Grandma – Way Back

scrappg1Today I decided to play along with Life in Stitches and give you a ‘Way Back When-sday’ post.  The idea is to post a picture from wayyyyyy back and tell you a little about the picture.


A few years ago, I had several pictures of my grandparents copied and I put together a small scrapbook.  Unfortunately my good intentions fell short and I’ve never finished writing any ‘history’ in this scrapbook. 

These pictures are of my grandmother, Ruth, all taken in or around 1942.


I love this time in history.  I love the clothes, the furniture, the simple grace that embodied women, and the chivalry of men.

I enjoy looking at old pictures, especially with my kids.  They get excited to see the scrapbooks of them as babies. 

I always close an album with a stark truth burned in my heart – Life moves quickly, too quickly for regrets. 

Have you looked at any ‘way back’ pictures lately?


21 thoughts on “Grandma – Way Back

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  2. thelovemonkey

    “I love the clothes, the furniture, the simple grace that embodied women, and the chivalry of men.”

    Me too! :o)

  3. Erin

    Grace is right! That’s exactly what I got from those photos. (It’s a very good thing I didn’t live then. Not an ounce!)

    We have old pictures up around our house. Nothing beats history. Well, maybe cheesecake.

  4. diana/sunshine

    what a great idea. i love old pictures and it would be a good thing to post them and write something about them. now all i need to do is dig some out and start scanning.

    your pictures of your grandmother are fantastic. she was/is a beautiful woman.

  5. poorreception

    Looking at old photos makes me want to watch Bette Davis movies and call my mom.

    Your grandmother looks like a hollywood starlet – you know, back when they had a lot of actual class and truly natural beauty. 🙂

  6. portugalbound

    What a story! The dress model falls for the store clerk….years later……mom is born….and then….little fringegirl is born………

    I agree with everyone else….she was beautiful!

  7. Pam

    Love your thought “too quickly for regrets”. So true. I love old photos as well as the 40’s. I wish I could time travel just for a day. The clothes, the homes, the dancing , of course I would only travel to places where the fun was going on like old romantic comedies. Tee Hee, Pam

  8. robinaltman

    Those pictures are amazing. What a cool scrapbook! I have old pictures of my grandparents, but they look like scary psychokillers. Seriously. I threatened to hang my great grandmother’s portrait in the downstairs hallway, and my kids said it would only be appropriate for Halloween.

    Fringemom, your mother was beautiful. She really did look like a model!

  9. David

    Very nice memories! I love old pictures! One of the things I want to do at some point is scan all my family’s old photos and then upload them to Shutterfly and make a photo book. That way other family members can order themselves a copy of the book as well. Of course, there’s nothing like the old paper photos, but preserving them digitally seems like a good idea.

  10. Mom

    Grandma was a dress model for a very fine women’s clothing store back in her time! That was the day when a model would come out wearing the dresses customers were interested in buying.
    She meet Grandpa who was working there as a store clerk. The rest is history!
    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I miss her too.

  11. caprik

    She was a regular Hottie McDottie!

    I have some of those type of my Mom. I think she sent them to my Dad who was stationed in Germany.

    Do you see any of yourself in her?

  12. Amy

    LOVE “way back” pictures, and thankfully my mom has GOBS. I ahve a book with copies of pictures of my parents from babyhood to now. It is a treasure. Eventually I hope to have oldies covering my walls. Each one is it’s own story. Beautiful Grandmother by the way. 🙂

  13. Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    wow – she’s so pretty – and you’re right, the clothes and hair are fabulous! Love that time period!

    As a matter of fact, yes, I have been looking at old pictures recently because I got a scanner for Christmas and have been slowly digitizing my photos. Ahh… modern technology!

  14. Janna Qualman

    Oh my gosh, old photographs are a passion of mine, and these are awesome!

    And I love your phrase… “I always close an album with a stark truth burned in my heart – Life moves quickly, too quickly for regrets.” So poignant and true. *sigh*


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