Winners & Losers


I’m sure you could barely sleep last night wondering if you were going to be the lucky winner of these socks.


Not to mention that you get a stylish hat as well.  I give nothing but the best!  I’m happy to announce Mindy from Primitiques ‘n Poetry as our winner.  Congratulations Mindy!!!  Snakelover will happy you won the hat. 

As happy as I am for Mindy, I’m a little sad that Cher didn’t win.  I know how much she WANTED these socks.  Don’t worry Cher, Santa’s on his way.  You may get a pair stuffed in your stocking.

Tuesday I went to brunch with a friend and afterwards we went Christmas shopping.  Not in the mall, but in a quaint little port town.  The ferry between Long Island and Connecticut docks there and the town is filled with cute little shops and restaurants.  As I was walking out the door, I noticed what I was wearing and realized that I was dressed like it was Dare To Wear day part two. 

After cooking for Thanksgiving, I’m becoming accustomed to my life resembling Ground Hog’s Day.  Have you seen that movie?  I made a rice dish three times before getting it right and made two pecan pies because I screwed up the first.  Now I was reliving Dare To Wear. 

What’s going on?  Is the needle stuck on the record player?  My life is quickly becoming like a bad movie.


I had to retrieve one of these shoes from under the house – the puppy.  By the time I made it to the bus stop that afternoon, one of the moms looked at me and said “What in the world are you wearing?  Is this for your blog again?”

I stood condemned with no excuse.  This is normal wear.  I not only thought these tights were warm, but they were also happy.  I like them.

Last night FringeMan, myself, and our two kids squished onto our puffy sofa – the denim sofa that sucks you into its’ folds leaving only your appendages free to grab pop-corn.  We watched the lighting of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree.  The last show of the night featured the Rockettes.

As the Rockettes were fluidly kicking their long, lean, long, perfectly shaped, long legs into the air, FringeMan looked adoringly at me and said, “Honey, you could be a Rockette.”

Before a second passed, my normally sweet daughter chimed in saying, “But you’d have to get skinny first.”

Thank you Annaliese!  My tree trunks can be kicked just as high into the air as the Rockettes “skinny” legs.  My daughter is single-handedly causing me to have self-esteem issues.  Earlier in the evening she drew this portrait of me.


At first glance I thought this was a basset hound wearing a crown.  My daughter has reduced me to a basset with her jowls hanging.  Excuse me while I lie around and sleep all day.  Oh, I can’t forget to drool on the furniture and eat a slipper for lunch.

Have a good day!


16 thoughts on “Winners & Losers

  1. caprik

    OH, I get it now.
    I was just confused because they were only on your cheeks.It reminded me of cats and dogs that have whiskers in those areas! 😉
    Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Mindy

    I am blown away by my great fortune! To the minions who emailed me and commented notes of congratulations, I thank you. I am sorry for the delayed elation. I went to Judy Hill’s Home Show today in Kilgore. Road trip! Check my blog the next few days for pics. Fun stuff!

    Anywho….Yea, me!!! I will be waiting for my nice lady mail carrier to honk her horn as she scoots up my driveway with my new headcover and foot cover. I’ll post pics post haste.

    Yee Haw! ~Mindy

  3. robinaltman

    Pretty tights! I just bought bright turquoise tights. I wonder if people will think I’m wearing them for a dare!

  4. Rachel

    I LOVE the tights! Hot pink all the way! (The other moms were just jealous). 🙂

    My daughter calls me a pig on a regular basis. I’m trying to train her to call me a “swan” or something dainty like that. Unfortunately she’s too smart to fall for such trickery. 🙂

  5. PJ Hornberger

    Oh, shoot I wanted Cher to get those socks. I know they’re going to a good home! Love those tights. Nobody could loose you in those tights! They are sophisticated! did i spell that right? ~PJ

  6. Cher

    Well, Mindy does look good in hats so I’m glad she won! And David looks good in socks and tights (don’t ask me how I know!) so they did good winning!

    The Texas Woman

  7. thedomesticfringe Post author

    caprik – the dots are freckles of course. My face is FULL of them. 20 seconds in sunlight or under a lighbulb and I look like I’m dotted with chocolate sprinkles.

    David – I’ll be sure to where these tights jogging…safety first!

  8. David

    Ha! That’s one of the funniest blogs ever! I love the part about the denim sofa that sucks you into it’s folds leaving only appendages free to grab popcorn. And the tights are indeed happy. Very happy. Bright even. They would add an element of safety for riding a bike or jogging at night.


    Congrats to my sweetheart for winning the hat and socks! I’ll be sure there are pictures. She is obsessed with hats, you know. Never met a hat she didn’t like. Or maybe one that didn’t like her, because she’s one of those people who looks great in hats. Ok, I admit, I could be a tad biased!


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