The Greatest Gift

I’ve previously mentioned gift giving and wanted to show you a few more of my favorite gift items this Christmas.  I don’t want you to think that everybody on my list is getting poop soap.  If you’re new to the domestic fringe, click HERE to read about poop soap…the gift that keeps on giving.

Anyway, my kids want presents too and the only use they have for soap is painting the shower walls with it.  I have more soap scum than my can of scrubbing bubbles can even begin to chip away at.

I think I’m slightly ADD.  See how quickly my attention shifts from gifts to scum?  It’s a full-time job keeping this mind on target.  That’s part of my problem.  My mind’s in Target too much and its got my checkbook captive.


These may not look like much, but they’re actually pretty unusual.  These crayons were made in Peru and the waxy colored part is actually inside a piece of wood.  They are literal crayon sticks.  My son is going to love these and they fit perfectly in his stocking.  They may cost me a trip to the emergency room when he slices his finger open with a pocket knife as he’s try to whittle a point, but hey, what’s childhood without a few ER visits.

The finger puppets are for Annaliese.  They are hand made and are also from Peru.  That’s why Bugs, Minni, and Santa look slightly off.  I think it’s part of their charm.  Believe it or not, my daughter asked for finger puppets.  I’m not sure it’s on the list of most popular presents for 2008, but she lives in the land of make-believe and will be very happy with these Peruvian wonders.

The gifts I give are merely a slight reflection of the presents the Lord’s given me.  The greatest being the gift of His son, Jesus Christ.  He stands as the bridge between my sin and reconciliation with God.  He was born, the spotless lamb of God, in a humble manger and grew to give His sinless life on a cross in payment for the sin debt I owed.  The good news is that the gift is not just for me, but is offered to all who come by faith.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

What’s the greatest gift you’ve recieved?


16 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift

  1. Rachel

    I love both those gifts! (And I love the name Annaliese!)

    My best gift (intangible) is definitely salvation and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in my life, because I can’t even imagine the mess I would make without Him.

    Best tangible gift? Couches.

    Oh, and I showed my husband the poop soap. He died laughing and said we are buying one for every member of the family next year. Yeah, we’re THAT KIND of family. 🙂

  2. Shan

    Preach it sister!

    The greatest gift I ever received is my salvation, the forgiveness of all my sins, Jesus Christ dying for my sins & the love & protection of my God. If those aren’t the greatest gifts ever given, then I don’t know what is!

    Then my husband & precious, but precocious, daughter.

    Those crayon sticks are pretty dang cool though. Where did you get them?

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Shan, the crayon sticks came from a quaint little shop here on Long Island. Everything in the store is imported from Peru. They really have some beautiful and unique items.

  3. Mom

    I agree with you too! I received Jesus’ gift of salvation when I was ten! My next favorite gift(s) I praise God for is the fact that my children accepted Jesus’s gift too! And my grandson John Cole. I just know and believe my granddaughters will accept His gift too when they are at that tender age of understanding.

  4. Nikki

    Well nobody can top that gift….but my next one would be the gift I got when my soon to be hubby found me clear across the country…and decided against his better judgement to marry me! YAY him. He is the gift that keeps on giving every day.

  5. Nina

    I’m with you, fringegirl!! The greatest gift ever given was THE one gift to all man kind. To the New Yorkers, Alabamians, Texans, the Portuguese, Peruvians, Iraqis and all the other people groups of this world. It was wrapped in love and hung on a cruel cross so that we might spend an eternity with Him!!—My kitchenaid stand mixer that’s in the mail on it’s way to my doorstep doesn’t even come close to comparing to this gift given me a few years back. It’s a gift that I’ll never forget receiving…..Eternal Life!! Praise His Name!!

    Way to give Him the Glory Tricia…you go girl!

  6. Mel

    God’s love!! Then my kids, last year right before the holidays our adoption was finalized for our two youngest, it was the gift that keeps on giving :)…and this year is all four of my kids, my two oldest and my two youngest under the same roof…

  7. robinaltman

    Awww….PJ….That was so sweet. What I was going to say sounds pretty mundane, but here goes – I really like the pencils and the puppets. They look like cool things from 10,000 Villages. I love puppets!


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