Photo Shoot

I need help…QUICK!  My neighbor, Jeannie, was sweet enough to come over and snap a few shots of the family for our Christmas cards. 

They are very casual, kinda different, and my kids are just plain wacky in them.  I cannot decide which photo to use for my cards.  Please help me decide.  I’m begging you.  I’m on my knees, groveling.  You’ve gotta look through all these pictures and then vote on the poll below. 

Thank you in advance for easing my anxiety, deciding the fate of my cards, and sparing me another sleepless night.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


All of these pictures are clearer in the original.  I compressed them to save space on this post.



28 thoughts on “Photo Shoot

  1. Mindy

    I am just now catching up with blogs, since the Thanksgiving trip. Don’t know if you have decided, but I would go with the very last pic. The trees add some nice diminsion. And would you look at all the responses you got? Wow! You are big time, FringeGirl! ~Mindy

  2. Erin

    Your daughter totally cracked me up on that third shot. They’re all nice. I also like how your husband is moving in the first, kinda unassuming. Draws me to it. But I went with the third, your son sliding on into the front frame. Fun!

  3. robinaltman

    So cute! It was between 4 and 5. Fringeboy makes me laugh. I chose 5 because it was so cool with the trees breaking the picture up into little vertical people strips.

  4. Chrissy

    I do not care what anyone says…Picture 2 wins HANDS DOWN. Picture 5 is the least original of all the photos. It’s like people automatically see it and think, yeah, that looks like a Christmas card photo so choose it. Picture 2 looks like you guys…the poses are your personalities and lovely coat and outfit overall. My vote counts as 51% 🙂

  5. Lana

    Yeah.. so now I look like a real stalker, 3 comments in one day. I’m not a creep! I swear! lol!
    You asked if my wordless wednesday pic was taken by me… I “oopsied” and posted my answer on my own comment box. Silly me!

    Thanks! Yes I took this picture in early May of this year. Bridal Falls is about a 30 min drive from my house. The kids and I LOVE it!! We go a few times a year, in the spring and summer.

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  7. Julie Scott

    I love these pics… my favorites are 1 and 5, I voted for 5 though. I would love love love to recieve one of these fab cards with you family on it. *beg* for cards, but I MISS YOU all so much!!!

    Love ya>…..

  8. Denise

    I liked 2 and 5 the best….honestly they all look great. Thats a wonderful idea, and I love the sepia color.

    I found you on Blog Stalkers Unite 🙂

  9. Debbie York

    I picked #5, but it really was a toss up between 1 & 5. Something about #1 really appealed to me. Maybe the naturalness about it. So I tossed a coin. Heads-5, Tails-1. Heads! Debbie

  10. Lana

    Hi! I found your blog through Blog Stalkers Unite.
    What great pictures! I really like the last one, number 5. So I voted for that one. 🙂 I think if your daughter had been a little more in front, or closer to the rest of you guys, I would have picked that one. What little hams!!

  11. Cher

    Gosh, that actually was hard! I was really attracted to FringePhoto #1 but #5 was the only photo with ALL the family in it! Of course, maybe that isn’t even YOUR FringeDog!

    You’ve got a beautiful family!

    The Texas Woman


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