Like a Lion

snowychairwebIt’s official.  March came in like a lion and dumped a foot of snow on the domestic fringe.  Since this is Tuesday’s Tantrum, I will share the reasons why I hate winter, and because I’m an equal opportunity type of gal, I’ll add a few reasons why I can tolerate a short ‘cool’ spell.

Winter Woes

*  Snow Clothes – boots, hats, scarfs, gloves, snow pants, and coats

It’s like adding an extra bulky wardrobe for each person in the house.  Where do you put it all?  Even worse, where do you hang it all to dry??  To add insult, the gloves run away and hide.  Does FringePup eat them?  Regardless of where the gloves go (I personally think they’re in the islands with the socks), they are never around when you need them.

* Cold toes

I like flip-flops.  My feet feel cramped and sore in enclosed shoes.  They like to be free, to feel the breeze blow between their toes, and to air out.  Airing out my feet is a priority on FringeMan’s list.  My feet are just stinky.  I’m ashamed, but it’s true.  By winter’s end my feet smell so badly that my socks hide under the bed when they hear me coming.

* Grey Skies

I need sunshine.  I’m certain I’m vitamin D deficient, although my one-a-day assures me I’m getting my daily dose.  I simply want to lounge in the sun and feel its’ heat warm my organs to boiling.  Then I’ll cool down my sweating spleen with an ice-cold lemonade.

Winter Wonders

* Layers

There’s something to be said about wearing 3 layers of clothes.  No one can tell if your bulk is fabric or fat.

* Hot Cocoa

I’m worse than the kids.  I’ve concocted a fabulous cocoa drink and I crave it at night while curled up on the couch under a fleece blanket.  For the record, NOT a Snuggie.  I’m very high class.  I use Swiss Miss in combination with a shot of French Vanilla creamer and a mound of marshmallows.  It’s a mug of puffy, marshmallowy heaven.

That’s all I’ve got!  I honestly can’t think of another reason to like winter. 

What makes your list of ‘Winter Woes’ and ‘Winter Wonders?’

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Let’s hope that March goes out like a lamb!


22 thoughts on “Like a Lion

  1. cathy

    The photo of the snow piled high on the grill looks like a giant marshmellow! I, for one, am looking forward to March leaving in full-on lamb-mode. Baaa.

  2. Erin

    I love, love winter in DECEMBER! End of winter love.

    Did you see the photo in my sidebar that I just put up? The end of our driveway. After one snowfall the snow is about four feet deep! Sure that’s the plow too, but come on! Our drifts are like dr. Seuss hats everywhere, tall, narrow and precarious. Save me!

  3. elizabeth channel

    I detest cold rain that does not turn to snow, which is what we get all the time here. I also have a difficult time not being able to wear flipflops because of my toe issues, so I can relate to you there!

  4. Alyson (New England Living)

    I LOVE winter! I love the cozy feeling it brings. I love fires in the fireplace and hot cocoa. I love watching snow fall. I love that when the leaves are all gone in the winter, the world suddenly opens up. I love making slushies out of snow from our porch. I love that the kids stay home more in the winter and we have more family time.

    I love winter, but I also look forward to spring. I like change and enjoy every season.

  5. robinaltman

    Snow on trees is beautiful. I love to ski. I like snuggling by the fire at home when it’s snowy outside. I love sweaters and winter clothes.

    I’m a Bostonian at heart, I guess. But March snowstorms? Dude, that’s a bit much, even for me.

  6. Debbie York

    Don’t forget reasons to eat chili, stew, goulash, frito chili pie, and taco soup! But what I hate about winter is my headlights are always “on”! (Thank you for the prayers)…Debbie

  7. Hat Chick

    Snow is pretty from afar. I don’t like it up-close-and-personal. Way too much work to put on all that gear.

    Go have a pedi in anticipation of Spring and drink your hot chocolate while you’re in the chair. You’ll feel better.

  8. caprik

    I don’t usually mind winter, it just always overstays it’s welcome!
    Like a good socked in snowstorm, IF we are prepared.
    Don’t like the dark at 5:50 business.


    Well, I think that snow is the saving grace of winter temps, If it’s snowing or snowy out, I don’t mind the cold so much. It is this time of year though, that I remember being OVER winter, and Spring, as much as it speaks of beauty and newness, was always a roller coaster coming in. I never remember even, sunny, chilly days in succession. We were lucky if by Easter things were nice.

    I’ve lived in Chicago (brutal winters!), Boston and New York. WHen I lived in LA and now in Houston, you desperately miss the seasons. So go figure. That said, I am trying to say that I feel your pain. Once the holidays are well past us, I think everyone needs to go to Hawaii until June.

    Laughed at FringePup….

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  11. Mom

    I would have been happy if this year March came in like a lamb and stayed a lamb!
    Did I tell you I HATE SHOVELING?

  12. Evergreen

    I love seeing snow on trees and across yards where no footprints have yet marred the shine. I also love the crispness in the air and the smell of winter.

    Okay, but that’s over now – I WANT SPRING!!! I need to smell it and actually, I already have, but it was interrupted by a SNOW STORM!!

  13. Pam

    I hate to be cold but I do love snow. If it has to be cold it might as well be pretty. Winter gives us an excuse to snuggle up and be cozy by the fire. I love snow days too, an excuse to break from routine and, again, get cozy. Maybe I should be some sort of cave dwelling animal, (not a bear though cause they sleep through the pretty snows.) Of course right now I am looking forward to working in the garden and lounging in a deck chair with a stack of good books, Pam

  14. Jo@Mylestones

    I admit that I probably like more things about winter than most “normal” people do. I’m not a very good skier, but I love the beauty of the mountains covered in snow (and the view from the lodge!). And I love sitting by the fire with a good book and a mocha while the snow falls outside. And if it’s going to be cold, I really would rather have snow to play in than just an ugly mess of frozen mud in the yard.
    That said, by MARCH, winter is definitely getting old. This is usually the time of year when I plan a road trip back to VA where there is a real Spring and not just mud season!


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