Bad Hair Days

I’m stuck in a cycle of bad hair days.  It’s because I really need a haircut; however, I’m trying to save a dime or two and milk this cut for all it’s worth.  I’ve already trimmed my bangs twice and have resorted to the ‘natural’ look for the last several days. 

My husband is scared when I go natural because he thinks I look like I just broke free from the local mental hospital.  I will admit that my untamed, wildly full head of curls gives me a bit of an eccentric edge.  My kids even think I look crazy when I don’t straighten my hair; however, my lovely family has no right to talk.  I’m not the only member of the FringeFamily that has hair issues.


This isn’t exactly a Christmas card picture.


FringeBoy’s hair actually matched his eyes. 100_0759

This Medusa look could be an option for me.


I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of our parenting style.  We don’t always allow our children to sport such “creative” looks; however, they attended a crazy hair night once at Awana. 

I guess maybe we’re a bit competitive.

It’s just that if you send a note home with my kids saying you want crazy hair, funny socks, or costumes, be prepared.


You may get what you asked for, because….


bad hair runs in the family.

FringeMan and I have actually considered robbing a bank dressed like this.  I think we may have a chance of getting away with the crime.

What do you think?

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t answer.


18 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days

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  2. David

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  3. Nikki

    If you do rob the bank…I promise not to rat you out if you share the proceeds! And the pictures of your son are cracking me up….he seems to have that “crap mom not another picture” look going!

  4. robinaltman

    You all look awesome, but I must say that FringeBoy really rocks that blue mohawk. I like the sideways picture with the look on his face that says, “What have I done?!”

  5. Jo@Mylestones

    Ha! Wicked cool mohawk! And if they give you grief about the “natural” look, just say it’s the new “whimsical” style. That’s what my stylist called it when I told her I don’t like to do my hair, EVER.

  6. Pilar Stark

    hahahha, FringeGirl, it is always so much fun coming over your blog 🙂 Didn’t you get a change of look not to long ago. I do understand though, I got mine in Dec and I am already wanted a change…. can’t get shorter that it is already though… or can I ?:)

  7. David

    I wouldn’t want to be considered an accomplice unless it involves sharing some of the money. FringeBoy looks like he was about to have a meltdown in his profile photo. I hope that’s not buyer’s remorse.

    This was a fun post!


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