A Gift Of Heart & Hand

This Christmas FringeMan labored in love to give me the sweetest, most fabulous gift possible.  About two weeks ago, he made the mistake of asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  Some say ignorance is bliss.  Unfortunately for FringeMan, he could no longer claim ignorance. 

In a pre-Christmas post, I posed the question, “Why ask for a new toothbrush when you can just ask for new teeth?”

In keeping with that mantra, I asked for a whopping big country type of “hutch”.  I don’t know if hutch is the appropriate word, but I wanted a cabinet without doors and a wooden slat back that could house my milk glass collection.

Because I’m a hands on sorta gal and much to FringeMan’s chagrin, I like to be involved in the actually assembly of such a piece.  My husband developed a twitch in his right eye and I actually think one of his brows turned white with fright when I asked him how big he was planning on making this hutch.  The finished product is double the size of his original estimation and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Since my words cannot do this hutch justice, see for yourself.


All my milk glass is tucked neatly inside.  I even have room for my crate on the bottom shelf.


I do believe this fine piece could be featured in Country Living Magazine.  FringeMan has many talents.  I love everything about this gift, but I mostly love all the time and effort that went into pleasing me.  FringeMan outdid himself!

What would you call this piece?

Thank you FringeMan!

P.S.  This is my 96th post.  I have a special give-away for 100.  You won’t want to miss it!


26 thoughts on “A Gift Of Heart & Hand

  1. Becky

    What a wonderful cupboard. you are going to have fun with this–so many ways to use it. It will be fun to decorate for the different seasons and holidays!

  2. Nina

    I like the “Got Milk?” idea…..that’s a good one…I’m SO not creative…so I can’t help you with a name for your hutch.

    But…I can whip you up a plate of warm cookies in no time!!

    Aren’t I the smart one?

    Looking forward to your mixer story! I should have put my story about the berserk squirrel on my blog, huh?? SEE…I told you I’m not creative! Dang it….

  3. caprik

    What a big old Hunk of Honey that FringeMan is!!!

    I think I would call it The FringeHutch.

    I think he loves you.

    Your milk glass is lovely. I think my Mom has quite a bit of that stuff. It was my Grandma’s. I should take a gander at it.

  4. Cathy

    I thought about you when I was digging through my china cabinet and saw my I guess it’s milk glass. I will try and get a picture and post for you to look at. It could just be regular old glass IDK..anywho..love the hutch..

  5. Erin

    A hutch? Nice! I asked for a shelf for Christmas and got one. Unfortunately the shelf will only house a handful of the antiques I got for Christmas. Now I need a hutch to house the rest (but alas, I’ve no room for ANOTHER hutch.)
    Yours is perfect!

  6. Scarlett Knight

    Love the hutch! The only thing that would have made it better is a fluffly, pink pair of cashmere socks! Thanks for your commment on my sock blog….I always look forward to my Fringegirl comments. Also looking forward to your 100th blog post! Yay! I will write you a poem 🙂


    Hutch is what it is in my estimate, it is a fine word you picked. Ask and ye shall co-create it, apparently!

    He’s also lucky to have you appreciate him so much for it too. Looking forward to post #100!!

  8. DJ

    Found your blog via PJ’s Talking.
    Wonderful honesty here, and real life.
    May you & yours be blessed in 2009.
    I’ll be back. 🙂
    Love & Laughter, DJ

  9. Debbie York

    Don’t hold me to this one, but the first thing that came to my mind was Noah’s Ark! That is one big stepback cupboard!!! (At least, that’s what it reminds me of) Man oh man, it is Fab U Lous!!! Forget HutchMan, he’s Hammertime! Debbie


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