Unemployment Soars as Butt Roots Grow

Like FringeMom and many others in America, Oriana the FringePup is out of work.


I’ve suggested Oriana go wait on the unemployment line, but she’s not taking my advice.

No one really takes my advice.  Hmmmm…maybe there’s a lesson for me to learn.

She’s snoozing while she waits on some of Obama’s bailout money.   Secretly I hope she gets a check.

She could make herself a useful guard dog.  Baring her new big white teeth and barking at those throwing trash in my yard could keep her occupied all day; however, she chooses the life of a couch potato.


She’s in danger of growing Butt Roots.  Do you know what causes butt roots?  If not, I’d suggest you read THIS.


Oriana has mistaken this couch for her own.  If she’s not going to be a guard dog, she needs to sleep on the floor!  The only reason the FringeKids have beds is because they take out the trash and carry dirty laundry to the basement. 

No work = no bed on the domestic fringe.


In fact, these two are both in immediate danger of losing their beds.

Do you know of any employment opportunities for a lazy dog or FringeMom? 

For clarification, FringeMom’s not lazy.  She’s just temporarily out of work. 

As we watch unemployment rates soar, banks tumble, and the stock market come precariously close to crashing, do you fear for your job?

You probably didn’t until now.  You can thank me in the comment section.  I’m always looking to brighten your day!

Remind me people, why do I have a dog?


23 thoughts on “Unemployment Soars as Butt Roots Grow

  1. Mindy

    Prayers sent for your Mom. I have job security. But, my sister has been out of a job for a while and life is not easy. As for your dog. Well, you have her because she once had puppy breath. And who, ask you, can resist that? ~Mindy

  2. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    Tsk. Everyone knows you have a dog to add a layer of fur to every surface in your house. And if it gets under the keys on your computer, you might get a new computer out of it.

    (still hoping)

    As for us and the economy– hubby’s income depends on people buying books. So it’s been a little short lately. He has tons of job security, but if nobody buys the books, we’ll have to keep tightening up the budget.

    Just waiting on God and being good stewards.

  3. Erin

    You have a dog because she (um, yup, I think that’s what the crotch shot suggested) because she is gorgeous and pretty freaken silly.

  4. Laura

    have you ever tried waitressing??
    with the kids in school all day you could do a pretty good shift. i paid bills and stayed out of debt for years waiting tables. and there are some ‘fringe’ benefits – you get either a free meal or a discounted one, take it – and two, if you work where you can wear a uniform you don’t have to think about what you will wear to work and you don’t care if it gets food on it, because it will.
    it is a tried and true job until something more glamorous comes along! 🙂

  5. robinaltman

    Oriana is sooooo cute! I hope she’s not bummed about being out of work. We could give her some doggie Prozac. I especially like the picture of Oriana and your daughter. They look pretty mellow for two young ladies who could soon be sleeping on the floor.

  6. Hat Chick

    Fringedog is pretty darned cute.

    As for the economy, Big Daddy will be working well beyond his original retirement date. On the upside, I have started repairs on our house because I can get good contractors at good rates right now. Everyone just seems happy to have the business.

  7. Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    The dog looks quite happy and comfortable! And think of it this way: at least she stays still.

    It would take an act of G-d to make my dog stay still. Or a really, really ripe avocado. Avocados are wonder bribes with my dog.

    Anyway, so far so good on the job front, but I do worry about what will happen when I take maternity leave. It doesn’t seem like now is the BEST time to let a company know how well they can function without me…

  8. Debbie York

    Oriana looks like she is getting “on-the-couch” training to be a congressdog and seems to have gotten the hang of it real quick. Maybe Fringeboy could be her campaign manager!
    I love your mother’s great attitude! She knows where the real help is going to come from and who is going to take care of her needs. I’m sending up prayers for her.
    Thank you for always providing a smile and a laugh when it’s needed most.

  9. David

    Cute post! But, honestly, this recession is hitting too close to home for me to find much humor in this particular topic. Being essentially self-employed, I won’t be layed off and our company is debt-free. But we can only stand to lose money for just so long. We are in self-preservation mode. Just trying to weather the storm… survive… live to see a better day.

    Prayer sent for your FringeMom.

  10. Janna Qualman

    Oriana is getting so dog-gone LARGE! But she’s uber cute. That’s why you got her. 😉

    So far we haven’t been worried about hubby’s job. He’s an electrician (non-union, which I think benefits us in the long run), and his boss has been bidding jobs like crazy. It helps with all the stimulus money, though.

  11. Mom

    Thanks for your prayers. I never imagined the recession would hit me so hard. I figured I was used to cutting back on expenses and eating PB & J sandwiches and I thought I would be okay. But then I lost my primary job and the true testing began. But my God is faithful and I praise Him for such wonderful family and friends who are helping me during this hard time. I covet your prayers!

  12. Nina in Portugal

    On a serious note, I’ll be praying for Fringemom. These are serious times for everyone, I’m afraid.

    Oriana, on the other hand IS doing her job.
    `Driving you crazy
    `Pooping and peeing…sometimes in your shoes
    `taking over your sofa
    `And being extremely adorable while doing all three!

    Takes talent, I tell ya! 😉

  13. Jo@Mylestones

    LOL. I somehow missed the original Butt Roots post. Now that I am up to speed on the origination of the term, I must thank you profusely for providing the fodder for me to laugh out loud early on my first Monday morning after the government stole an hour from me….
    The expression “laughing my butt roots off” comes to mind. 🙂

  14. caprik

    Very ladylike pose of The FringePup! As far as why do we have the dog? In our case, it was a momentary laspe in judgement. It’s a GOOD thing they are so cute.

    Since we are Ford Folk, Honey is very thankful to still be employed. No whining here. God is good.

  15. Cher

    Your dog’s employed! His job is to love the kids, which obviously he does quite well! And FringeKid is doing her job – to drive you crazy so when the time comes, you’ll be glad to see her walk out your front door and into her own life!

    Very cute post!

    The Texas Woman

  16. jennifer

    Blogger did something funky and now I am scared and confused. I will try to comment again…

    That is one comfy looking dog. She’s young, she’s got her health, what does she wan’t with a job???


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