Back Porch Dogs & Watermelon

FringePup is like a bad joke.  waterm-pre1

I don’t want to laugh at her, but I do.


She’s not above begging, and watermelon isn’t the only ‘people’ food she likes.


Biscuits and sausage gravy are also on her list of favorite meals. 

Before you caution me on the ills of feeding a pet a human diet, let me explain.  Her normal diet consists of Purina Puppy Chow, but ever now and then, we can’t resist her pathetic begging eyes.


If we ignore her for too long, she taps our leg with her paw.

Let me give you a bit of unsolicited advice.  Don’t ever succumb to your pet’s whimpers and give her biscuits with sausage gravy.  You’ll regret it later when she’s curled up on the couch with you watching Deal Or No Deal.


Let’s just say you won’t need a fart machine.


25 thoughts on “Back Porch Dogs & Watermelon

  1. Janet

    Fringe Pup is so cute. We used to have a dachshund who loved table food. You couldn’t resist those big brown eyes staring up at you. Spaghetti and chicken were her favorites. If we get another one, tho, I’ll try to keep the table food away from her. Ours got so she wouldn’t eat her regular food.

  2. Laura

    we have a cat, Yahoo, who acts like a dog. we call him “the dog”… and he eats so much i referred to him as our teenage son this evening.

  3. caprik

    What family with a boy does NOT have a fart machine?

    I guess our Katie is just a delicate flower, no rancid emissions from her. And she will eat almost anything. Carrots, spaghetti, dead bird and rabbit. Such a lady.

  4. Jo@Mylestones

    She’s got the classic cute begging look. I totally understand why you can’t resist letting her indulge in people food every now and then. But I’m glad I don’t have to be there to partake in the unintended consequences of biscuit and gravy.

  5. tckk

    Too funny! My Lily eats just about anything I do. Now she has her dry dog food that is her main food, but if I eat something, she usually gets at least 1 bite. Ice Cream, Yogurt, Cereal, Broccoli, Green Beans, etc. You name it, she likes it!!!! I just love dogs. 🙂

  6. robinaltman

    I love FringePup! She’s so adorable! One of my dogs, Tiger, went through a horrible period where his farts were so revolting, it was like he was having diarrhea in the air. Then it just stopped, thank God!

  7. Pam

    Fringe dog is adorable. I would give her watermelon any time. My girls had a bit of cantaloupe this morning and a few fries and a bite of burger this evening. It is hard to resist our labradoodle when she puts her head on your knee and gazes up with those soulful eyes. Dogs are just sweet. Pam


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