I’m the kind of mother teacher’s must hate.  First I must exonerate myself from your evil thoughts.  I am not annoying to the teachers.  I don’t phone three times a week, send emails, or write lengthy letters.  I always support their decisions in the classroom and encourage my children to obey. 

I’m no classroom angel though.  I just can’t keep the paperwork straight.  Daily my children each come home with a folder stuffed fuller than any Thanksgiving turkey and often there are those little permission slips that need to be signed and returned.  Sometimes there are reminder notes to forgetful parents like me that tell us when library books are due, the recorder must be brought to school, or the subtraction flashcards need to be returned.

My problem is that all of these dates swim around in my mind and end up beached on the wrong shore.  I just forget to send those blasted flashcards back to school on Fridays.  I can’t seem to help it!

You’ve read about the WANTED signs hanging in libraries nationwide.  They’ve got my picture on them.

I wish I could say these are new problems caused by stress, Spring fever, or too many M&M’s, but in all honesty I cannot. 

As a child I forgot my lunch at least three times a week and left every sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, and plastic bag that could be morphed into outwear hanging on my little peg in the classroom.  By Friday, my peg was pulling from the wall and spilling my jackets into a warm puddle on the floor.

Seriously, I would have looked malnourished if my grandfather hadn’t run my lunch to school everyday.

When leaving the house now, I must return at least once to fetch something I’ve forgotten.  How can I be so scatterbrained? 

Maybe I’ve got adult ADD.  Tell me I do.  I need an excuse.



16 thoughts on “ScatterBrained

  1. Sympathizer

    There are actually quite a few things about what you describe that make me think you should get checked out for adult ADD.
    Ex: “As a child I forgot my lunch at least three times a week and left every sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, and plastic bag that could be morphed into outwear hanging on my little peg in the classroom. By Friday, my peg was pulling from the wall and spilling my jackets into a warm puddle on the floor.”
    Ex: the eating m&ms thing, sugar + chocolate from caffeine might be a way your mind is trying to compensate for your lack of neurotransmitters and keep itself amped enough to think

    The responses to your post are classic. “Oh, it’s hard for everyone.” Well, the truth of the matter is reading those makes you kinda sick, right? Bc deep down you feel either, no, something is not right, this is different OR I must just be really pathetic that I can’t deal with things better. Well, don’t ignore the former–it’s your instinct, and if you have ADD it is probably working at a faster speed than most peoples. Did you know people with ADD have a more active subconscious mind than others? Their brain waves during the day often look more like they’re asleep than awake. When you sleep your brain tries to sort things out on its own. Maybe that is what is actually happening here with you writing this. I would recommend you go to here to see what a Yale prof thinks

    I also just read another WordPress blog about the subject here

    It’s a complicated illness (see other blog for explanation of the biochemistry).

    Then, this is a great resource, this lady Kathleen Nadeau writes a lot about women and ADD.

  2. robinaltman

    Moms just have too darn much to do! It’s hard to keep track of everything. I think schools have become a bit unreasonable about what’s expected from parents. “Math folders on Tuesdays, recorders to school on ‘E’ days, reading record on Fridays. . .” It simply gets silly.

  3. Erin

    I’ll tell you what. My kid’s school employs an agenda. It’s a communication book between parent and teacher every day, every grade. Every special day, event, lunch, assignment…I would be lost without it. Even with it, I get a little lost.

    You are not alone!

  4. Mom

    I was getting ready to remind you about your lunch, and coats and sweaters when I scrolled down and saw your confession.
    You were always a little forgetful and scattered brained but I have always loved you just the way you are.
    I often have to return back into the house and office because I always leave my coffee mug behind.

  5. JanMary, N Ireland

    I am TRYING a new system:

    3 clipboards in different colours – one for each child.

    All pending notes relating to each child get attached to appropriate clip board. When notes are signed and ready, they get inserted into kids’ school bags. I regularily (ahem!) go through clipboards checking everything that is outstanding.

    Is sort of working for me, and in my new kitchen, I will have a 3 part magazine-rack-wall-thing (from Ikea) attached to my wall.

    Will let you know if it works.

  6. Pilar Stark

    My girls (especially my oldest) don’t let me forget about these kind of things. They go after me until I get it done.

    But,if it doesn’t have to do with the girls I put it in my planner or I WILL forget. I put everything there. I use the excuse that my constant headaches are messing up my memory expand…

  7. Nina in Portugal

    I’m scatter brained too. But if you want me to call you ADD, I will.

    Get this….my daughter came home for lunch and told me that her teacher said one of my chocolate chip cookies sounded really good. So what did I do during the lunch break?? Yep…..baked cookies!

    I believe teachers need to feel appreciated. The ones here in Portugal put up with ALOT!—-A lot more than scatter brained moms…..which we ALL ARE!

  8. Cher

    Teachers come. Teachers go, a fact that happens every year. But the children stay forever…and ever…and ever! And THEY love you!

    The Texas Woman


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