My Favorite Things

I decided to play along with Mama Belle and introduce you to a few of my favorite things.

Here are Mama Belle’s Rules:

What I want to know is 10 NEW (not the same old thing) things you’ve discovered that you can’t live without and why.

I’m talking practical, here.

Not Jesus or your family … that’s a given.

I’m talking PRODUCTS … anything from groceries to toiletries to make-up to shoes. This will help us all discover  new things we may want to try.

 Here we go!  Everything you really don’t care to know.

1.  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and Hand Salve


Notice how many lip balms I have?  They’re everywhere!

2.  Wrist Warmers


I’m constantly freezing!  Despite being warm of heart, my body temperature hovers dangerously close to hypothermia and I need all the insulation I can find.  That’s my excuse for eating  an oatmeal cream pie yesterday.  You must try THIS RECIPE!

3.  Aveda skin care products


I’m not only cold, but I’m also a snake.  I shed my skin several times a month.  For this reason, I need to use Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer at least twenty times daily.  If not, my face resembles a dried out cracked brownie that was left in the oven way too long.  It’s not pretty.  Imagine with me how makeup gets caught in cracks deep enough to house mineral mines.



I know you thought the fashion industry dictated what I wear.  You’ve pictured me in the hottest New York styles ripped from runway model’s bodies.  I so hate to disillusion you.  Clearance is what dictates my wardrobe.  Terrible, but true.  I walk around in pants that cost $3.40.  My image is forever ruined.

4.  Jones Fancy Sodas


I only buy these for special FAIN-CY parties because they cost more than my pants.  However, I love them and they are a special treat.

5.  Beanswax Candles


I light this little green baby and I instantly mellow.  I just want you skeptics to realize that this IS a GREEN product.  So is Burt’s Bees and Aveda!  I’m sticking to this GOING GREEN theme in 2009.  I am becoming environmentally responsible.  My children will have no excuse to blame me for global warming.  Speaking of global warming, is it warm where you are?  Just wondering…

6.  My Boots


They’re not cowboy boots, but I love em!  Notice the stretchy strip down the center…that’s for people with full-figured calves.

7.  Aveda Hair Potions


Taming my hair is a job equivalent to solving world hunger or ending our economic crisis.  These are weapons of frizz warefare and they are walking away victors.  Expensive, but that little bottle on the right lasted one full year.  I don’t feel badly.  “There is a certain peace that is only known on the other side of war.”  I believe Sean Connery said that in The Hunt For Red October. 

I’ve been waiting to use that line forever!

8.  The Letter “G”


The letter of the day is G.  Oddly I feel as though I were living on Sesame Street.

*Sigh in relief. 
I’m done!


25 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. chrissy

    You know what I noticed? it’s a good think you shop that Target clearance…right there with you by the way, because all your other products are pretty expensive. I’ve wanted to try that Burt Bees stuff forever, but know I don’t actually need it so always put it back. Yankee Candles? I only get those as gifts from Pat. Aveda products? Seriously? Your favorite products are too expensive. Even my facial moisturizer is the generic brand the BX sells…it works though. By the way, it WAS warm here until today 🙂

  2. Erin

    I’m weeping over those wrist warmers. They make such things? Incredulous, I am. boo, hoo.
    And lip balm, I’m obsessive about it. In my pocket ALL THE TIME and placed about every five feet throughout the house. I know – we’re special.

  3. Mama Belle

    Never heard of wrist-warmers. Maybe ’cause we live where you can make it through the winter without a heavy coat.

    Love Burt’s Bees, Aveda, and Yankee candles!

    Thanks for participating. Fun.

  4. Rhonda

    I love your list. You’ve inspired me to now investigate Aveda products. You mentioned them twice…must mean something. 🙂

    I recommend ALL SOFT by Redken for hair care. It’s the only thing I can use on my very dry frizzy hair.

