Chicken Dancing My Way Into The Slow Cooker

I squeezed into the back of the primary school gym along with a hundred other parents.  Scanning faces of the first graders sitting criss-cross style on the floor, I looked for my daughter.  All the kids dressed in blue jeans and white tops made the job of finding my child more challenging; however, FringeKid is usually the one who pops up yelling to me with hands cupped around her mouth and then begins her wild waves that send shocking ripples throughout her little body.

The entire crowd can usually tell which child belongs to me.

I’ve had this date written on my calendar for a month.  Each week I’ve reminded FringeMan to keep this afternoon free.  As I sat sweating, more from my own stupidity than the heat of the crowd, I realized that we were enduring a first grade folk dance performance that excluded my child’s class.

I knew FringeMan would have a hard time forgiving me for this one. 

When the supervising teacher invited the parents onto the gym floor to do the chicken dance, we gathered our feathers, slipped out the side door and clucked straight to the office. 

Apparently my daughter’s class performs tomorrow. 


I felt FringeMan’s eyes boring deep holes into the side of my face.  No words from him is not a good sign.

“At least we have the evening to brush up on the chicken dance.”  I said.

I don’t know HOW this mistake happened!  Seriously.  I remember holding the paper in my hand and marking the date on my calendar.

I think FringeMan will forgive me before he dies.

Clucks to you all,


30 thoughts on “Chicken Dancing My Way Into The Slow Cooker

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  5. Nikki

    hehehehe…I don’t know why but that had me rolling. I think if it were me I wouldn’t have said anything and hoped he didn’t notice. Heck men don’t pay much attention anyway! Great story…totally made me laugh.

  6. robinaltman

    Oh, man! That is hilarious! I hope she’s not too bummed about the cold. But it saves FringeMan from another Chicken Dance extravaganza.

  7. elizabeth channel

    This makes me feel so much better! Last week I took E to a St. Patrick’s Day party one day late. We showed up all festive in our green, gluten-free treats prepared, only to find out they held the party on the 16th instead of the 17th. Who does that? They did give us a leftover goody bag… Can’t wait to hear how the dancing goes!

  8. caprik

    I hate when you get the date wrong! You feel like you are losing your mind.

    Hope FringeKid will feel better VERY soon. That’s no fun to miss out. 😦

  9. Cher

    Hope the petite performer feels better before the weekend. It’s terrible to be sick when there’s no school!

    The Texas Woman

  10. thedomesticfringe Post author

    Here’s the kicker. The school nurse just called and FringeKid is coughing up a storm and is just starting to get a fever. I have to go pick her up and she’ll miss her program.

    Sometimes life is just a bummer.

  11. David

    Look on the bright side. Yes, you got the date wrong, but at least you were a day EARLY. You could have been a day late and missed the whole thing.

  12. Mindy

    Wellll…at least y’all got to spend some quality time in the car together? Sharing space? Stealing some “us” time? Yeah…go with that! ~Mindy

  13. Mom

    I can see in my mind the face on FringeMan! We all make mistakes with dates and times. Think of the fun you had learning to do the chicken dance.


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