A Girdle On My Sole

Wearing a closed shoe is like putting a girdle on my sole.  I hate the confinement that winter shoes require.  My feet cry for freedom, marching their way way through ice, sleet, and snow like a small army groaning under the pressure of war.  Victory is only known when the thermometer reaches 65 degrees.

I believe there is a flip-flop for every occasion.

Today I’m linking to Big Mama’s Fashion Friday post.  Being the fashionista that I am (I heard that snicker), I’m bringing you the latest in toe thong styles.  Your day will be better for reading this.


I love these sandals.  They are red, have a comfortable style heel, and allow the breeze to pass between the toes filtering stench and growth.


Don’t you think these little turquoise flowers are adorable?  Apparently this Florida retiree blue is the hot color for the season.  It’s ok with me.  I don’t mind looking like a Golden Girl one bit.


Evening wear – you get a toe ring as bonus bling.  I love them.


We all need a practical flip-flop for daily wear.  I think these fit the bill.  They are by Sketchers and I’m sure they provide a measure of comfort.  I could possibly go running in these – running through the parking lot to hit the nearest closeout sale.


These are chic with a touch of bohemian.  The ankle strap is adorable.

Last, but not least…


a basic black shoe.

I love sandals and could post 50 more pictures, but my keyboard is filling with drool. 

What is your favorite style shoe to wear?


27 thoughts on “A Girdle On My Sole

  1. Sarah

    I’ll tell you one thing, when we went to Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago I couldn’t be more happier then to slather that red nail polish on my piggies and flaunt my flip flops around! I was most sad leave high 60’s-70 temps to come back to 38 degree weather and put my piggies back under socks and shoes too! I feel suffocated in shoes as well.

  2. elizabeth channel

    I’m all about the turquoise! Who says Rue McClanahan didn’t have style? Not me! I have a similar pair with butterflies on them…had ’em for years. Maybe I’ll wear them for Easter!

  3. Nikki

    OOOOH I totally ♥ the blue ones and the mustard yellow ones. And I’m with you….my feet need…nay…DESERVE to be free and exposed to the world! Mostly because they are the only thing on my body that isn’t repulsive!

  4. Jenn Calling Home

    Wow, I’m impressed by your sense of style! I especially like the “Florida retiree blue” (so pretty) and the Sketchers. I don’t really have any favorite type of shoe, just anything that doesn’t bother my bunions…and practical all the way.

  5. Pam

    The aqua and the bright yellow would sail me right through summer. Sandals are so easy to where, no socks, no tugging or tying. I am truly lazy.

  6. robinaltman

    I’m a little squirt, so I love my shoes really high. When platforms came back, I was a happy camper. I can’t wait until warm weather! I even wore platform sandals with socks last night! I’m painting my toenails today. Heaven.

  7. caprik

    All are darling, but I don’t think I would wear the yellow.

    I also have to consider heel height, as being taller than Honey makes me feel like a lummox.

    I have the HARDEST time finding winter shoes that don’t cause by big toenails to hurt! I have resorted to the open back-clog types. I heart them. Plus, they have the added bonus of NO TYING!

    Love sandals, it’s always a sad day to have to put the socks back on!

  8. Erin

    Big black closed footed clown’s shoes. I’m not joking. All year round. I’m no girly girl.

    Your picks are pretty but my body and mind hurts just imagining putting my toes in there.

  9. Janet

    My favorite is the one with the butterflies. I just can’t see me at all in the yellow one. I wear sandals and tennis shoes in the summer a lot, and I like going bare foot every now and then, too. I like my feet to be comfortable and when I walk a lot, tennis shoes are best for that.

  10. TeacherMommy

    Girl, you are a shoe connoisseur after my own sole!

    Though I do disagree with you on one point. Living in Michigan as I do, I have come to terms with the whole closed shoe thing. They’re called BOOTS and they make my heart sing.

  11. Grace Rinaldi

    I love sandals!! All year round. You’re so right. Toes need to be free, and most of all, painted. A professional pedicure is a luxury that I won’t give up, even if we are starving. The selection of shoes that you printed are lovely. I hope you own them all. Now here is my secret. I only own 2 pairs of shoes. Creepy, huh?

  12. Jo@Mylestones

    “I don’t mind looking like a golden girl”. Ha!
    Lemme see, my favorite pair of shoes….would I sound like a hopeless Mainer if I said my Ecco Clogs? Yes? I would? Okay then, I’m a hopeless Mainer.
    But I do spruce it up in the summer with some $10 J. Crew flip flops, thankyouverymuch.
    My daughter, on the other hand, has some sweet red mary janes on today, and they are as darling as Dorothy, if I do say so myself.

  13. Hat Chick

    The bule toe ring shoe – who makes it?

    I had a pair in camel that were that exact style – I loved them and wore them until I actually cracked the sole. I had to throw them out at the end of last season.

    Please please tell me where to get them!

  14. Sara

    Love all of these! Alas, being married to someone my same height keeps me out of the higher heels. (I keep saying, “Tom Cruise, honey, Tom Cruise!”)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are sweet.

  15. nicole

    I love shoes. And like you, I don’t love covering up my feet in the winter. Well, I don’t mind wearing my high-heel boots, but even those get old after a while. My current favorite shoes are a pair of peep toe heels by Michelle D that I absolutely love. They look great with a dress or with jeans.

  16. Evergreen

    I like to wear shoes similar to your first and last pictures, but with no thong between the toes. Love soft material that you can just slide your foot into. Wedge heels work the best for me! Love your choices though. Could probably see fit to try some of those on!


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