Democracy At Work

This morning on the domestic fringe, chaos erupted.  Cartoons were blaring and the dog was operating at full hyper-puppy capacity.  I fear she got a few licks of caffeinated coffee.

While I was disengaging the puppy’s mouth from my daughter’s stockinged foot, I glanced outside at the peaceful world of cool breezes, winter sunshine, and traffic. 

“That’s it!”  I declared.  “Everybody get dressed and go outside to play.”

Not in the traffic.  Just making intentions clear.

Fringeboy disappeared for a few minutes and I started folding the laundry that consumed my couch.  As I passed my desk, I noticed a paper covering my keyboard.


It states:

We the people… (notice the fancy font)

Declare a right to be free to go in and out of the house as we please.  Not to be pushed out of the house and told to be outside until lunch or dinner. (consider it if you want, but don’t let it be to long.)  Even if our Dog is crazy, I can handle it.

Parents, please sign here,

_____________________________________    ____________________________________

I almost spit coffee all over my computer.  Not able to speak for fear of hysteria, I calmly got up and walked out of the room.


We The Parents (we have right too you know)

Retain the right of parental authority in our home.  We will tell you to go outside for daily doses of fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity.  You must also play with your crazy puppy!  Outside play time must be longer than 10 minutes.  We promise not to allow you to miss any meals.

Your Parents


Child Signature

An agreement has not been reached.  Negotiations are still in the works.  The children and dog are currently OUTSIDE building a tepee (with two freshly laundered blankets…so much for clean laundry).


25 thoughts on “Democracy At Work

  1. robinaltman

    That is too funny! Fringeboy is way too smart. I advise you to take him to a neurosurgeon immediately to remove half his brain, because if that brain just keeps developing and making tons of connections, you are so hosed!!!!

    These notes are like an advertisement for why people should scrapbook!

  2. CHERI

    Oh well, the blankets can be washed again but I guess that is easier for a gamma to say than a mom who probably already does tons of laundry. Guess that is “why” it is so much more fun being a grandma. Anyhow… don’t kids just surprise you all the time with the things they come up with? Mine use to do things like this. Memories to treasurer.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Evergreen

    Who ripped the Parental Declaration? And crossed out parents and underlined certain words?

    Yes, but when they are older, they will look back fondly on those clean blankets and be glad they had them and had fun building that tepee.

  4. Cher

    Sharp is painful and that kid is smart. The painfull part is just getting started and will become full blown at 14-years of age and continue until 23-years of age when suddenly you will get a lot smarter! Hopefully!

    Still want my regifted 16-year old grandson?

    The Texas Women

  5. portugalbound

    Fringeboy can infiltrate anyone’s bank account…

    Fringekid’s got Santa cheating on the Mrs…..

    What next?

    These kids learn this stuff from somewhere?

    Let’s blame “mom”….she’s delusional after all, right?

    (Kidding Mom….only kidding)

  6. David

    While I do love their initiative and I think their note is just sooooo cute, I am glad to see you taking a firm stand for parental authority. They will be teenagers soon enough and you’ll be glad for every ounce of their respect that you’ve managed to hold onto! They have not even BEGUN to test the extent of your resolve!


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