What I’m Learning about Faith

Early one sunny afternoon, a black Jeep pulled into my driveway.  I thought it was my sister-in-law.  Assuming she’d gotten out of work early, I jumped up excited over the unexpected visit and ran to the door just as a middle-aged man stepped from the Jeep.  He wore a green Albertson’s shirt.


Suspiciously I opened the door and stepped across the threshold.  “Hi,” said the young man.  “Someone called our store last night and ordered $100 worth of groceries.  They asked me to deliver them.  Can I bring them in?”


Can You Bring Them In????  My surprised brain screamed this question.  Thoughts of relief, love, and appreciation swam wildly through my mind.  With tears beginning to trickle down my face and my voice filling with a chuckle, I managed to say “Of course.  Thank you!”


After lugging in my groceries, the happy Albertson’s man assured me that the person who’d purchased two weeks worth of groceries for my family had no desire to be revealed.  He’d been sworn to secrecy. 


I already knew…it was God.


The previous afternoon, I had packed my two preschool age children into the car and began my trek to Wal-Mart.  Armed with my last ten dollars and scheming a way to purchase fifty dollars worth of groceries with my ten, I sped along.  Silently I ran down my checklist of needed items. 


My husband was a full-time student in Bible college, on his way to becoming a pastor.  He and I were both working, but our family was in a personal economic crises.  We were doing God’s will, obeying His Word, and yet life had become a daily struggle.  It was then that God reminded me that He is my father and would not only provide for my every need, but WANTED to provide if I would just give Him opportunity. 


An audio sermon my friend had loaned me played repeatedly in my mind.  The message that we must have faith, that God is our provider, and that we rob God of the opportunity to provide for us when we run out and use credit plagued me.  I could not escape the thought that I was disobeying God with my lack of faith.  If only I could silence conviction like I could silence my radio!


It was almost as if the Lord were speaking to me audibly.  My senses were so in-tune with the Spirit that I had to turn the car around and go home.  This was my crossroad.  Either I would obey the Spirit or choose to provide for myself, even if my own provisions were inadequate. 


Pulling into the nearest parking lot to make a u-turn, my son began his endless flow of questions.  “I thought we were going to Wal-Mart…what are we going to eat for dinner…why are we turning around…I want my Wal-Mart cookie.”  How could I attempt to explain the lessons God was teaching me about faith?  Cowardly, I did not try to explain.


I did, however, choose to obey God and without coincidence, the very next afternoon the Lord sent the groceries to my home.


The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


What I am learning about faith is that it is often a choice.  Am I going to choose to trust Christ and take God at His word or am I going to rely on myself, my government, and those things that are tangible?  My life in Christ is becoming a walk of faith, completely trusting the only one who is completely trustworthy.  God is teaching me that ”without faith it is impossible to please him.” (Hebrews 11:6)


In our present day of economic turmoil, global financial crisis, and personal loss, I know without a doubt that God does own the cattle on a thousand hills.  I know that He will provide for my present and future because I’ve seen Him provide in my past.  I know that when my faith is small and I doubt my own ability to trust, it is then that I must choose to obey. 


I must choose to live by Faith.



I’ve got intermittent internet this week, so that’s why I’m pretty much missing in action.  I’ll catch-up with everyone this weekend.  Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful week.





27 thoughts on “What I’m Learning about Faith

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  4. Stonefox

    FringeGirl, I guess it is obvious that I have been swamped and unable to do much blogging. But this post was absolutely worth the time to read and comment. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It is encouraging and an exhortation to keep believing, no matter how we are coming up short. He is faithful and rich in every good gift! Thanks for nudging me over here!

  5. mylestones

    Growing up, we were in a similar boat. I remember my mom doing the happy dance one day when groceries arrived mysteriously on our doorstep. The best story, though, was when we only had $5 to spend on a Christmas tree. My mom took all four of us to Kroger and even though we knew we had a $5 limit, we still skipped around the lot choosing the “best one ever!”. My mom tried to manage our expectations, saying that surely we’d never be able to afford that one. The manager came over as she was doing this and said, “This tree? Why I think its only $5 today!” Mom was quick to give God the credit for His provision, and that lesson of His provision stuck with me.
    Thanks for sharing–We serve a good, faithful God!

