The Unseen Eye

No this is NOT FringeMan!

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My son’s preschool teacher told him that I had eyes behind my head.  Over the last few years he’s put me through several tests and by the grace of God, I’ve passed.  My unseen eye has worked its’ magic and I’ve convinced him that I do, in fact,  have eyes behind my head.  

He’s now nine and still believes I can see him misbehaving via rear view vision.

Am I a bad mommy to foster these lies?

In my estimation, it’s already too late.  The harm has been done, so I may as well milk it for as long as I can. 

He is a gullible, but lovable boy.


Don’t worry, he doesn’t have the mumps.  He’s got a wad of food in his mouth.


19 thoughts on “The Unseen Eye

  1. caprik

    I remember my Mom telling me that she had caught my brother studying the back of her hair intently, looking for those eyes in back of her head!

  2. Nikki

    LOL…there is nothing wrong with teaching them that mom is omnipotent and there is no use trying to hide anything from her all seeing all knowing self. Anything that keeps them in line is fair game! Just don’t shave your head and get that tattoo!

  3. Debbie York

    It’s not a lie. The third eye appears as soon as we become pregnant. Didn’t your doctor explain that to you? It comes with the stretch marks! We also develop hearing akin to a bat and are faster than a speeding bullet. How else could we survive their childhoods? Debbie

  4. Jeannie

    the crease is very disturbing and yet i can’t stop looking….
    as for the third eye thing, i just tell my kids that Jesus tells me EVERYTHING!!!! that makes them think twice before doing something mischievous.

  5. Straight Shooter

    We are damaging our Crumbs in every area possible.
    Santa Claus? Check.
    Tooth Fairy? Check.
    Easter Bunny? Check.
    Binky Troll? Check.
    Boogie Man? Check.

    I even take it a step further than the whole eyes in the back of my head. Did you know that all children have a red spot appear on their foreheads when they are lying? Oh you didn’t? Well, they do. As far as my crumbs now anyway…

    I believed in all those things (sans the binky troll, I made that up for my girl who still had a binky at two) and I’m fine. I am not forever scarred because my mom chose to fill my head with childhood lies. Just temporarily.

  6. diana/sunshine

    i think at some point, he’ll figure out that the physical eyes don’t really exist. you can start now, or wait until then, to explain that it’s an intuition that moms – all moms! – have.

  7. Pilar Stark

    That first photo is funny and gross all at the same time :)… not sure why it has that reaction in me.
    I don’t know if that makes a bad mom out of you or not but I would totaly use it as long as I can 🙂

  8. robinaltman

    Wow! That is one scary eye! My mom truly did have eyes in back of her head. So do I. It’s called, “living in a small town and having lots of friends who are also spies”. My kids can’t get away with anything! Suckers!

  9. Evergreen

    “Eyes in the back of” your head is NOT a parental lie. It is FACT! It is YOUR DUTY!!!! (Please run patriotic theme music in the background when reading this)

  10. Mel

    I beg to differ that is not a parental lie!!! Mom’s indeed do have eyes in the back of their heads and if you tell my kids different I will deny it 🙂

  11. David

    Ha! Wad of food in his mouth! I guess it’s a boy thing. When Dustin was that age, he looked like a chipmonk at the dinner table! Alissa thought meal time was called “Chew and swallow,” because that’s what I kept telling Dustin every few minutes.

    She also thought T-Ball was called “Attention.” She would even join in with me and holler to the outfield, “Play attention, Dustin! Play attention!” She probably would have made a great cheerleader!

  12. Cher

    About parental lies…did/do your kids believe in Santa? Tooth fairy? Easter bunny?

    I didn’t raise my kiddos to believe in those but they did believe in the back eye thingy!

    The Texas Woman


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