FringeMan & Women’s Jewelry

During my ‘tween’ years, formerly known as bratty kid years, the FringeParents decided that I could finally get my ears pierced.  Considering I knew several infants who had their ears pierced, this parental concession didn’t thrust me into pre-pubescent pride; however, I was happy to finally have a tiny hole drilled through my lobe.

Being the ever brave mother, FringeMom elected to also have her ears pierced.  It only took her 35 years to muster the courage and then she made me go first.  Apparently if I’d started screaming, hemorrhaging from my iced ear-lobe, or if I fainted, she would have remained hole free. 

The experts didn’t tell parents to model good behavior back in the olden days.  Adults just told us to ‘do as I say and not as I do’.

The excitement of a shiny stud far outweighed any pain involved and I proudly showed off my lobes at every opportunity.  Unfortunately every time I would try and remove my gold stud to wear a more cheap & gaudyfashionable earring, I would get an infection.  My lobes would turn bright red, bleed, and they would fill with puss pockets.  Aren’t you glad you’re reading this?

My ears have remained unadorned for many years.

UNTIL, I whined and complaineddiscussed my problem with FringeMan.  He thought for a moment and then said, “Try using dish soap.”

“Dish soap??  If alcohol didn’t work, why would dish soap?”  I immediately dismissed his idea.  After all, what does FringeMan know about dangly, beaded earrings?

He went into some story that detailed the inner barrel of shotguns and the grease they use to lubricate the gun, etc.  Somehow this was connected to my three dollar earrings, but I still fail to make the connection.  I did try the dish soap.  What did I have to lose?

To my utter amazement, it worked!  I’ve been able to wear all my earrings after scrubbing them with dish soap.  Palmolive was my cure. 

With one bit of fire-arm advice, FringeMan solved my accessory problems. 


Now it’s full swing bling for me. 

Do you normally ‘bling up’ your outfits or do only accessorize on special occasions?  I’d like to know…really.



20 thoughts on “FringeMan & Women’s Jewelry

  1. Kara-Noel

    Clear nail polish works too. I have to paint my cheap earing posts with it then I can wear them… Dish soap does sound easier though.
    Asthma stinks. Sorry to hear your son has it too. We have to do the nebulizer everyday on good days and every 4 hours on bad days… loads of F-U-N. I’m hoping he grows out of it!

  2. sarah

    I have to wear them every day. but i wear the same ones every day. then i switch them out every month or so. I do take them out every night – i just put the same ones back in the next day. lazy, i guess.

    I have the same issue with infected lobes though. how do you use the dish soap? do you leave it on? take it off? do it after every wear? share the secrets. 🙂

  3. Hat Chick

    In Big State, I think there’s a 3-bling-minimum. Purse, bracelet, earrings, necklace, watch, hair clip, flashy pin, ring…..any combo will work.

  4. Pilar Stark

    Here in Spain, accesorizing is a must even if you are dressing as casual as you can. Shoes, purses, earings, bracelets, necklages….. the whole deal.It is so fun!

  5. elizabeth channel

    OK, I’ve got to try this dish soap deal. I have major issues with “inexpensive” earrings and I’ve battled this for years!
    Claire’s here I come!

    Accessorize? I don’t know how. I tried to wear a scarf a few times this winter and my friend were like “Wow…you’re wearing a scarf…”

  6. robinaltman

    FringeMan is a very useful person! Unlike the males in my house. . .

    I love to accessorize! I love shoes, jewelry, hair stuff – just about everything. Last week I turned around after driving half way to work, because I forgot to put a big ring on my right hand, and it really needed one. How’s that for sick?

  7. Grace Rinaldi

    Nobody blings like you bling, but I too have always had a cheap earing problem. And the only kind I would ever consider are cheap! So when I do the dishes tonight, I will also do my one pair of $7 earings. And then we’ll see if men know anything about anything…

  8. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    I’ll have to try the soap too!

    I used to get painful, itchy ears from any earring with a post and back. I was told it was I was allergic to the solder. (So the metal composition had no effect.)

    So I wear only wire earrings now. But I ONLY wear them when I’m going out somewhere special — and then only when I remember them.

    I’ll try washing some of my old post earrings in dish soap and see what happens. (But it’ll be FringeMan’s fault if I get an infection!)

  9. Debbie York

    Are you kidding me? I’m from Dallas Tx…honey, we wear bling to the Dairy Queen! You won’t see me too often without something extra (although here lately, clean hair is an accessory!).
    What a clever husband and caring too. Only the really big, heavy earbobs hurt me. I’m going to try the soap thingy but I think it’s just the weight.


  10. Erin

    Ha, from shotguns to earrings! ONly you, my dear!

    I wear the same pair of silver hoops every day! I wear the same silve moon necklace. I wear the same silver and turquoise rings and my one gold one, my wedding band.

    If I go out (ya right, whateva!) I put on an extra big chunky rose winding ring or a five pounds cat’s eye. Nothing extraordinary, just odd, I suppose.

    But…i have a piecing story and i might just blog about it.

  11. David

    I have been hunting and caring for guns all my life and I have no idea what he’s talking about. There is some connection between shotguns and dishwashing soap?

    Sorry for your lack of luck so far on my giveaway. But take heart; there is another opportunity coming up!

  12. JanMary, N Ireland

    What a useful husband to have!

    I still don’t have my ears pierced – and my Mum – she finally got hers pierced lasy year – aged 73!

    I love to wear necklaces, and they seem to be getting a bit more colourful and chunky!

    Now I have started making some of my own I suspect my collection will be growing.

    Do you have one item you wear with nearly everything? I seem to rotate between about 4.

  13. Castal

    Dish soap eh?

    The only way that I manage to wear my pretty-but-ear-hating adornments is by putting a little bacitracin (or ye olde antibiotic ointment in petroleum jelly) on the earring post. I still can only wear them for a few hours, but hey, that gets me through most parties!

    I will have to try the dish soap and see if that makes my ears happier… or do both and see how it goes.


  14. Cher

    Most days I don’t even where my wedding rings. Swimming pool water isn’t good for jewelry. But I make sure hubby wears his wedding ring!

    The Texas Woman


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