Before & After White Paint

A few weeks ago I purchased a gallon of white paint.  It seems that every few months I’m overtaken with the urge to paint.  Either a room in our house is changing color, the furniture is going white, or my hair is getting streaked, but something MUST change.

This month it was furniture.  I repainted FringeKid’s dresser and purchased new knobs – no pictures yet, and our coffee table also got a fresh coat of white paint – featured in yesterday’s ‘sick bed’ picture. 

I also repainted these two pieces and I absolutely LOVE the change.



I acquired this bookcase from a friend.  Her father passed away and she salvaged this from his house.  Instead of death at the dump, it now resides in my home.



Three coats of paint and two new knobs gave this weary bookcase just the facelift it needed.

Next, I repainted one of two chairs.  I recovered the seats a few years ago with fabric I picked up at a yard sale and although I love the chairs, they needed paint.  Everything that lives in my house eventually needs paint.





So what do you think?  Do like original finishes or do you paint your tired furniture too?

This last picture features some paper, yes I did say paper, curtains that I made.  Sarah had some reservations about paper curtains a little while back and I wanted to show her mine.

I purchased rolls of wrapping paper from the dollar store to make these curtains.  A few thumb-tacs were the only other supplies. 


The curtains lasted an entire Maine winter, so that’s about 9 months. 😉  There were several more windows in this room than shown and the entire project cost me 6 dollars plus tax.

If you’ve already featured some furniture, room, or window makeovers, please leave a link to your post in the comments section. 

I love a good makeover!


25 thoughts on “Before & After White Paint

  1. Choose Joy

    Paint really does make a huge difference and it is not a ton of money. I have so many layers of paint on things. My kitchen is a brick color and I am getting ready to go back to some neutral. My family thinks I am nuts! Carol

  2. Mindy

    LOVE the paper curtains. Very smart. I like the chair painted white. The bookcase? I wonder what kind of wood is under all that paint. The lines are nice. My preference in life is to let wood be wood. I am not opposed to painting walnut, but anything else…I wanna see the grain. The wood. Staining and waxing are my way of sprucing up wood pieces. Happy Day! ~Mindy

  3. jennifer

    I ADORE paint too! I have gone the other direction though – I paint it black!!

    LOVE your wrapping paper curtains. I will probably be copying your idea.

  4. Erin

    I don’t know. I’m partial to red. But I do like clean white as well. But yes, fresh is great! New, revitalized. But then I do like chipped old paint too. Man, I’m no help at all.

    But really on the windows? That’s sweet. They looked great!

  5. robinaltman

    For some reason, when I was a kid in Boston, the style trend was to remove all paint and restore the original wood finish. We moved to a new house, where the banister was painted white, and my mom had us all scraping paint for months. It was horrible. Every free moment, we all scrape, scrape, scraped. Ugh! I’m getting flashbacks again!

  6. Kara

    I have just recently discovered the joy of painting, it is so fun to give things a new look. I love your projects, they look so fresh now!

  7. Rachel

    I just listed a bunch of redos too–boy do I love adding a coat of paint! It makes everything feel new! I know my husband it probably tired of helping me take things out, and hail them back in when they’re dry…but I can’t help it. 🙂 Your redos look GREAT! I love that shelf! So cute!

  8. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    I wanna paint some furniture!!!

    Unfortunately, my husband is of the opinion that if God made wood brown with a grain, then that is how it must remain. Forever and ever amen.

    (If I really wanted to change his mind, I probably could. But then I’d have no excuse not to paint, would I)


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