Bunnies, Bonnets, & Bows

Easter excites me.  It’s a special day of celebration.  Not only do we celebrate the hopeful arrival of Spring, but we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What could be better?

Easter 2006

Easter 2006

As tulips, bonnets, and bunnies usher in bright skies and warm weather, children hunt for eggs and binge on sugar right before church.  Why doesn’t the Easter bunny wait until after church to bring the chocolate and jelly beans?

Easter 2007

Easter 2007

Notice how I managed to squeak two years out of FringeBoy’s outfit?  Too bad I can’t do that this year.


I have an Easter dress (not the one shown) that has already seen four Easters.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!  Last year, I took a break and wore the dress in the picture above.  It’s reminiscent of a stained glass window and I hate it now.  So, old faithful will see her fifth Easter in 2009.

Do you dress for Easter?  Bonnets?  Flowers?  Gloves??


20 thoughts on “Bunnies, Bonnets, & Bows

  1. Erin

    You guys look great! I get into comfy jeans, a good t-shirt and an even more comfortable sweater. Oh wait, I do that every day!

  2. Nikki

    Your kids look so adorable in their Easter finery!!! I actually have to work…so my Easter gear will consist of Jeans and a t-shirt. If I have to work…then I at least should be comfortable!

  3. Grace Rinaldi

    No!! With only 2 pairs of shoes, and no dresses, I guess there will be no bonnet, no gloves, nada, Zip. My goal is to look clean, pressed, with good oral hygene. That’s all i got left…

  4. Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    Those sure are some cute little kids! Do I dress for Easter? Hmm… I’ll probably wear a new dress this weekend at church, but I don’t usually by something fancy just for the day. I did when I was a kid though, I loved getting a new Easter dress!

  5. sarah

    we totally dress for Easter.

    As a young child, I had to wear gloves to hide the egg dye stain and b/c we are Southern, but every single time…. I would BEG and PLEAD to take one glove off so I could be just like Michael Jackson. YIKES!

  6. Pam

    Oh, fringe girl, I have a lump in my throat. I miss those sweet little Easter outfits and stuffed bunnies and ducks. I used to dress my little ones with new outfits each year. Then we began going to a sunrise Mass in a park overlooking the city. It is so beautiful but not good for dressing up. Of course with two kids 17 and 21 I no longer would be allowed to pick Easter”outfits”. Haha. So Easter tradition is up at 5:30 AM and out the door dressed for whatever weather the day brings.(We have had snow, rain, both warm and freezing temps) The park is about a half hour away, then a trudge up the hill. All worth it. A tradition I have come to treasure.

  7. caprik

    Them’s Beau-ti-ful children!! Just precious! Why do you hate your stained glass window dress? You look loverly!
    I used to name my clothes, back in the day.

    We are always in Florida at Easter and, shhh don’t tell, we don’t go to church down there. Unless we happen to be at my Parents.
    We tried for quite a few years, but it was a disaster to try and find a church to go to, fight the crowds. We always ended up in the last pew of some fire and brimstone church, and the kids wouldn’t go to their classes in a new place.
    We go to church every other Sunday of the year, so we released ourselves from the trauma.

    The last time we did go with my Folks, we just wore clothes we had. Not likely to run into the same crowd again.

  8. elizabeth channel

    Love the tie!

    Sue will be wearing her dress for the third year. Great economics there! And E will wear J’s seersucker pants that J wore for two years. (We’re in the South…it’s cool.) Yes, we dress up and yes, I will wear the same dress I’ve worn for three years…a dress J (my 9-year-old) picked out for me from Ann Taylor when he was 6. As long as I can squeeze into it, I’ll wear it!

  9. Debbie York

    Your children are beautiful!!! And are you kidding me…I love getting a new Easter outfit and of course it has to be white with patent leather shoes!
    One year I spent more on Jenn’s big ol’ cancan than her dress. I wanted it to really pouf.
    Anytime I can find an excuse to buy new shoes is a treat for me.
    I have such lovely memories of Easter and it truly is the most important day to me.

  10. robinaltman

    How adorable! You guys look wonderful. That’s a really depressing part about being Jewish – watching everyone dress up and go to church. Luckily, none of our friends are Jewish, so the boys always got to participate in Easter egg hunts, and got Easter baskets. They might have been a tad confused, though. Our friends the Malloys have a video of Alex singing an “Easter song” at their house for Easter dinner. The song was “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. Sigh. Our children are religiously confused, and dumb.

  11. Mindy

    Love the outfits! And the kids growing before my eyes is fun. Let me tell ya, the Easter Bunny came after church when I was growing up. Maybe he visited while we were in church. I am very certain we did not have chocolate and sugar before church. As for now…no special outfit. No hat. Just go and celebrate the resurrection. Good stuff. *smile* ~Mindy

  12. Sarah@ Life in the Parsonage

    I’m lazy about Easter clothes…maybe it’s because I have boys. I think I’m wearing the same dress I did last year. Our spring here still looks like winter, which makes all the cute spring attire hard to swallow…just reminds us how cold it still is 🙂 But it is coming!

  13. Pilar Stark

    I always did, while we were at the States, but I always did dress up (and so my girls) to go to church. But here in Spain people come so casual to church that I feel funny dressing up so much. People here looks at us on Sunday morning and think we are going to a wedding or something 🙂 And I think I am pulling out a casual/dressy outfit :)… imagine if I was dressing up :)ha!


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