The Mysterious Onlooker

Each day I divulge the secrets of who I am, who I love, and who I’ve lost.  I make my mother blush and my husband cringe.  I treat you as friends.  We walk hand-in-hand on the domestic fringe, even if for just a moment. 

I wait with anticipation for your comments; you are witty and wise.  Some read my words and others race away in fear.  Still more scan quickly for photos.  I imagine many are  intimidated by abundant spelling errors. 

I am drawn to the domestic fringe because I need to write, to entertain, and to chat over a cup of coffee.  Hey, if coffee’s not your thing, I’ll serve tea…just let me know.

I feel bonded to the friends I’ve made in Bloggersphere.  You’ve made me laugh and cry.  You’ve shared your recipes, your parenting tips, and your encouragement.  You’ve offered advice on writing.  You’ve awarded my attempts at humor.  You are the reason I blog.

Because I can be compulsory, I look at my stats each day.  I secretly hope to beat my record “high”.  The numbers constantly amaze me.  You ARE reading! 

Most of you lurk in the shadows, laughing under-breath.  Perhaps you’re are too shy to comment.  It’s driving me mad, I NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 

You’re like a mysterious peeper.  I’d like hear from you…to catch a glimpse of your face.  If you’ve visited the domestic fringe, and obviously you have if you’re reading this post, then leave me a comment please.  Let me know how you found the domestic fringe.  Did you come by a link on another blog?  Where you referred?  

I give cash back awards for referrals.


The secretary at the department of motor vehicles knows more about you than I do…tell me something.  I told you that I left a pair of panties in my car.  I told you that I failed a psychiatric test.  I showed you my squash!

Please introduce yourself.  I’d love to make your acquaintance. 

See, I can even be polite when the situation requires it.  Press the little comment button and say HI! 

I’ll be waiting…I’m holding my breath, so hurry.


36 thoughts on “The Mysterious Onlooker

  1. carlahoag

    Found your blog just now while doing a search for My Messy Thrilling Life (yes, it’s in my bookmarks, but the ones that seem to be frozen).

    I’ve bookmarked this site. (Let’s see how long the computer will hold this list.)

  2. sarah

    I found you today (2/4/09) from a PW post you did on room themes. I liked the name of your blog so I decided to visit and you have sucked me in! I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face reading about your bad hair cut. I have been there – though not by a congregational member. My Aunt (who is a Texas native) used to cut and color my hair all the time as a young, uninformed child. I think my mom tried to stop the cycle – but since she was family it kept on. Looking back at the pictures brings it all back. 🙂 I was called “boy” by more classmates than I care to recall!

    I love your blog! I will be a daily visitor. 🙂 I am from Florida and am a self professed stat checker. I have asked for my husband’s help more than once on “how to get my numbers up”. He thinks I am kidding, and I only wish I was. 🙂

  3. mikeS

    I am not afraid!
    I don’t blog, but am enjoying yours thus far. Is blogging a “chick” thing? Am I a Polecat in the Henhouse here?
    What the heck is hand salve? Is that like spit for your manos? You can’t spit right anyway, LOL!
    Striped hair, eh? I went for a buzz cut myself.
    Leaving “unmentionables” in the car…OVERSHARE, LOL!
    It appears I’m older than you, so NEVER mention 40 is old, ok?
    Do you save all those deer hooves from the legs? You could sell them as keychains to the hunters…
    Fringeman looks like a guy who uses discount coupons in the woods! “Bag 1 deer, get four limited edition hoof keychains FREE”. Coupon expires after Ground Hog day!
    OK, I’m done.
    I hope to read more good stuff soon and perhaps even MEET you and Fringman!
    Would you autograph my frozen London Broil, please?
    Blessings and fresh meat to you and yours…

  4. Wana Williams

    Let me leave 2 comments today…. again my name is Wanda and I’m Nina’s Mom…. (Portugal Bound)
    You are to funny… I think its great that missionary wives and preachers wives and just folk like me can visit thru blogs. So when are Feona and Zues (what ever his name is) having a cook off?

  5. Erin

    No stats for me. But I don’t understand those who read and don’t comment, if only perhaps ’cause I don’t move them to. I figure if I put in the time reading I want to raise my hand and say, hey, it’s me, over here, me, again!

  6. Steph

    Hey! Jo from Maine is cool, huh? I don’t know if she found you from me or vice versa. But I’m glad we all keep making connections!

  7. Jill

    Hello – found you through the “Married to the Ministry” blogroll. Nice to hear of others out there on the front line. 🙂 I enjoy reading your thoughts!

  8. Nina in Portugal

    I enviously read every day.

    I’m a woman of few but direct words. I wish I could draw out what I’ve got to say with big fancy words like you. I never know if your words are spelled right or not.—-Admission….I don’t read long posts, but I read every word of yours…long or not. (And we all know they’re usually long!)

    I love that your mom is semi-fairly cool with your rantings. I’ve angered mine on more than one occasion.

    I either like you or I don’t. It’s safe to say that I like you.

    I have no idea why one wouldn’t want to leave a comment, unless perhaps you intimidate them. With those knee socks, buttercream icing and red-head Feona, that could be easily done.

    Advice to you….stop watching your stats…it’ll drive you insane.

