Holiday Cooking-Lazy Style

Didn’t I just spent two solid days in the kitchen cooking for Thanksgiving?  The dreaded day after required me to be up to my elbows in dish soap.   I don’t even want to remember the kitchen clean-up. 

 Then came Christmas parties…potlucks…oh, my aching head.

I read all your baking recipes.  I drooled and possibly gained two pounds from excessive cookie looking, but I just couldn’t muster the ambition to bake AGAIN.  Perhaps it’s fear of not creating a culinary masterpiece or it could be that I’m just too overwhelmed with holiday shopping, entertaining, and celebrations…not a chance.   The real reason for my kitchen slump is laziness.

I just don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen sifting flour, melting butter, and making gravy…oh wait, I almost forgot I don’t sift.  Still!  This holiday is supposed to be all about the presents, not the food. 

We’re sending our domestic goddesses to an early grave by allowing our appetites to dictate our Christmas cuisine.  We should be ashamed of ourselves.

I will now share Holiday recipes – lazy style.

FYI:  I AM cooking a small ham.

Boston Market is nice enough to precook delicious sweet potato casseroles and baked apples.  They ship them to BJ’s and lazy people like me buy them, throw them in a dish, heat, and serve.  If you are into self-preserving your image as a domestic goddess, stick these in a fancy dish and discard any and ALL evidence of the wrappings.


Boston market also has mashed potatoes, but FringeMan would have convulsions if I served him “pretend” mashed potatoes.  I don’t worry about him having too much plaque in his arteries, but rather too many mashed potatoes.


Of course we need sweets, so here’s a lovely pumpkin pie.  It will taste wonderful to me since I didn’t need to mash the pumpkins, fight with the crust, and forget to add the sugar.  I will whip my own cream.


I couldn’t resist the eclairs!  Apparently three other munchkins couldn’t resist either.  Don’t kid yourselves, these are never going to make it until Christmas day.


Ribbon candy is one of my personal favorites.  You might even say a tradition.

Since my hand mixer broke the other day, looks like Santa is getting an eclair.  Oh, no!  I just realized I have no mixer to make whipped cream…looks like that’s going to come out of a can too.  On the bright side, maybe Santa will bring me a Kitchen Aide…please Santa.  I think I have as much chance of getting a Kitchen Aide this year as I did with the Corvette.

A domestic goddess I’m not, but hats off to the rest of you!

From my FringeFamily to yours, Merry Christmas!   It is my prayer that each of you enjoy a happy and safe holiday filled with love, cheer, and lots of presents.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


17 thoughts on “Holiday Cooking-Lazy Style

  1. Gina

    We had a pretty lazy Christmas also! Though we didn’t have any company. I just pulled some premade frozen apple pie and meat pie out of the freezer. Then I decided to try out my new crock pot and cooked a roast.

    Nothing fancy and formal, but definitely relaxing and fun!

  2. kar

    Hey! A belated Merry Christmas! I’m suffering with the season’s achoos and hack-hacks (otherwise known as a cold) and found your blog and enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work!

  3. Bdogs

    You have found the answer to the dreaded Christmas Day foot ache, which precedes thedreaded headache, if you’re not careful. I however will be in the kitchen early, marinating pork, peeling potatoes, baking a cake for sherry trifle. No Boston Markets around here, sad to say…At least LH will take over the dishwashing!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Mama Belle

    Ain’t nothin’ better than disguising store-bought food for homemade. I do it all the time. The secret’s in the presentation.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Rachel

    I don’t know of anywhere around here that serves Boston Market, and that is a cryin’ shame.

    My hubby, too, refuses to eat “processed” mashed potatoes. It was part of our marriage vows that I always make them from scratch.

    And I don’t sift either! Non-sifters unite! 🙂


  6. Nina

    Merry Christmas to you Fringegirl!

    You deserve a break….enjoy it!!

    Sorry bout the kitchenaid… dad is sending me one. He’s always done me this way. I have one for America too, that he bought me…it just won’t plug in over here so I had to leave it there. Now I have one in the mail that will work in Europe.—-That’s can’t be fair can it…a lady with two kitchenaids?? Don’t tell anyone…..

    Talk to you later!!

  7. Cher

    Merry Christmas, FringeGirl, and to your family. You’ve given my life an extra kick in the pants. Isn’t it neat how bloggers reach out and touch people they’ll never even meet.

    Looking forward to the new FringeYear!

    The Texas Woman

  8. PJ Hornberger

    The ribbon candy is my favorite. I haven’t bought any in years. It’s so pretty & good!
    Great ideas on the cooking. Smart angel. Put those feet up, sprinkle that flour on your forehead, and pretend!
    Warm wishes to your family. hugs, PJ

  9. Brooke

    i’m with him on the mashed potatoes. my MIL cooks the feast for the entire family, so she did instant potatoes for Thanksgiving – I would have taken anything instant except potatoes!!

  10. Cathy

    I kind of feel the same way. I have to work today til 4pm and then I am going home to make our Christmas dinner tonight since the kids are going other places tomorrow. I am making a ham and other things. I hope I have everything I need cause by the time I get home everything will be closed. Merry Ho Ho

  11. Mel

    Ok we are going to a friends house for Christmas dinner, the same friend who cooked Thanksgiving dinner, actually her mom cooked for all of us because well she loves to. So I am whipping up a Christmas Eve dinner in the Mel style…which is as much easy stuff as possible.


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