Sugar Glazed Carrots

The other day I received this cute apron from Hat Chick and had to run right into the kitchen and whip-up something special. 

Not really.  I just don’t get THAT excited about cooking.


Isn’t this apron darling?  It even has a large front pocket hand-crafted  by Hat Chick herself.   Thank you Hat Chick!

Today I should be answering one of your many questions, but I am giving you a recipe instead.  Sorry.  I haven’t forgotten about the questions.  I just feel like feeding you carrots today.

Sugar Glazed Carrots


1 Tbs. Butter

2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

1 Tbs. Honey

1/4 tsp. Vanilla extract

1 pinch Salt

4-5 Carrots

Peel carrots, chunk and cook until soft, but don’t let them get mushy.  I hate mushy!


Melt butter in pan.  Add brown sugar and honey.


You’ll notice that I forgot to melt the butter first.  Just ignore my pictures.  Do as I say, not as I do!


I want you to know that I created this recipe from my vast knowledge of flavors, textures, and colors.  It’s a culinary wonder. 

You should be scared.


Your mixture will look slightly different because you would have followed my directions and added the butter first.  You’re a smart crowd.  I know you won’t forget the butter.

After all, fat is the most important ingredient in any recipe.

Ok, add a pinch of salt.

Cook your syrupy mixture until the sugar is all melted and it becomes nice and dark.


Drain your carrots and add them to the pan.  Toss till all carrots are covered with syrup and increase heat to burn off any excess moisture.  Cook until carrots are fully glazed.

Walla!  Carrots that actually taste good.  They probably have no nutritional value left, but hey, you can tell mom that you ate your vegetables.

No pictures of the finished product.  I know, I disappoint.


I just got carried away cooking these bad boys. 

Bring on the meat!

Have you heard that there is a balsamic vinegar thief on the loose?  Hide your lettuce and cucumbers, because authorities aren’t sure if he’s collected all fixings for a salad yet.;_ylt=Aq8P8J0hUX_lsPr9r59ZO4p34T0D

Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself!


25 thoughts on “Sugar Glazed Carrots

  1. Erin

    What a perfect excuse for eating more sugar and butter. REally, I’ve pretty much exhausted all of my other excuses. This is perfect.

    Like, whaaaa? It’s a vegetable, dude!

  2. caprik

    Look at you! In your cute little apron!

    How industrious of you to make a feast for dinner!
    I don’t get that excited about cooking either. I told Honey that when he retires, I’m out of there! He likes it anyway.

  3. TCKK

    Cute apron! For some reason I’ve never become and apron kinda girl. My mom has always worn one and still does, but I just always grab a towel if I need to wipe my hands.

    Do you think if I wore an apron I’d learn to cook better or maybe at least enjoy it when I do cook? 😉

  4. Anita

    These sound good. I actually like carrots raw and steamed- but add a little butter and sugar- that sure can’t hurt, huh?

    Cute apron. I suck at cooking, but I think a cute apron would sure help…ok, maybe not but at least I’d be confident !


  5. David

    I like carrots, raw or cooked. Except mushy. No mushy, overcooked veggies of any kind for me! The glazing sounds yummy! Nicely done.

    I’m not one to get real excited about aprons. However, I can appreciate fine craftsmanship (or would that be craftswomanship?) when I see it. So kudos to Hat Chick.

    Your kitchen looks immaculate. And that I CAN get excited about! Look at the reflections in those clean surfaces! I can almost smell the bleach cleaner, I tell you!

  6. Mama Belle

    OK, that is too cute. I really want to get an apron, but a full body one because I would not be able to limit my spilling and splashing to just my crotch area.

    I’m not a huge carrot fan, but loaded with sugar, I can handle.

  7. Hat Chick

    I’m so glad you like the apron. If you want, you can lift the pocket and tie the ribbon underneath it (especially good if you use it for crafting).

    I love cooked carrots but won’t eat them raw. I guess I just need that butter and sugar. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  8. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    I’m with Robin. Only in my case, I make a mental note to whine to my hubby to make the dish for me.

    Although in this case… I grew up a very picky eater. Then I married a chef, and now I eat almost anything.

    But the one thing he can’t make me eat? Cooked carrots. I suspect even brown sugar won’t change that.

  9. robinaltman

    The apron rocks! I always love your cooking pictures. I feel inspired for about 10 minutes, and then I call Quiznos. I like feeling inspired, but it makes me hungry.

  10. portugalbound

    The carrots look fabulous! (You do too by the way, in your nifty little apron! Treadmill’s working!) But you can keep those burgers…..

    Not a meat person.

  11. Mom

    I love the apron! But I still don’t believe you are finally eating
    your carrots no matter how much brown sugar and butter you add to them.

  12. Straight Shooter

    Look at YOU, all cuted out!
    Thank you so much for carrot recipe. I am going to try it out on my Crumb Snatchers…they are veggie haters. But who could turn down brown sugar and butter?

  13. Jo@Mylestones

    I hate mushy too, but I do love me some sugary carrots. And you speak the glorious truth when you say that “Fat IS the most important ingredient in any recipe.” Here here! I’ll drink (and eat) to that!

  14. Mindy

    I’m with Kristina. Burgers=YUM! Carrots=ick. No matter how much goo you add. Ick. Burgers with cheese and bacon…delish! LOVE the apron! ~Mindy


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