    All us bloggity friends have felt this way from time to time. We’ve asked…”Please leave a comment…tell me who you are” but we don’t get many responses. You, very charmingly make a plea for comments…and they come rolling in like high tide on the Atlantic coast. —–Only you could accomplish such a thing!


    That’s all I can say….


  9. lemonsmm

    i like this post. i recently found out about people at church reading my blog & not leaving comments. i got on to them! i told them if you read you must leave comments & that people in the bloging world heart comments!!!

    i enjoy reading your stuff – thanks for writing what & how you do. it challenges me in ways to try to write better… maybe someday. ha

  10. So Blessed!

    Well, I am new to the blogging world. I am hooked! I’m not sure, but I believe I came across your blog thru Brin’s blog If not, I don’t remember. I enjoy your blog.

  11. Kerry

    Hello! This is my first “mysteriously peeping” visit 🙂 You caught me!

    I followed your comment link from Cherry Blossom Girl’s comment section, cause I like to pop in on blogs that are new to me and take a look.

    No coffee for me, thanks as I am 20 weeks pregnant, but after the baby comes? Black and keep it coming!!

    Nice to meet you Fringe!

  12. robinaltman

    Well, you know I’m not a lurker, but I am a stalker! I’m so proud!

    I love your blog. It does feel like sitting down and having a cup of coffee with a friend. I wish you’d give me a piece of that chocolate poundcake, too!

  13. Janna Qualman

    My name is Janna, and I have a serious problem with–

    Wait, wait, you naughty minx. You almost got a deep, dark secret out of me. Sneaky thing, you.


    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog (likely through one of my other favorites), but I’ve been reading faithfully for several months. One of my favorite places to stop by when I visit Bloggyland!

  14. Laura

    since i moved to new york it is not a very neighborly neighborhood and so my only friends are cyberfriends.
    sad but true.

  15. April

    I’ll tell you a secret, I’m a link follower. It’s a condition where I start out innocently enough, maybe googling a bread recipe or how the teams are chosen for the BCS bowls games. Before I know it, I’ve followed link after link without a clue of how I arrived at my destination. I often wish I could get back to a few of the sites that I’ve visited, but trying re-trace my steps is more difficult than the Calc 4 class I took in college. So I don’t know how I found your blog, but I liked you writing and humor enough to bookmark you. And with my condition, that is one of the highest honors I can bestow.

  16. David

    OK, you already know I’m a follower, but… Coffee’s good. Cream and sugar, please. Or if you happen to have any vanilla-flavored coffee creamer, that would be the bomb. I so enjoy your blog! I’m not one to laugh out loud easily, but I’ve done it a few times reading your stuff! And countless chuckles and grins for sure! Oh, and when you tried the Shrimp Diavolo recipe… I’ll admit it, I got a little giddy. Thank you for that! If you and FringeMan are ever down our way, Mindy and I would love to treat you guys to a grilled ribeye or something.

  17. Cher

    I have slept since the time I discovered your blog so I can’t remember how that happened but I’m glad it did. Now I laugh at every post, covet every word, and hang on to every twisted thought! I think that means I’m a stalker.

    The Texas Woman

  18. Ruth

    Hey, I check in from time to time. I am serving alongside my husband in missions work in Panama. Came across your blog through another I read frequently: Portugal Bound.
    Love your sense of humor! Thanks for the laughs -R.

  19. Hat Chick

    I came here because of little ole you. You came to my blog from Pioneer Woman, and now your blog is the first one I read every day. Thanks for being fun and funny!

  20. Evergreen

    It’s me, your cuz! Been here from the beginning, when the Domestic Fringe began. Been loving every minute since. And traveling down memory lane with you as your share your “trips” with others. 😉 And even though you aren’t living in the city, driving your corvette (ha ha ha), you are still an unstoppable force of nature. 😉 Love being your cuz and even moreso, counting you forever and always one of my best friends. Thanks for being there in person and also in your words. Which are many!! 😉 Yes, I am having fun with this….

    Love ya!


  21. sandy

    This is my first time to read your blog. I am friends with Nina at portugal bound. We are from the same mission board and home church.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    My time is limited with fast speed internet. I never know when I will get a chance to get on. We are on deputation going to the county of Nepal.
    So I wil catch you when I can.
    God Bless.

  22. Debbie York

    I think you’re making some pretty fair requests, ones we’re all a little curious about. I found you thru The Texas Woman(I think) back in Nov.(I think). I went back and read previous posts and was instantly hooked. I think I told you then that I love to read slap my knee funny people and girl you are just that. If I didn’t, I meant to. There are several things I find charming about your writing, but mainly the “This is how I roll” attitude. Thanks for a breath of fresh air. Debbie

  23. Jo

    I just found and started reading your blog this week. I was jazzed to discover a Maine connection, as I completely understand (and currently embody) the “from away” label. It’s great to “meet” you online!

  24. Beeeeeeeee

    I just came to your blog yesterday and I’m sorry to say I cannot remember from where. Anyhoo…

    Great blog you got here and I look forward to reading more!


  25. Mindy

    It’s me! You know me! One of your avid fans who isn’t shy about leaving a comment, a laugh, a tear. I don’t like coffee or tea. Since eggnog is out of season, Ozarka would be good for me. I don’t at all recall how I found you. Cher, maybe? And if anyone is reading this and clicks over to my blog, well, ya need to tell me about it, too! ~Mindy


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