  5. Soy Candles

    Wow this is going to be hard

    1. Wii- Yeah I’m addicted
    2. HDTV- Once you go high def you never go back
    3. XM- Sattelite Radio- Love the hair bands
    4. Onstar- How did I ever drive without it.
    5. Heated Seat- mmmm luxory
    6. My Job- There gettin harder to come by these days
    7. Goo Gone– Cleans up dye gum yeah goo awesome stuff
    8. Suv’s– I’ll pay 4.75 a gallon to drive like that
    9. A snow shovel– well you see snow blower broke great back up
    10. Carharts– It’s been cold

  6. robinaltman

    That was so fun! I love the beanswax candle. How groovy. I still believe you’re on the cutting edge of fashion. You just waited until the runway model got sick of those cool jeans and was willing to part with them for a pittance.

  7. Shan

    Clearance is my friend, too! When we go shopping for anyone in the family, we go to the clearance racks first (unless we are looking for something VERY specific). My motto is “never pay full price”. And I always get a little charge out of getting cool stuff 70% off. It’s fabulous!

    I love those wrist warmers. Where did you get them? I also love Burt’s Bees lip balm (the Beeswax one is the best!), hand salve…really all their products.

    Boots and I have a love affair. Have for many years. I will wear boots with just about anything. The ones you pictured are gorgeous!

    I will have to investigate the Aveda products again. I used them years ago but didn’t really like them (I currently use Mastey). I get horrible frizz with my ton of fine, naturally wavy hair. But these products truly work? I have tried so many others with great expectations (and hefty price tags), only to be sorely disappointed and unable to exchange or return the product.

    Awesome list, though! Thank you!

  8. Annie

    I love Burt’s Bees lip balm, too! I remember a sales clerk asked me once when I was purchasing a few, “are these goods.” And I tell her, “they make your lips numb, I’m serious.” I think she was sold! Love the other recommendations too, Jones Soda is delicious, especially cream soda!

  9. Mindy

    This is fun! I might have to play! Where does one acquire wrist warmers? I’ve never seen such a thing. And I have those boots! Love ’em! That kind of sale is my kind of sale. Sometimes, I buy clothes when they are that discounted, regardless of their size! (kidding) And I love Jones Sodas! What a wonderful concept. I love supporting the little people, even if they do take all my money. Love the G’s. Girl! This was fun! Thanks for sharing your Favorite Things. I may be stuck on that song the rest of the day now. ~Mindy (isn’t David funny!)

  10. David

    Mindy doesn’t use any other lip balm on her succulent… err I mean tender… err I mean sensitive lips but Burt’s Bees. And from everything I can tell, it works great! 😉 I would highly recommend this product!

  11. Debbie York

    I’m all over clearance aisles too! Totally dig the wrist warmers, gotta get me some of those. On a side note, I no longer am craving candy, but I do suddenly have an urgent need to find a restroom! Fun post. Made me smile. Debbie

  12. Nina in Portugal

    Are those dead, naked people on the box of Jones drinks? They look like decaying corpses.

    I miss clearance items. The Portuguese never drastically reduce anything. Last Easter I waited for the Easter candy to go on sale. It’s still on the shelves today at the original price…Go figure…

    The ribbon candy in your header does a little Egyptian dance when I’m reading words near it and can still see it in my peripheral vision. Anyone else see this? Or is my blood sugar dropping? Probably lack of sugar. Explains my crankiness today.

  13. Cher

    GringeFirl, Your “G”s outnumber my “M”s but I can match you lip balm to lip balm, even if it is a different brand!

    Not to get personal but I want to lick your header every time I see it! Really, hasn’t that candy been consumed yet? I’ve gained two pounds over the past month just looking at it!

    The Texas Woman

  14. SYDNEY

    OH, this was a great great post! I want more!

    I love seeing these things, learning about new things I might not otherwise consider (but now will because they are your must haves), and most importantly, we’ve learned more about Y-O-U.


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