Drive-By Whistlers


As I stood shivering, hands tucked snugly in the pockets of my black Banana Republic Peacoat ($2.50 @ a yard sale), I counted the seconds until I’d see the big yellow bus round the corner.  Four times a day I stand on the corner of a busy intersection and wait.  Today I waited alone. 

A car careened down the main avenue, honked, and a young man popped out of the window whistling at me.  The hearty chuckle that escaped my throat warmed me from head to toe.  If he’d been a minute later, his young ego would have been forever crushed as my eight year-old jumped from the bus and gave me a big hug.  I do not believe whistling at a soccer mom makes young men popular these days.


Perhaps it was the new bag deserving the whistle?  No, couldn’t have been, I didn’t bring it out.  Probably a dare.  Remember that truth or dare game?  Do kids still play that game?

Seriously, isn’t this a great bag?  Come on, all you Texas gals must like a good cow pattern, right?  I bought it from a street vendor.  There’s no better place to shop than in the street.  The haggle is the thrill.  I thrive when conditions demand bartering.  Could be why I enjoy yard sales so much.  I would do very well in countries with open air markets. 

A few years ago, I actually considered getting a hot dog cart and selling wieners all summer.  Thing is, I would’ve loved that job.   FringeMan feared I would have donned a bikini and become the very popular bikini wienie girl…not a good reputation in a small town where he is the minister. 

So my question to you is:  Do you haggle or do you accept the stated price without question?


27 thoughts on “Drive-By Whistlers

  1. Dear Abbi

    I’m a haggler. Wish I had the opportunity to do it more. We love Fancy Nancy in our house too. My youngest thinks she might be Nancy, herself.

    Your hutch is cute, wtg to the hubs!

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. Rae Ann

    I have to laugh about the bag – which is fabulous, by the way. I live in a small town in Texas, and I see versions of that bag EVERYWHERE. I always wonder where they came from so that I could get one!

  3. PJ Hornberger

    We chipped in and had someone whistle at Cher, she’s just hard of hearing… We don’t have cows that color in Texas, nope, that’s a NYC cow.

    I might ask if they can do better, but no insults. Don’t like insults. If they ask me rudely, I tell them I never go down on my prices, always up. One especially rude guy said, “well what’er ya gonna do when ya kan’t sell it?” My reply…
    burn it. And I would before he got it. ~PJ

  4. Nina

    I’m convinced you might need to be committed for about a month.

    Fringeman better watch out!! Cause if those young men see you with that bag next time, they might do more than just whistle…..

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      I need to be committed for more than a month, but for psychiatric reasons. Let’s call it my little mental health vacation, shall we?

  5. Chrissy

    Okay, so first question…is that a cow pattern or a giraffe? 2nd question, aren’t most items sold on the street stolen? You and Pat with your stolen merchandise. Did she tell you about the authentic Prada bag she got for $50? Yeah, she said she didn’t ask any questions. She has a certificate for it though, so it’s the real deal 🙂

    I don’t actually barter at least not on purpose. If I don’t like the price, I won’t buy it and sometimes, they will ask what I’m willing to pay and I’ll tell them, but I’m just being honest. I don’t care if they lower the price, I’m still only buying it at the price I want to pay. Does that make sense?

    Check out the new sign I made on my blog. Tell me what you think. Oh, and being whistled at never gets old.

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      NOT stolen! The street vendors were legal and the city was full of them for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought stolen merchandise before, but not this time. No siree, I’ve changed my ways.

  6. Carin

    I’m not a haggler but I am starting to realize that it doesn’t hurt to ask, and anywhere really. We were in Corral West getting some Wrangler shirts for my boys. I was only going to get one but my husband was there and he asks the sales lady if they are on sale. She looks at what I’m holding and says “how about buy one get one free!” How about that!

  7. lagirl

    I’m sure it was YOU, dah-ling, and not even that oh-so-fine purse, which deserved that whistle. What’s a young man to do when he is overcome by such unexpected beauty?? Whistle, of course. He probably thought you were picking up your younger brother at the bus stop.

    Take your compliments where you can get them, Fringegirl, and ask no questions!

  8. Hat Chick

    I can’t go to a store anywhere in Little Town, Big State (or in nearby Big City, Big State) without running across a fashionable lady with one of those bags…..come on down, honey, you’ll fit right in!

    I always haggle. My two favorite lines are, “Is that your best price?” or “What’s my special discount today?”

  9. Debbie York

    No, I’m not a haggler. If I’m out buying for resale, I won’t unless it’s $20 or over. I don’t like for folks to try to beat me down, so I won’t do it to others. Now on the other hand, Cat Daddy will in a heart beat if it’s over $10. He’s been known to do it in jewlery stores, Macy’s, where ever! I usually walk over to the other side of the store so they don’t know we’re together. He’s always looking for a bargain and hates to pay full retail! I remind him it’s only a deal if we will use it-who needs 10 1936 urinals from the old Cotton Bowl Stadium? BTW, the handbag is darling! Tn’T

  10. Janna Qualman

    I’m like you, loving a good deal where there’s one to be found. But I’m not always the best at haggling. I don’t even think of it! I admit, I’m getting better at garage sales and all (a favorite past time!) but there’s always room for improvement.

    Awesome bag!

  11. Cher

    I’m sorry, Rachel, that you’re not a Texas. It’s not your fault, I’m sure. You’d like it, though, if you were one!

    Although I’ve never seen a black and white giraffe, I do have to agree with caprik. But that doesn’t mean the dern thing ain’t cuter than a cowboy’s butt because it is! And it’s big enough to hold my new snub-nosed gun. Seriously.

    Ya, know, I’ve NEVER been whistled at. But then again, anyone whose been married as many times as I have doesn’t need any more male attention than she’s already gotten in life!

    The Texas Woman

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Cher, thanks for a hearty morning laugh. Quit hogging all the men and leave some to go around! There are still LOTS of single women out there.

  12. caprik

    Dear Bikini Wienie Girl,
    L-O-V-E the bag, but it does look a little giraffe print-ish, rather than cow-ish to me.
    Sadly, I am lacking the haggle gene, but Honey is GREAT at it, so we do “a-ight”.
    I am not above accepting a polite wolf whistle

  13. Mom

    Whistles are so needed for a girl’s ego.
    When out shopping, I am the Queen of Bargaining! I love the bag. Is that my Christmas gift?!

  14. Mindy

    Do I haggle? Well, I’m in Texas, so I’ll go with garage sales. It honestly depends on who is running the sale. If it’s some young mom with a kid, I give her what she asks. If it’s old people who aren’t real bad backwards, I give them what they ask. If it’s run by someone who thinks they know what they are doing, and they don’t, I’m all over haggle-ing and walking away. And the purse? Hate it! haha But, honey. Different taste is what makes the world go round. And the whistle? Love the whistle! ~Mindy

  15. Rachel

    First off, I’m not a Texan but I LOVE the bag!

    And I’ve only been to NYC twice, but both times I haggled. Got a “Prada” wallet for $5 and a “Kate Spade” bag for $9. The trick I found that worked was to start walking away. They either come down on the price or start throwing in a bunch of freebies.

  16. Dallas

    I love this story! Reminds me of the time I was in a parking lot out side a cutie patootie store. I had just got out of my car and a “kid” drove by and whistled at me. I laughed when he saw me walk around the car and bless his heart…he realized that I was like 8 months pregnant!!

    But God love that boy!!! He made a very pregnant girl’s day!!


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