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I know it’s Wordless Wednesday, but I’m talking and I can’t shut up.  Don’t laugh.  I actually owned a T-shirt with that very saying plastered across the front.  My family thought I had a few too many words. 

What do they know?

I want to thank all of you for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement.  You’re a wonderful bunch of blogger friends and I appreciate you all.  Your words brought tears to my eyes and comfort to my soul.

Sorry about the small font on my long post yesterday…if you didn’t read it, it’s titled The Unraveling Mind.  How many of you broke out the magnifying glass?

I couldn’t change the font and enlarging it would have required me to re-type the entire post.  I would never have remembered what I wrote in the first place, so I left well enough alone.

As I hit publish, I really thought very few would read through the entire post.  It looked like an army of ants had invaded the domestic fringe (not far from reality with all the crumbs on my floor) and the post lacked pictures.  You proved me wrong.  You not only read the post, but complimented my writing. 

You’re the best! 

Definitely good for a girls ego…I almost typed “eggo”.  I’m already thinking of breakfast.

GO VISIT PRIMITIQUES ‘N POETRY AND ENTER TO WIN “THE HOUSE THAT CLEANS ITSELF.”  No, it’s not really a new house…silly.  It’s a book and I can sure use it.  Good luck to you! 

Enjoy your day and big smiley hugs from me.


11 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Nikki

    Starting the day with a funny breakfast like that picture is sure to make the day go better! I guess I’m going to have to start making faces out of the chocolate donut and pepsi I have for breakfast! Now I’m off to check out that giveaway…lord knows my house could use the help!

  2. Debbie York

    Girlie Girl, Isn’t it great when what we think are errors are perfection(I call that God whispering to me). The font is what first caught my eye and I thought you were writing a short story. It stood out from your other posts. Not only was the writing beautiful but the presentation made it special and unique. I agree with Janna Q. You really do need to submit this piece. It is beyond good! Tn’T P.S. Leggo my Eggo! Couldn’t resist.

  3. Janna Qualman

    Mmm… the breakfast face looks so nummy…

    Just make sure you go back and print out a copy of what you wrote yesterday. Keep it on hand! You could even consider submitting it. It was that good.


  4. Nina in Portugal

    ohhhh…eggo’s…(Isn’t that a really good frozen waffle??? I almost forgot about those babies…wow…now I’m visualizing the frozen food section at wal-mart…next to the eggo’s are toaster strudels with cream cheese and strawberry..and next to that is…oh my gosh…could it be?!? COOL WHIP!!!——I better stop now before I hurt myself) Can we say Culture Shock….still?!??

    Not only did I read your previous post in it’s entirety, but I read it twice.

    That makes me an even better friend than you previously thought, huh?

  5. Debi

    Hello my dear,
    I read both yesterdays post and todays. My heart is with you my dear! Grandmothers are a very hard one to lose, I still miss mine after 25 years. But my memories of her are always with me, and make me smile as I am sure yours will also! Keep a smile in your heart when you think of her, and one will appear on your dear face in return. I didn’t think the ants had invaded either dear 😉
    I hope your days continue to get better, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I hope you have a thoroughly blessed day my dear!


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