Texas BBQ at our table this Thanksgiving.

I’m also going to attempt a Pecan Pie featured on The Pioneer Woman.  It looks scrumptious, but I know I don’t like pecan pie.  This will be a labor of love – a gift for my husband…the holiday thing again.

Another new recipe for our table will be fresh corn with wild rice.

My guests are bringing dessert…isn’t that nice?  I can’t wait to have an overstuffed belly, 10 loads of dirty dishes, and indigestion.

I’m so thankful to all of you who’ve pledged to pray and send donations to Abby.  At a time when I was growing cynical, you have restored my faith in humankind.  I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Abby has come through surgery very well.  She’s not out of the woods yet and will be hooked-up to a machine that will keep her joints mobile.  She’ll also be facing another round of chemo, so keep praying.


11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Preparation or Procrastination

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  2. robinaltman

    Thanks alot, FringeGirl! I just drooled all over my computer keyboard. Mmmmm. Apples and yams. Mmmmm. Slobber.

    I’ll show you last minute planning. While reading your post, I looked up and asked my husband, “So, what are we doing for Thanksgiving, again?” Let’s just paint a big “L” on my forhead and be done with it, shall we?

    That picture is beyond adorable. It so needs to be framed and put next to the yams.

  3. Ashley Perkins

    ADORABLE PICTURE!!!! What an attractive couple. All of our photos together are so posed. I just love that picture!

    Okay, we are just alike! I planned something at our church for tonight – it’s going to be GREAT! However, late last night I realized we had NO childcare AND we did not have a way to get into the church!!! Yes, I was responsible for these small details!

    We ALWAYS pull through – the moment leading up are filled with excitement! and sometimes painful for those non-procrastinators around us.

    Hope your weekend is Blessed!!

  4. Mindy

    Listen. If this were my house, I would fry up a few pounds of bacon and put them on a pretty plate. Everyone can get their protein and then you can chow down on the desserts they bring. Not much preparation for this!

    And I love the picture! Just darling! ~Mindy

  5. Evergreen

    Have no fear – the baker is correct – bacon does wonders on top of the turkey (also over the legs) – and adds a nice touch to the gravy!! Also, 4-5 pieces of bacon in the pan under the turkey. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Good stuff!!!!!

  6. Janna Qualman

    What a great photo of you! LOVE the dress, and whatever the location, it’s simply gorgeous.

    You’re right; there’s so much to be thankful for. I haven’t really allowed myself to think of all that yet, but I suppose it’s time.

    Hope your menu turns out great, and have a blessed holiday!

  7. Cher

    Hey! That recipe was a SECRET!!!! Oh, OK. Pass it around. It’s too good not to.

    Sooo glad Abby’s surgery went well. And thanks for the web site so we can keep track of her but keep giving us updates too.

    Your menu sounds great. We’ll be there early to help with the last minute items…I wish!

    The Texas Woman


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