A Spa Day, Sorta

Recently FringeKid and I decided we needed a makeover, so we did what all good Long Island women do – we had ourselves a spa day.  Except (trouble naturally accompanies that word) I’m jobless and subsequently broke most of the time.  I’m happy to report that I did just receive a chunk of change for adding a small text add to my sidebar.  I’m sure I should frame my first dollar earned from blogging, but truth be told, Target is going to get that dollar before too long.

Anyway, spas require payment, so we decided to give each other complimentary facials and hairdos.

I’m not one of those slightly freakish…Can a person be only slightly freakish?  …slightly freakish pageant moms who spray a tan on their 4 year old and parade her little baby body around in a bikini, Dolly Parton hair, and false lashes. 

If you happen to be one of these ‘slightly’ freakish moms, no offense intended.  We all have our opinions, don’t we?

Now that I’ve made enemies, I’ll say that playing dress-up is just plain fun for a kid.  What little girl doesn’t want to get into her mommy’s makeup?  It’s all fun and games and gets sloshed down the drain after playtime is over.


Notice our pile of archaic audio-video equipment in the ‘entertainment center’?  Only recently have we graduated from rabbit ears.  Pathetic, I tell ya.


When the makeup switched hands, I started to sweat.  It’s as if she were painting the Momma Lisa.  FringeKid was intent on creating the perfect look for her mother.

The Momma Lisa

The Momma Lisa

Pageant material?


20 thoughts on “A Spa Day, Sorta

  1. Merryheart

    Okay, I admit it. I’ve been a lurker for too long now. I love your blogs! This one really made me smile. My EagleGirl is 16 but she has never shown any interest in makeup. She claims she can’t tell any difference when I have it on. Not sure if that’s a compliment….

  2. Cher

    FringeKid looks so great I’m officially changing her name to FringeSweetie! You…not so much! Kidding. Your mom looks…a…er…great, FringeSweetie!

    The Texas Woman

  3. Pilar Stark

    Too funny. I got my girls’ make up done sometimes. We do the toe nails and nails too.. to fun. Everytime my hubby get a heart attack…I tell ya.
    I do have to say though that I have never been brave enough to let them do mine… it sounds like fun though. I always let them do my hair, it can hurt at times, but overall so relaxing 🙂

  4. Debbie York

    Girl, it is so you! The ladies at church are going to just love the “new” you and Fringegirl will just love you forever because of what y’all created…a beautiful memory! I love it.

  5. Nina in Portugal

    What fun!

    I think your daughter has talent! You look pretty good!

    I’ve recently been contacted about a text ad on my blog too. Thought it was a hoax. Email me and tell me a little about it please.


    Happy Hump day!

  6. Janna Qualman

    Such a great things to do with daughters! I’ll certainly do it when mine are a bit older.

    And you did the text ad thing? Someone contacted me about that recently, and I was hesitant. Wasn’t sure if it was legitimate. Yours went off without a hitch?


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