The Day After

I’m ten pounds heavier and my dishpan hands will never be the same again.  I slept late this morning, spending some time recovering from too much eggnog, sparkling grape juice, and hot spiced cider.  I really wanted to be up at 3 am rushing out to snatch that great deal from someone’s unsuspecting hands.  I heard reports of only three fatalities in Kohl’s.  I guess it was a good morning.


This is a picture of yesterday’s kid’s table.  I was going to set up a long folding table so we could all eat together, but my son begged me to have a kid’s table.  Better for them, better for us…I mean, who are we kidding?  None of these kid’s actually ate their dinner.  No they gorged on gum drops, ice-cream, cheese and crackers.  See that slightly crazed child at the head of table…too many gum drops.  Also, notice my son with the stemware.  All the other kids are gulping from pig and tiger cups, but my son sips daintily from stemware.  I’ve birthed eccentric children. 


This is my mother who never looks at a camera.  She thinks that by hiding behind her hand, no-one will know how much food she took.  Really, I have hundreds of pictures of my mom and not once is she looking directly at the camera with her eyes open.  I think she’s beyond correction…


notice which way her face is pointing. 

My mother worked hard in the kitchen yesterday.  Thanks mom.  She got a little insulted when I gave her step by step instructions for rinsing and draining the chopped spinach.  Indigant she said, “I’m capable!”

Oh, mom, I know.  So I stepped aside and watched as she pulled the sprayer from beside the sink’s faucet, repeatedlyspraying without water.  Hhmmm, now what’s a daughter to do?  She did just tell me she was CAPABLE.  Finally between fits of hysteria, she turned toward me and said, “Ok, make this work.”

I’m still not sure what she slipped into that spiced cider.


Our Chicogan friends who not only helped eat our food, but also made the most wonderful pies.  They even brought ice-cream!

Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving!  Anybody go shopping this morning?


7 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Cher

    Yeah, I shopped at garage sales!

    We wanted to shop retail really early in the morning. We really did want to. But NONE of the sales were what we were looking for. NONE of the onsale TVs had the featured we needed. Black Friday sales must be for people just wanting to spend their money, not for people who know what they want!

    I’m climbing off my soapbox now. Thanks for letting me vent.

    The Texas Woman


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