  6. Erin

    Fringegirl, sometimes I wish I had faith such as yours. But really, when I get down to it, dissolve the words, it’s there just under a different name. Nice post.

  7. Jen

    That is an awesome story! I feel like living for so many years as a missionary, I should have the faith thing down pat, but it’s always a lesson when things come up. I had a similar experience once. When we lived in CT, I went to the store to buy groceries. Getting up there, my card was denied. Humiliated, I asked them to leave the groceries in the cart. I went home, crying. About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. A really friend of ours, who was actually visiting in town, said he felt like God wanted him to give us this. He stuck out his hand and in it was the exact amount of the groceries! God is so good!

  8. Nikki

    I had a very similar thing happen to me and my kids when they were very young and I was divorced. In our church we believe in paying a tithing of 10% to the church…and are told that we will receive blessings…in fact the term sometimes used is “the windows of heaven will be opened to you”. After my divorce we were just barely squeezing by…there were many nights we ate cheerios for dinner…and my kids were intimately familiar with Macaroni and cheese and Ramen noodles. Christmas was coming and my car needed repair work. And my ex-husband was nowhere to be found and hadn’t paid any child support for over a year. I remember calling my mom and crying about how I didn’t know how much longer we could hold on. That it was getting impossible to feed my kids. My mother (who is a religious person too) said. I think just this once you should skip the tithing and use it to buy groceries…I’m sure God will understand”. I remember thinking that it was the first time I think my mom was actually wrong about something. So I got on my knees and prayed…reminding God that I had done my part in paying the tithing…and that it would sure be great if he could just open up one of those heavenly windows for just a little bit From that day forward our lives changed. He heard my prayer and opens those windows wide. And from that day forward money has not been an issue for my family. I have complete faith that if you do what the Lord commands…he will see to it that your are blessed with the things you need. Thanks for this beautiful post…and sorry I rambled on so long!

  9. Tami

    Thanks for this post. I need to be reminded of this every now and then. Beautifully written.

    I also received my book. I love it already. Thank you.

  10. Mom

    I am posting this through tears in my eyes. I too have experienced God’s blessings in the past few weeks. He worked through my brother who allowed me to move in with him while I was unemployed.
    A few weeks ago as I prepared to go to Wal Mart to work the early morning shift, I sat and read my Bible. I was in Job (go figure—I read Job while I was in my gloomiest period) and God impressed on my heart to “be patient like Job”. All day I repeated that and told God I would continue to trust Him and be patient.
    That afternoon, I received a call from an office I never submitted a resume to and got a full time job with all the benefits I needed!!!

  11. caprik

    I LOVE this post!
    It reminds me of th 4Him song
    “I am walking by faith and not by sight, I am trusting in invisible things. I have felt in my heart what I can’t see with my eyes, the truth is living inside if me. I’ve been set free, and that’s all the evidence I need.”

    Walk ON!

  12. Debbie York

    A beautiful testimony of how faith works just that simply, although at the time it seems hard. When Jenn went into the hospital, my mind went in every direction. There was so much going on in my own life that I couldn’t focus on her. God simply removed the chaos and I could feel it when He did. I was able to help her by not having to deal with my own petty needs. I just had to step out of the boat and trust that He would handle the rest. Thank you for this post and for reminding me not to get in the way of His work.

  13. Leslie

    Tricia…It seems God gives us things right when we need them. And it happened to me today when I read your post. We do need to have faith in Him, even in times where it seems impossible. Thank you for your never ending faith in Him and for your words. Miss you guys!

  14. David

    I’m having a hard time today keeping my eyes on God and off of my circumstances. Thank you for posting this, Tricia. Just so you know, God is working through you today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  15. Mindy

    Wow. Wow again. You have no idea how much this refresher was needed today. Thank you for not only sharing your life, but your faith with us. A big thanks, Tricia, I needed that! I choose not to rob God today. ~Mindy


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