Personal Information Invasion

Recently someone looking for work sent a resume to a large company.  That company contacted this person via email and requested additional information, including their credit score.  They were not interested in the entire credit report, just the score.

Am I the only person that thinks a company has crossed personal privacy boundaries when they request credit scores?

I realize that paying your bills on time shows good character, but does the employee have the opportunity to view the companies’ credit score?  After all, a company who cannot pay their bills in a timely manner is not necessarily a company that will pay its’ employees on time or even be open a year from now.

Will they ask for medical records next because a person with a neurological problem, autoimmune disease, or chronic illness may require too many sick days?  Perhaps smokers shouldn’t get a job because lung cancer may be on their horizon.  Heaven forbid they hire a woman with a bunion!  She’ll take an extra 30 seconds to walk to the copier. 

When have we, as a society or company, gone too far?

I do believe people of good moral character can encounter times of financial hardship and run late on paying their bills.  Life happens even to good people and in these economically challenging times, more of us may be receiving late notices whether we want to or not.

Are too many of us hiding in our gated communities with flower boxes overflowing, ignoring the fact that others in our town, church, or community may actually be losing the shirt off their backs?

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18 thoughts on “Personal Information Invasion

  1. Sarah @

    I personally feel that looking at a person’s credit score makes sense. People with lower credit scores are more likely to be a liability in the future. The perfect employee is one who is in debt – so they want to keep working, need to keep working – but not too deep in debt – so they have no incentive to resort to unsavory methods to fulfill their needs.

    I don’t think that it should be a determining factor of employment, though, unless the person is being hired to drive an armored truck or be a teller or something like that where they actually handle money and other peoples’ sensitive banking information.

  2. deb

    I think it is a terrible invasion of privacy, and not at all an indicator of job performance…people are going through such hard times right now. Perhaps they should check to see if my dinner dishes are done.

  3. Cher

    Had a small fire last night and almost missed this post! I’ve heard of this credit score thingy down in Texas too. David’s comment was funny.

    The Texas Woman

  4. robinaltman

    Not only is it intrusive, but it’s just dumb. I don’t see what someone’s credit score has to do with how well they’ll do 99% of jobs out there. Whoever thought of that one was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic basket.

  5. Erin

    You’ve got something here. This is way too far. This is a job, not a marriage or even a lifestyle. A job. Go. Leave. That’s crazy!

    I’m afraid people all around us will be losing their shirts. Sad. We need to pull together somehow, at least for support.

  6. Janna Qualman

    Some stuff I understand, but the credit scores draw the line for me. I’d like to say I’d never give up that information, but then, if I were desperate for a job and it seemed a good option, what would I do?

    Great rant!

  7. Hat Chick

    Many people were against HIPPA (health insurance privacy and portability act) because it opened up the opportunities for just such “information sharing” to happen. What happens when a potential employer refuses to hire a smoker because he/she knows there will be an adjustment in insurance premiums to cover this person? It’s already legal to discriminate against a smoker in the hiring process in FL.

    I’m not an advocate of smoking, but what comes next? What if I have the breast cancer gene? Will I be refused employment because I MAY get cancer?

    As for the credit report, we are used to that question since Big Daddy is an accountant. Apparently it is important for the accountants to be fiscally responsible, and the credit report has been such a good indicator of performance for the finance industry – not!…..go figure!

  8. caprik

    Honey just told me last week that their new contract involves a physical. He thinks that smokers and obese people are going to have to pay higher premiums.

    Our church participates in a Gleaners food pantry. The new “poor” look surprisingly like neighbors.


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