Tuesday’s Tantrum TurnAround

I got mail! 

FringeMan came home Saturday afternoon and stopped to check the mail on his way in. 

“FringeGirl has mail!”  he announced in a surprised voice.

How can I possibly throw a tantrum now?  FringeGirl got mail!!!  Not just any old mail, but a package.  To say I was excited is like saying a two year-old is active.  Two year-olds are chaotic and I was delighted.


Look at that fringe.  It’s a fringescarf!

Capri Kel of No Whining Allowed handcrafted this knit wonder for ME.


Notice Oriana is sniffing my skirt…a baby spit-up all over it.  She’s licking the excess.

Too much information?


In keeping with FringeMom’s tradition, I chopped off my head.  Besides, you’ve gotta be sick of seeing me. 

Today it’s all about the scarf.


And I do love, Love, LOVE the scarf. 

A giant THANK YOU to Capri Kel!  I’ll wear it with much pleasure. 

Capri Kel is an amazing woman with a beautiful family.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you should. 


If you must whine, I’ll add Mr. Linky and you’re welcome to throw a tantrum…go ahead, make a two year-old proud.

Be sure to tell Capri Kel how much you love me in her scarf. 😉


22 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tantrum TurnAround

  1. Mel

    Ok that is a cool scarfs which apparently are making a huge comeback based on several blogs I peruse!!!

    So could you do a whiny wednesday tantrum??

  2. David

    Well, I’m glad your tantrum got circumvented by something really cool! But without a head, how can we be sure it’s really you? Maybe you did have the tantrum after all and then dressed up the decapitated body of your victim! 🙂

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      David, I’m just not that creative.

      I am having a very personal quiet tantrum today. FringeKid is barfing and I’m a sympathy puker…not a good combo on the domestic fringe.


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