Accessorizing The Whole Person


I love bling.  Gaudy fat beads, vintage necklaces, and bangles are all favorites.  I also love earrings; however, I can’t wear earrings unless they are solid gold and that’s not what I prefer.

I need to come clean and admit that I’m tempted to get a belly button piercing.  I don’t know why belly bling appeals to me, but it does.  I think my belly needs a little sparkle.  It’s got stretch marks, a rogue mole, and a little too much stuffing, but no sparkle.

Sparkle really isn’t necessary for my belly since it is covered at all times…well, almost all times.  I don’t wear short shirts.  I don’t jog in my sports bra.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t even jog.  So, I ask you, why does belly bling tempt me?

Unless the muscles in my stomach convene and decide to spontaneously tighten leaving me with rock hard abs, my belly will remain blingless.  

What tempts you?  Is it green hair?  Maybe it’s a shiny little diamond in the side of your nose?  Perhaps implants are your temptation…boob bling anyone?

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


27 thoughts on “Accessorizing The Whole Person

  1. piercedconsumer

    –I think you should get your navel piercing no matter what size you are. Do you know that very thin, ripped people sometimes have a hard time getting navel piercings because there’s not enough to “pinch”?

    –Do it for yourself, not what anybody else thinks! Even if you’re not as proud of your belly as you might be, why not just dress it up anyway?

    –if you can only wear gold in your ears, try titanium. You can buy titanium body jewelry “earrings” in a standard earring size. You can buy simple ring or stud style jewelry. It comes in colors and is lightweight.

    –Titanium body jewelry is a great choice for sensitive ears and even kids’ ears since it’s far more hypoallergenic than gold, which has a variety of alloys added for strength. People with nickel allergies can wear titanium nicely.

  2. jennifer

    I am tempted by tons and tons of plastic surgery. But the price makes it out of the question. Small dollar temptation would be a tattoo. and I am NOT the tattoo type. But a teeny tiny rose strategically hidden from my kids? Tempting but I am strong.

  3. Evergreen

    I noticed the “green hair” comment wasn’t a “blue hair” comment. ;-)~~~ Been there, done that!! Also did a streak of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that was only hot-glued into my hair, unlike the blue…..

  4. Debbie York

    Girl, I’m with you-bling is the best. My motto is “Don’t Diet-Decorate It!” My favorite color is shiny. I have a secret yearning for a tattoo of a kiss on the back of my neck. Heard about it and thought “Yum!”, but my children(grown) were shocked. So maybe I’ll just go get a henna one. I’m really not into pain. If I got one anywhere else, I’m afraid time would rearrange it for me. As far as body piercing goes, I think the hole in my head will suffice. Also, the ones you know where remind me of bathtub stoppers! Debbie

  5. Janna Qualman

    A favorite ring or two, bracelet or two, and an awesome blue bangle watch are my favorites. I wish I could wear earrings, but one of my earlobes is scarred, and I can’t wear them. 😦

    Great post, as always!

  6. Laura

    I have no bling fantasies, which I think is sad for me. I just don’t see what I could do on the outside would properly reflect all of the swirl that I have on the inside.

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Inside swirl is good. You just have to let it seep out every now and again. Thanks for visiting the domestic fringe.

  7. Cathy

    My wish for more bling is a second piercing in each ear. I only have one. I’d love to have 2 so I could wear a stud and a hoop at the same time. However, my husband doesn’t like that (he would never try to stop me, but it just isn’t his thing)and so I’d rather please him than me on this particular thing.

  8. Cher

    I want a small, simple daisy on the inside of my wrist. I came this close (see my finger and my thumb almost together?) when visiting my son in Austin. Get this – the coffee shop he owns is in a small strip mall that has a tattoo parlor. Next door to that is a tattoo removal parlor. Too funny. I’ll have to take a picture of that for Tasteless Tuesday!

    The Texas Woman

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Cher, be sure to take a pain killer first. I think the tender skin on the inside of wrist would hurt like mad. Ya, I’d be scared.

  9. Erin

    Dark rimmed glasses. I tried glasses once just for the weight of them, for the introspection of adjusting them but then I got pretty blind. D’oh! But otherwise if I want to change my hair colour, I do. I have a nose ring. I have polyester pants. go figure.

  10. Bdogs

    Very funny. I don’t even jog. Me, neither. My character in the novel I’m running on my other blog has bling in her ear. This will suprise her family. I’d have one put in the navel, if I didn’t hate pain. Same reason I have no tattoos. (Or just the thought of my mother revolving in her grave.)
    I’ve never been able to take tongue rings in stride though. Um, ouch?

  11. Tori

    Okay this was a funny post!
    I have to admit, I am not tempted by any of those things.
    The only think that tempts me is blond hair. I’m a brunet, actually pretty dark but the gray is just about to take over so I keep thinking that blond would be nice.

    Thanks for the laugh!


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