Look Up!

 I’m excited today!  It’s Friday and I have a treat for you.  Today’s spotlight is on Erin from Woman In A Window.  Woman In A Window is one of my favorite blogs and if you haven’t read it, you must.

Erin is an extremely talented writer.  She uses her words to capture your soul and lure you into her world. She’s also an amazing photographer.  With each post she not only paints pictures with her words, but also with her camera.  Her photographs are like the icing on the cake – good, buttery icing.  The kind that makes your hips swell in delight.

When you visit Woman In A Window, you’ll leave marked in some way.  You’ll have something to think on because Erin gets deep.  It’s not just another blog about daily life, it’s about the very essence of life itself.  Erin causes me to look inward and she’s not afraid to bare her soul.

I count it a real treat to have her as a guest on the domestic fringe.  Enjoy looking up today!


What’s spring anyway, if not a new fresh start?

And it’s not a rich town. In fact, it’s pretty poor. The playground is a shambles. Kids don’t have a lot to do. Lots of trash and debris around. Not a lot of work to be had. Men hanging out at the stoops of boarded up stores. You know, the more I write about it, I wonder what the heck we’re doing here, but I know my neighbours. They know me. I get a courteous nod from strangers. A helpful hand when we need it. The kids can run out our door with a hammer and nails and build a tree house while I rest at my sink with suds to the elbow watching. Small town. Where else would we want to be?

I walk around my small town a lot. When I say it’s small, it’s very small. We have one grocery store, a couple corner stores, a hardware store and a gas station. That’s about it. It takes me forty minutes to walk the whole darned thing. We’re not annexed onto anything. There’s really no bigger center just over there. This is it. We’re it. If you need new socks you’re gonna go without.

 So I was walking around the other day, tired with the long drawn out process of saying good-bye to winter (it only leaves us in April up here in Northern Ontario) and kicking at all the trash and crap that litters our streets. I was thinking, Ugly Town, ugly, crappy, dingy town. I passed by a store front turned house, that I pass by a dozen of times every day, a dozen times every week for the last five years. And the breeze was warm and I lifted my face to meet it and I opened my eyes. Sometimes you need to look up. Sometimes you need to take a fresh look.

 Look up, Erin, I tell myself. Look up.

It’s amazing how long you can walk without looking up. You can walk days, weeks, years without really looking up. Oh ya, a sideways glance, face turned from the wind, but what do we really see? Sometimes in life, there are left over snow banks dirty and brown, there are bits of refuse, there’s stinky stuff. Sometimes you have to look harder than others, but it’s there to be seen if you care to really look up. It’s beautiful, even the ugly, crappy, dingy stuff. It is beautiful if you really care to look up.


 Here’s that old store front. Imagine what these curtains have witnessed.


Another old remnant in a faltering business. Shoulda been a Coke sign.


We’ve a curious local artist that has metalwork art around town. This bird is housed on a metal tree which never seemed pretty to me before today.


A polarizer can sure make a sky surreal!


Even a simple dove cuts the frame perfectly.



A new perspective on up can almost makes day seem like night.



 A happy house still chugging smoke in April!


Makes you wanna climb, doesn’t it?


And after all that looking up, even looking down and seeing the vestiges of last winter, an iced over puddle I purposely stomped, well, looking down seems new now too, after all that looking up. 


Thank you Erin!  I needed to be reminded to look up today. 

Go visit Woman In A Window.



22 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. kikit

    I’ve just discovered Erin and I enjoy her posts as much as you do. Thanks for letting others know about her. 🙂 Below is my comment on this post.

    Very nice Erin! I walk every day to the station and I sometimes forget to look up. When we look up, we tend to concentrate more on the present. When we look down, we are so occupied with our own thoughts we can’t enjoy the moment.

    Great pictures too! 🙂

  2. robinaltman

    That was so cool. I’ve never read (or seen) a blog entry quite like it. Erin is really cool, and I look forward to more visits to her blog. Thanks, FringeGirl!

  3. rick

    I’ve never enjoyed a walk through a small northern town more. The telling was like a cool whisper with a point here and there. The pics are stunning. Such great capture of colours. I always enjoy spying that woman up in the window. You wonder of her story. Fringe-girl, I think you’ve chosen wisely. ~rick

  4. spread your wings

    i visit Erin often and i love being absorbed into her words, but this is a new perspective on her world that i have not seen. enjoyed this and now i have found a new blog to visit as well.

  5. moannie

    It makes my heart sing when I see how Erin is loved and respected.
    She is rare writer in that she does not keep her words secret, close to her, saving them for the great novel she is going to write one day-but scatters them to the far corners of blogland for anyone to read, enjoy and feel her warmth.
    Erin has a gift for prose that sings. Every post is a gift she gives.

  6. Suldog

    Lovely. It’s all in one’s perspective, isn’t it? I especially liked the mourning dove, because the other day I knew Spring had arrived when I heard that peculiar sound made by one of them lifting off the ground and flying.

  7. Mindy

    Ahhh…another great Erin read. I often have to slow down to digest Erin. There is no “let me read Erin real quick”. She requires that I slow down and become a part of her world. And I absolutely love slowing down. I need that. Erin teaches me a lot about me and about her. Thanks for sharing her today, Tricia! ~Mindy


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