Vacation Land Getaway

JanMary asked a few questions that will require more than one post to answer; however, I’ll tackle two of her three questions today.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Because I was lured by a PBS special, I would love to visit the little islands off the coast of Greece. 


Where was your best vacation?

When we have time off, we usually visit family.  This isn’t bad considering most of our families live in the South.  FringeBanker, my brother, and his family live in Florida and that is a favorite vacation destination for us.  When FringeMan was in school, we lived about 2 minutes from my brother and his wife.  The FringeChildren miss Uncle Jamie & Aunt Kelly, so their first choice of vacation spots is Pensacola.

Don’t even get me started on the beautiful white sand beaches…I may drive myself into a deep depression.

 This past summer, we went back to Maine for our vacation and enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing week.  We all enjoyed visiting our friends and removing ourselves from the hustle & bustle of New York living.


We stayed in this cute little cabin.  Notice the tomato plant growing right alongside the stairs.


Maine’s coastline is rugged, craggy, and full of rocks.  The entire state is full of rocks! 

Every garden is a rock garden. 

The water is freezing for most of the year, but the FringeKids just don’t care.  They were born there.


Maine is called ‘vacation land’ for a reason.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place to visit.  If you’re thinking about moving that far North, just be sure to invest in several pairs of long-johns, a few space-heaters, and boots that come to your knees.


I tortured my family with a sunrise.  You can read about it HERE.


I just realized that I have a few posts about our Maine vacation that never made it to publish.  Looks like you may get another ‘summery’ post tomorrow.

Thank you for your questions JanMary.  Did I mention she lives in Ireland?  Go visit!

Enjoy your Saturday! 


19 thoughts on “Vacation Land Getaway

  1. Mindy

    Ahhh…just catching up on you. When you come to visit I’ll share with you my pictures from the Greek islands. Shortly after graduating from college, I went backpacking for 5 weeks through Greece and Turkey. Good times! The islands are beautiful. Maine. Never been there! Might have to fit that in soon. ~Mindy

  2. Pilar Stark

    It has been so long since we took a vacation!!! IT has been since……. our honey moon 10 years ago!!!
    Those pictures look beautiful though…. I need a vacation!

  3. Amber@theRunaMuck

    I have always wanted to go to Maine. Your pics are gorgeous.

    I’ve been to the Aran Islands, and I would like to take Seth there. I love to travel alone, but it’s like I don’t really get to experience it if Seth doesn’t see it, too.

  4. Erin

    Now That is something I can relate to. Aside from the water, but the cabin and the tomatos and the long johns, well, we live it. Good for the soul, especially child soul!

  5. Evergreen

    I would love to see Ireland and Italy. Those choices are followed closely by Australia. When are we all going Fringegirl? You, Nat, Mable and I were supposed to go down under, we still have to do it!!

  6. portugalbound

    I have no idea how you pulled off a Main Sunrise….did you bribe the kids or maybe Fringeman? If I were with you, you’d have to bribe me…but I’m easy. A good cup of coffee and a maybe a biscuit. ohhhh a biscuit…those fantastic frozen blops of dough you throw in the oven and wal-la…a beautiful buttermilk biscuit, I almost forgot about those babies.

    I miss convenience.

  7. David

    Wow, Maine looks like a really fun place. I’ve never been there. I love the sunlight reflection on the water pic of your kids on the beach.

    Incidentally, Mindy and I went to a Texas Hold’em party last night and she wore the hat you sent her. There were eleven people (winner takes all) and she won the pot! And she looked darn cute doing it in that hat. I wish I had taken a picture!

  8. robinaltman

    Those pictures are amazing! We like to go to Acadia Park in Maine. Then we hike and bike and don’t feel as guilty when we scarf down blueberry pies afterward.

  9. Jo@Mylestones

    Beautiful pics. Yes, Maine lives up to the Vacation Land brand. Are you coming back this summer? I hope so! If so, you are hereby obligated to meet up with me for some ice cream at the beach. And yes, I am purposely typing words like “summer”, “ice cream” and “beach” in hopes that my warm, happy thoughts will melt the snow outside before Memorial Day!

  10. Hat Chick

    I have been to Greece and HIGHLY recommend it.

    I totally agree about Pensacola beaches. I went to college close enough to Pensacola that I spent my three-day weekends there as often as possible.

    The photos of Maine are gorgeous. Many mosquitos there?

  11. caprik

    Can I just say a BIG Thank You for the summertime pictures!!! I forgot what it looked like!

    I have been to neither Greece nor Maine. But I am willing.

    That is such a sweet picture of you all on the porch! Love the ‘mater plant.

  12. Cathy

    I would love to go to Greece. I have a cousin who lives there. I think the pictures from there are beautiful.

    Of course, I’d love to go to Maine too. I’ve never been there either. Looks like the kids were having fun!

  13. Janna Qualman

    Greece sound wonderful, especially if I can see it the way it appears in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

    And Maine has always always been on my list of places to visit. I want the quiet peace and beauty of it; would love to stay in a cabin or house near the beach. Some day…


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