Winter Wonderland

I went to bed Saturday night befuddled.  You see I managed to lose my Sunday School curriculum.  The same curriculum that Wednesday lay peacefully on my dresser waiting in anticipation for rambunctious children.  Where could that book have gone?  You must understand, my house is NOT that big.  It’s quite small and I only have a few closets – no hiding places.  I peeked under beds, moved the couch, and checked every kitchen cabinet…nothing. 

I know, the dog ate it!  It works with the school, so surely it will work with the church too. 

In resignation I went to bed praying my subconscious would clue me in while I slept.  Apparently my subconscious slept too, because I awoke with nothing but an empty head, bad breath, and a full bladder.  As I padded out to the kitchen, my eyes zoomed in on the coffee pot, the puppy tugged at my slippers nearly tripping me; however, I looked up and realized it was snowing. 

Now that makes everything better!  The world needs a white blanket for Christmas and we were decorating the church this afternoon.  How much fun!  Our church has a giant wreath that once hung in Radio City Music Hall.  I was impressed. 

So I was going to take a picture of the snow for you, but to be honest, this big snow was embarrassing.  It consisted of a few flakes and about 1/2 inch accumulation.  Now that may be impressive in Florida, but the Northeast needs to produce at least enough snow to require a shovel before it’s worthy of a picture.

So in honor of my snow sputter, I give you pictures of real snow – Maine snow – April snow.  For the record, no place should have this much snow in April.  It’s unconstitutional, inhumane, and should be outlawed.


This is the kind of snow that brings down trees and power lines.


We did loose power and subsequently water…that means NO heat.


Even the mailman gave up and took a holiday.


This tree blocked our exit until FringeMan sawed it into tiny pieces.  I have hundreds of Maine snow pictures, but you’ve probably seen enough. 

My kids are accustomed to fields of fine, clean, cold snow.  I don’t care if they eat it.  Why let’s make snow cones for dessert!  The FringeKids, however, are not city snow savvy.  The yellow clumps on the side of the road are not pre-flavored snowcones – Don’t eat it!  Now our snow (if you can call it that) is tainted by exhaust, flavored by city pets, and sprinkled with pollutants.

While at the ice-skating rink last week, my daughter gathered a glove full of shaved ice and took a drink.  I almost died.  There’s not much grodier than several hundred people skating over the frozen water that is now melting in my little girl’s mouth.  I wondered how many of  these skates have taken countless bathroom trips.  No, my children need city living lessons.

Hope you’re enjoying your winter wonderland!


25 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Erin

    It seems to me your writing (always good, I might add) has recently taken to sky-rocketing proportions! Are you sure you haven’t been drinking rink water?

    Snow? YOu got nothin. I.Can’t.Believe.What.We.Have. More snowstorms in the last month than all year. Wow. I’m humbled by the drifts!

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Erin, I don’t envy you your snow. Do you need anything…hats, gloves, shovels, the national guard to dig you out?

  2. Carin

    Seems like those spring storms are always the worst, lots of wet heavy snow to break branches and make a mess. I love snow but hate the mud in the spring. It’s snowing here now. —

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Yes, mud season is the worst…rubber boots to the knees and somehow I still managed to get stuck and dirty.

  3. PJ Hornberger

    I’m working on that word… befuddled… gotta learn that word. I could use it, A LOT! It could work in all kinds of situations. Love your snow, especially since it’s yours. Love your writing, since I get to enjoy it. thanks, PJ

  4. Nina

    Beautiful pics, but I’ll have to admit that I’m glad I’m seeing them trough pics and not outside my window. Big snows always scare me. As a kid, we’d have them every 5 years or so. Alabamians don’t handle big snows very well. The power ALWAYS went out. No heat, no ability to cook food. We lived on a big hill, so we couldn’t leave the house. I remember sleeping in the bathroom with my mom and lil’ bro for three days and nights. We tried to stay warm in the tiny bathroom with candles. We blew black soot out of our noses for weeks I think….I have nightmares still. I’ve been warped for life.

  5. Hat Chick

    Those photos are beautiful. I have a touch of “old-timers” myself, and it drives me insane when I misplace something. And kudos to you for blogging on the weekend. My Sat and Sun are marathons….game o’ the week and then church on Sun. We decorated the church yesterday too, but we were discouraged because the new star topper was too big and one of the angels ornaments got decaptitated in the box….very sad.

  6. Mom

    I like the pics of the snow! Reminds me of the many trips home to New York from your house in Maine in snow storms. Remember how many times I would be leaving on Sunday afternoon and we would look up at the sky and sure enough—-it would snow. How did I ever do it???

  7. Debbie York

    Remind me if we get snow this winter in Texas to send you a photo. It is pitiful. Wait until you see a Texas snowman with dirt, grass and sticks mixed in. I’m not complaining, mind you. I don’t like to be cold. It’s just less than an inch of snow in Dallas can shut down the city. And about the snow eating, one word. EEEWW! Debbie

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      WhisperWood Cottage – At a time long, long ago, an elderly woman in the church donated this wreath. When she was young she danced in Radio City Music Hall. Rumor has it that she was a cigar smoking, beer drinking crinkled woman who sat in the back pew, tucked in a corner. I’ll have to take a picture of the wreath…it’s just big. It hangs outside with lights and balls.

  8. David

    Actually, I didn’t HAVE to break out the long sleeves. My son was wearing short sleeves today. (Seriously) But, you know, I don’t get to wear long sleeves much, so I try to take advantage of every opportunity.


  9. thedomesticfringe Post author

    Mel, I didn’t find the lessons…had to improvise.

    Cher, I hate to see what my mind is like in 30 years. My poor kids.

    Janna, visit Maine in July or August…trust me!

    David, I feel so badly you had to break out the long sleeves…my little violin is playing sympathetic music.

    Robin, you jogged? So impressed!

  10. robinaltman

    Wow! Maine makes real snow! I’m from Boston, so this wimpy PA snow is pretty disappointing. There was a fine dusting Sat night, but I still jogged on it today, so it was nothing too daunting!

  11. RedDahlia

    Not yet here, it’s still in the 50’s. To be honest it seems much warmer than last year actually. The weather in OR has been erratic this year. It was 70 in January, the news was calling it Juneuary!

  12. Cher

    Don’t you hate misplacing things? And you’re so young. Do what the rest of us old people do – write it down!

    Love the snow pictures. Just hate the snow. And the cold. And all things connected with winter!

    The Texas Woman


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