Gift Island

Gift Island, its’ name acquired from outsiders who gawk with a mixture of awe and chagrin, attracts exquisitely wrapped gifts.  Curly streamers dangle from thick strips of satin ribbon that fold around coordinating hand-crafted paper.  These gifts sit daintily waiting for others to notice their fine craftsmanship, their imported paper, and their frilly tops.

The presents on Gift Island are happy and lavishly bestow compliments on the other lovely gifts.  They often gather for  parties, adorning a side table or during the finest of affairs, taking center stage.  They are coveted.

These gifts don’t have an easy life.  No, remaining perfect in world full of rudimentary presents requires hard work.  The constant primping and preening needed to keep a ribbon curly and a piece of satin from slipping requires diligence and tenacity.  Those on Gift Island are extraordinary, a trait they relish.

Gift Island has a reputation to maintain.  The gifts on this Island demand strict adherence to high standards of wrapping and adorning.  If a gift is deemed inadequate, it is shelved.  Imperfection must be hidden immediately without thought of feelings or intentions.

Packaging is of utmost importance and the gifts do not hesitate to look disappointingly down their ribbons at any who do not meet their standard of fineness…no exceptions and no explanations.

The one thing these self-absorbed gifts forget is that when their wrapping is torn and their bows discarded, they will ultimately find their end in a landfill next to rotten banana peels and crappy diapers. 

Gift Island is a facade.  The pretty trimmings adorn empty boxes.

Stuck on Gift Island…somebody help me!


15 thoughts on “Gift Island

  1. thedomesticfringe Post author

    David, I’m not really talking about actual gifts. Although some do think they are God’s gift to this earth. I should have come right out and rant, but I would have felt too guilty. Maybe I’ll get over the guilt by next Tuesday and explain my ‘gift’.

  2. David

    I had to read this a couple of times and I’m still not sure whether you mean literal gifts or whether that is a metaphor that I’m too dense to catch. Maybe there’s a gender gap at work here. Men don’t concern themselves much with wrappings, whether literal or metaphorical. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

  3. Laura Conley

    Then this Thursday ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! I will be bestowing you with a gift wrapped in the way too many local grocery advertisements that go staight from my mailbox to the garbage can wasting my time every grrrr time.

  4. Debbie York

    And don’t forget those who purchase these perfect gifts in order to have a more fulfilled satisfied life with the perfect gift tucked under their arm for all the world to see and marvel at their excellent taste, refinement and deep pockets. To be eyed enviously by the withouts who wonder why they do not own a perfect gift but just a plain brown wrapped one, never recognizing the beauty of simplicity without high maintenance. Debbie


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