Easter Bunny: Fact or Fiction

I was going to attempt a relatively serious discussion today about a very relevant topic – The Easter Bunny.  However, things slid downhill faster than my car without brakes when I Googled legend of the Easter Bunny.

You’ll never guess what I learned.  Brace yourselves.

The Easter Bunny is an anthropomorphic rabbit.  Shocking, isn’t it!

Anthorpomorphic?  I didn’t realize the Easter bunny suffered from an incapacitating fear.  He probably drops a fortune in his shrink’s office.  I wonder if he pays in chocolate?  I was convinced anthropomorphia had to be a disease of mind or body.  Sometimes I’m so ignorant, I wonder how I function in life. 

I’m happy to report the Easter Bunny is not contagious.  In fact, he’s disease free (for this year anyway).

Back to our discussion. 

Have you introduced your children to the Easter Bunny or are you anti-bunny?

I realize many parents do not like to lie to their children or foster false notions in their impressionable minds.  I applaud and respect these parents; however, I’m apparently not so honest.

Each year the Easter bunny drops off a basket for each child filled with all the candy I love.  How considerate of him.  We also have an Easter Egg hunt each year.  I’d like to skip this tradition, but FringeBoy likes tradition.  He thrives on tradition.  As a toddler he’d cry for the same cup every morning.  In order to avoid a holiday meltdown, we hunt for eggs.

For our family this does not detract from the true meaning of Easter.  The celebration of the resurrection takes center stage in our home.  Bunnies, eggs, and yes, even chocolate take a back seat to the One who conquered death and the grave.

What Easter traditions do you celebrate?  Please tell us if you hate the Easter Bunny, you wish he would choke on a carrot, or you think peeps are of the devil.

I want to know.


16 thoughts on “Easter Bunny: Fact or Fiction

  1. Debbie York

    Reading Erin’s comment reminded me of another lovely spring tradition…mowing over boiled Easter eggs one month later. Lovely, just a lovely smell! Debbie

  2. Jeannie

    How funny. Just the other day we went to Target and decided to toast our Peeps over the stove. They were very tasty….

  3. Erin

    OH, Peeps are of the devil, to be sure, but we still have them. And yes, the Easter Bunny visits every year and leaves treats hiding, eggs hiding, a couple spring gifts hiding…and I find many for weeks to come. Yum. Much to the bunny’s chagrin, he also pulls out our fifty pound concrete bunny and puts him staring in our patio door every Easter morning. At least this year he’s not frozen into the ground!

  4. Nikki

    EAster was much more fun as a kid or when I had kids…it was filled with chocolate and jelly beans. Now…not so much…I just feel guilty buying it for myself. But I still ♥ the furry guy with the long ears!

  5. Debbie York

    OK, first what’s with the fancy word…had to go look that up, thank you very much! I don’t like having to think first thing in the morning.
    Second, the Easter Bunny is second only to Santa around here. I grew up getting a basket on Easter morning and I carried it on with my children and now with the grandkids.
    I gather the stuff myself and take a lot of time picking out just the right things to go in it. I didn’t buy my kids toys, etc. at the drop of the hat, so they really looked forward to special occasions for gifts. In fact, they still expect a little something on Easter!
    I love Easter for all the right reasons. I am reborn because He died and rose again. I will never take that for granted.

  6. JanMary, N Ireland

    No Easter bunnies here at all – not a UK/irish tradition.

    No easter baskets either – usually just a chocolate egg (hopefully Cadbury’s) for each of the kids from the Grandparents, and maybe a small one from their teacher. We offer to buy our kids an egg each, or let them spend the money on something a bit more long lasting!

    We do try to make it about the real reason for Easter.

    A tradition here is to roll hard boiled eggs (decorated if you wish) down a hill – do you do that?

    If we get too much chocolate, we melt it down and bake with it after Easter.

    We do have Santa and the tooth fairy though.

  7. Kristina

    Since I haven’t lived at home in many years, and we don’t have kids, we really don’t do anything. Maybe this year, I’ll dress up like the Easter Bunny and just hop around the house.

  8. Cher

    My kids never believed in the bunny or in Santa or in the tooth fairy, probably because I was never taught to believe in them. Hmmm, guess THAT’S our tradition!

    The Texas Woman

  9. David

    In my family, the Easter Bunny was one of those things that everyone played along with but knew wasn’t true. After all, we colored our own eggs. And then these very same eggs were hidden by the “Easter Bunny” right before we went out to find them. Hello? I don’t remember ever actually believing in the Easter Bunny. But I do remember eating hard boiled eggs on the porch steps with a little salt sprinkled on top. I doubt my kids ever actually believed in the Easter Bunny either. And we didn’t go too far out of our way to foster the myth.

  10. Jo@Mylestones

    Peeps are from the devil. But Reeses Cups? HEAVENLY.
    My MIL goes a little crazy with the Easter baskets for the kids, and I go along with it. As long as she remembers to add in a few bars of dark chocolate for me.

  11. robinaltman

    We go over our non-Jewish friends’ houses and scam dinner. If no one invites us, (which I’m happy to say has never happened), we’ll do what Jews everywhere do on Christian holidays. A movie and Chinese food.

  12. Mama Belle

    We never told our children that the Easter bunny brought their Easter baskets. It just never came up. They’ve heard about it, but don’t believe it.

    Now, Santa, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

    I don’t think these things take away from the true meaning of either holiday. But, yes, Peeps are of the devil, but because of the calories and sugar, not the meaning.

  13. Mom

    Nothing wrong with a little tradition. As long as the true Easter story is told and believed, the Easter Bunny can hop through my room and leave some chocolate.
    I confess—last week I bought Peeps at lunch time and ate the whole box!


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