Surviving Spring: A Quirky Mom’s Guide

Friday’s Spotlight is a little late this week and I apologize.  Instead of the usual questions and answers, we will enjoy guest posts for the next several Fridays. 

Today I’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth from Three Channels.  She is a stay-at-home mom of three and an “accidental” homeschooler.  The “accidental” is her word, not mine.  She always has fun posts on her blog and I know she’d love some company, so go visit!


Enjoy Surviving Spring: A Quirky Mom’s Guide.


 No sooner than the daffodils pop through soaked earth and empty bird shells litter the ground, everyone in my family senses Spring’s beginnings and a certain restless energy brims.  My children grow ready to shed their shoes and live outdoors.  Honestly, after a winter of rainy cold, I’m ready for them to go! 


One of the most magical aspects of Spring is the return of bugs!  Earthworms emerge from rained ground and strain all over the patio.  What could be more thrilling than saving those soil-enriching  creatures from either a flood or sizzling pavement?  Yesterday alone my children spent 30 minutes observing a drowsy (or perhaps dying?) bumble bee floppily flounder in a pile of rocks.  To  this end, I always stock up on inexpensive bug carriers, bug lights, bug vacuums, and bug-catching nets at my local dollar store. 


I have also found that most children can spend hours with a cheap spray bottle filled with water.  I buy these by the dozen, fill them up, and set my children free in the back yard to spray everything in sight!  Spring also heralds the advent of all types of outdoor sports.  If  you are the mother of more than one child, that can mean competing practice and game schedules that might render you shuttling  countless children back and forth from baseball fields to soccer  practice, your van or car brimming with cleats, bat bags, water  bottles and snack wrappers.  I simply love it when two children need to be at separate fields across town at the same time!  (That is usually the day I realize, too late, that it was my day to bring the game snacks.)


I am certainly no matron of organization, but I do like to keep  several items on hand that simplify what can be a grueling schedule!  The first is a pair of flip-flops in a neutral color that preferably two or more children could wear in a pinch.  Because my children believe Spring means shoes are optional, I can’t tell you how many times we show up at a brother’s baseball game only to find someone is shoeless.  Having these “shoe stand-ins” can certainly relieve some stress!  We  actually keep two pair, and yes, there have been times that we could only find one of each color so the hapless child went to the event with one green and one black flip flop.  It certainly could be worse!

In this same vein, I also keep several t-shirts and pairs of shorts in various sizes floating about the van.  Someone is certain to suffer a nosebleed, slip in mud, loll in ketchup or any number of clothes-ruining activities.  Having an extra set of clothes also eliminates some of this stress.  Do you turn around to find ice cream rivulets running down your child’s dress five minutes before you are supposed to work the baseball concession stand?  Never fear–grab a clean t-shirt and go!


Spring is a time of mud and messes, newness and life.  Yet Spring’s busy energy will soon give way to Summer’s lazier, languid freedom, and when that happens, there is truly no need for shoes!


Do you have any Spring-surviving tips?  Please share them in the comments and I’ll compile another list!


Thank you Elizabeth! 

Visit Three Channels HERE.


7 thoughts on “Surviving Spring: A Quirky Mom’s Guide

  1. Nikki

    I think the spray bottle idea is a good one. I bet it keeps them busy! And I gotta say I agree…once spring hits…no shoes are necessary! I just wish my boss was on board with that concept!

  2. robinaltman

    Great ideas, Elizabeth! They brought back a lot of fun memories! My nit wits are teenagers now, so the days of squirting stuff are gone, but I remember them fondly. If my boys squirted stuff with squirt bottles at this point in their lives, I’d have to arrange for special school. Maybe a Developmental Pediatrician would help, too.

  3. Sara Sweet Surprise

    I’ve been on a blogging break a medical hiatus. So now…I’m catching up, by enjoying a stroll through the posts I’ve missed. Luckily, I bookmarked you in my favs.

    We’ve only had real sunshine for a day…So, I’ll have to rely on memory for ideas….which isn’t promising, since we’re dealing with Menopause recall. Slow and vague. Here it goes… The key… keep the kids busy, until they drop with contented exhaustion! Water balloon battles, sidewalk chalk art, flower collages, Sandra Lees jello suckers, Hmmm better yet buy Steve Spanglers (the science guy) book and that will take you clear through fall…or just run the videos from the Ellen Degeneres show.
    Good luck and may the (estrogen) force be with you!

    Come by for a visit, the company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

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  5. Erin

    You’ve great ideas and shame me ’cause really (kicking soil with toe) we just go by the seat of our pants. The only thing I have to remember to pack is a big fat ole bag of patience ’cause spring changes everything. Kids will be dirty, toys will be all disarray and life will be better…as long as I’ve that patience along.


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