A Mother’s Propensity For Violence



20 thoughts on “A Mother’s Propensity For Violence

  1. Evergreen

    Fringe Mom, we have ways of snagging your shoes!!!! We can probably get Juneau to help us too!!!!

    And don’t forget teenage girls on a sleepover burning popcorn in the microwave at 2:00am and waving the bag out the window in February to avoid the smoke detector going off!!!!!

  2. Mom

    Raising two teenagers (and having an extra teenage boy living with us) can cause a moment of insanity. I REALLY love my kids and even though they drove me bonkers at times, I would never do anything to hurt them (well—only on the sit-me-down).
    Jenn, I leave my shoes on now!!!

  3. robinaltman

    Your mom’s a hoot! You don’t look overly tortured in the picture, so she must not have acted on these homicidal impulses.


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