Video Blog = Vlog

For you, because you asked more than once.

I’d much rather be on this side of the keyboard than the camera.  A starlight I’m not.

Forgive the imperfections – PLEASE. 

Sorry, but you need to click over in order to watch my first and only (probably) VLOG!!!

Love Ya,


24 thoughts on “Video Blog = Vlog

  1. Evergreen

    Oh my – my dear, you still embody the accent of NY – ha ha ha – you haven’t lost even a little bit of it. And the speed-speaking was RIGHT there waiting to burst forth, but it being your first vlog, the speed was slowed slightly. ha ha ha

    Loved it and love command central!!!

    Fringeman, keep making those faces!!!

  2. Nikki

    You’re so dang adorable…and check out the accent on FRINGE MAN!!! I don’t think you have an accent at all..but then I don’t live far from New York so I may be used to it lol. Loved the vlog. It was fun to see your face and hear your voice!

  3. tckk

    I enjoy your blog and reading about your life. The vlog was fun. Don’t think I have the nerve to ever do one but it’s fun watching other’s.

  4. Mindy

    Holy Cow! You are brave! Indeed, the accent is not as thick as it could be. Whew! And you are just as entertaining on the vlog as on your blog. Yea, you! ~Mindy

  5. robinaltman

    OK. You are officially the cutest vlogger in the world. That was adorable and brave and totally cute. Did I already say cute? Well, I’m saying it again.

  6. Laura

    Seeing your youtube vlog made me think of my deceased dad who left a youtube video just months before he died. some people just aren’t made to live life alone and after a second divorce one of the greatest conversationalists I know, my dad, left this under youtube at “Joys of Divorce”. punch that in on the site and you will see and hear my dad. my son now wants to know why i’m sniffling… cuz i just watched it after a long time.
    by the way, LOVE THE EARRINGS-they look great on you!!

  7. David

    Outstanding job, FringeGirl! I love putting a voice with the face! Some of the wallcovering companies that we order from are officed in New York. I think your accent is fairly minimal compared to some of them that I’ve talked to on the phone. Anyway, thanks for doing this. It’s awesome!

    Now I think you should turn the camera on FringeMan and have him tell us a hunting story or something!

    Oh… and suddenly I have a craving for biscuits and gravy! Will there be bacon for Mindy?

  8. Hat Chick

    Lost the accent?! Sounds pretty authentic NYC to me. Thanks for slowing it down for my southern hearing.

    You were totally cute! I don’t think I could do a vlog – I have little tendancy to ramble. You were definately ramble-free. Great job!

  9. Nina in Portugal

    That gruff, growling “Don’t you believe it” coming from Fringeman was a shocker!

    But I guess that voice is typical for the preachers that preach hard and loud, huh?! (Notice I did NOT say long)

    You were so adorable! A little nervous, it was obvious, but makes me appreciate it all the more knowing that you did it anyway….all for us…your beloved Fringefans.

    I feel honored that you mentioned me by name on your first ever Vlog….even if you did say my name wrong…I still love you anyway.

    I feel that pull…like a force I can’t control….to do a vlog……

  10. JanMary, N Ireland

    Great to see and hear you – love the accent!

    Command central is looking very uncluttered – unlike mine 🙂

    Thanks for the mention of Ireland – be sure to join in on St Patrick’s Day.

  11. Janna Qualman

    I’ve been putting serious thought into a vlog, myself. You did great, and you’ve inspired me to give it a try! I just think it’s so great to hear the voices of those we “see” everyday… puts more with their personality, you know? Adds something extra.

    Oh, and ask FringeMan to get me a chocolate waffle cone, wouldja? 😉

  12. Cher

    GringeFirl, what a coincidence that you and I post our first personal videos on the same night! We’re movin’ on up, Firl!

    The Texas Woman


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