The Magic That Is NYC

Although I haven’t been to many of the great cities of this world, I believe New York City is one like no other.  During the holidays, retail decorators go to great lengths to transform the city into a magical otherworld. 

Although I’m not a photographer and you’ll see flash reflections, I want to show you at least a snapshot of the magic.  Hope you enjoy a walk through the city.


These angels keep watch over Rockefeller Center.  Their lacy wings fill the night with a certain calm in the midst of chaos.


A window in white.  My favorite. 


Each glance is an assault on your senses.


These nutcrackers lined nearly an entire block.


New York City does demand an intense reaction.  You either love it or hate it.


This is a woman who likes her bling.


Sisters perhaps?


This is where I’d be dancing if I “got skinny”.  So says my daughter.


It’s easy to feel like one of these flags in the city – whipped back and forth from one window to the next, enticed by one vendor to another, bumped by one person and then a hundred.


And as night falls, the real magic begins.


The memories of those who’ve gone before fill hearts and minds at Christmas and always.

If you’ve not visited New York City, you SHOULD!  No better time to come than Christmas…summer is a bit hot and smelly.

Hope you are all enjoy the magic of the season.


19 thoughts on “The Magic That Is NYC


    I lived there for 11 years and loved every minute of it. Thanks for posting these pix, I miss it. ANd you’re right, the best time to go is before Christmas…

  2. robinaltman

    So cool!! You really caught the spirit of the season in the city. When you’re a world famous photographer, will you still remember the little people?

  3. Steph

    Loved the tour. We were there almost a decade ago. I think it’s time to go back. 😉 This time the kids will actually be able to remember it.

  4. Bdogs

    I loved the photographs. Almost like being there, minus the stress.

    We were all set to go this year, to visit my son and his wife who live in NYC. Then the idea of travelling at such a busy time began to sound like a bad idea.

    We will do it, though, maybe year after next. Your first photo, the lacy wings up close, was especially fabulous.

  5. Frippery

    I have not been. Thanks for the tour! Everything is gorgeous. My hubby has visited and my daughter got to go two years ago with a friend who’s father treated them for a weekend. I am going to get there if I have to flap my arms and fly! Merry Christmas. Pam

  6. Cher

    Wonderful pictures for sharing the Christmas spirit of New York. Thank you.

    It feels like NY here in Texas today. The temp isn’t suppose to be above 38! IN TEXAS! TODAY! Can’t believe it!

    The Texas Woman

  7. Mama Belle

    OK, so jealous. Actually, Beau and I are planning to go next Christmas for our anniversary, Dec. 16th. We’re saving our pennies to get there and stay there. We’re actually probably going to have to stay in Pennsylvania, I think. Ever since we’ve been married, we’ve wanted to go during Christmas time. Maybe we’ll meet then, if all our finances work out.

    Anyway, I came over here tell you that I gave you an award/tag over at my place. Come on over and get it.

  8. Cathy

    I LOVE NYC. We went back in Oct and Dec of 2001 to help out with 9-11 and I fell in love. If I were single and not such a scardy cat I would move there in a heart beat. The Dec trip we saw some of the decorations but we weren’t there to site see so we wizzed past and got a little taste of the holidays there.

  9. Erin

    We went with our kids to a neighbouring CITY of about
    100 000 this weekend and the kids were blown away. My husband and I were musing about what their reaction might be if we were to take them to New York. I think they’d spontaneously combust!

    The pictures were great and this made me laugh my coffee out onto my chin, “This is where I’d be dancing if I “got skinny”. So says my daughter.” Ha! Naughty kid.


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