My Fishbowl Life

I live in a house with a lot of windows and I love windows!  The first thing that I do in the morning is to open the blinds on the two windows above my kitchen sink.  I need light almost more than I need coffee. 

My living room is flanked with a bay window that is the literal view into my world.  I live on a main street with lots of traffic and there happens to be a stop sign on the cross road that sits right outside my window.  Since I’m a lover of light, I have my blinds wide open more often than not.  This is both good and bad. 

This window is good because I can enjoy lots of natural light, watch my son while he waits for the school bus each morning, and wave to the mailman as he fills my box.  Notice I haven’t mentioned spying on the neighbors?  This benefit bites me in the butt.

While I’m standing, bathrobe clad in my kitchen, inhaling the steam rising from my coffee cup, people honk and wave to me.  They know when I have dirty dishes piled on my counter, when my kids have thrown all the couch cushions on the floor, and when I haven’t plucked my eyebrows!  

Ok, I don’t think they can really see my eyebrows that well, but you get my point – NO PRIVACY.

Thankfully I’m not such a private person.  I know that’s a shocker for those of you who read my blog everyday.  The fact that all my husband’s parishioners can wave to me before I’ve brushed my teeth in the morning doesn’t really bother me, not like it would some.  However, I will say that it is a dream of mine to live in a house that doesn’t require the use of mini blinds.  

My main reason for loathing mini blinds is pure laziness.  I hate cleaning them!  I really mean HAAAATE!!!!

As far as I know, there is no good way to clean a mini blind.  If you’re in the know, please share your domestic secrets.  My neighbors will appreciate the fact that I’ve cleaned my blinds.  The dust won’t fuzzy up their clear view of my breakfast table.

My question:  How private a person are you?  Would you flip out if you had drive-by wavers in the morning?  Or are you like a reality show minus the fame and paychecks? 

I think I fall into the reality show category, but I’m still hoping for the fame and pay.

Swimming in my fishbowl,


22 thoughts on “My Fishbowl Life

  1. Mindy

    I am so behind on your blog! Sorry! I can’t believe David hasn’t responded to this one. He’s busy, too, actually. So, me? No blinds in my house. Don’t need ’em. I live on 5 wooded acres. I figure if someone sees me, then they are working hard at it, and they deserve whatever they see! haha David? Unless I open the blinds, they remain closed 24/7. Very depressing to me. And the man has a view of the lake, his pool, a cow pasture. A beautiful view! Bless his heart. ~Mindy

  2. Amber

    I am pretty much the same. I have A LOT of windows in my place and I open all the curtains early in the morning. I also don’t have blinds not because I don’t want to clean them but because I hate them. I only have curtains. Well lined ones of course with sheers behind to let light in. But anyway, I am NOT a private person at all and many-a-time I have been in my PJ’s and seen people passing by. I have never been modest though. 😀

  3. Nina in Portugal

    I’m certainly living in a reality show…minus the paycheck!

    We have these cool outside blinds on the windows here in Portugal. I may have to do a post describing these fantastic creations one day.

    If I were you I’d throw them (blinds) all away and go to Wal-Mart and buy replacements. Or I’d put up a rod with easy pull back curtains. Wah-la!

  4. Blond Duck

    You would think I’m a total extrovert, but I’m pretty private. Like I’m the type of person who gets crazy ideas like spinning in the rain or swinging at a playground and dances on tables without alcohol just for giggles and fun, but waving at me through my house freaks me out. At work, I snarl if people pop down at my desk to chat or look over my shoulder. I’m a bit odd.

  5. Rachel

    I do like my privacy, but considering we live in a seminary apartment building* I don’t get a whole lot of it. I guess it’s just preparing me for the real ministry days ahead. 🙂

    *means revolving door on all homes.

  6. Domestically Challenged

    I’d freak out. I mean, I don’t have any blinds, but I live out in the country, and the people who drive by are often going 70 mph, so if they see anything harmful to their health, it is only for a second!!

  7. TCKK

    I love the sunlight too and when I’m home during the day (which isn’t often) I have the blinds in the main part of the house open. I live in a small subdivision and the house is far enough off the road I don’t worry too much about people seeing in. Although, we have a lot of people who walk in our subdivision and if they do what I do (look in everyone’s windows when I walk by), I maybe ought to rethink the thing about them not seeing much. lol If I lived in a house like yours I’d probably keep them closed until the house was picked up and I was dressed. I guess I am a little more private!

  8. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    Charlie and I love light. And Charlie especially despises curtains. So it’s good that we live surrounded by woods.

    But I think that even living in town, I’d be a lot like you though. I have no intention of being inappropriate. But I like the mental image of a sitcom family. That’d be us. Eating, cooking, watching TV in front of a window.

  9. Sarah@ Life in the Parsonage

    I’m like you. I love living in town, and it doesn’t bother me if everyone knows my business. Our windows are the same way too. Sometimes I forget that they can see in as well as I can see out 😉

    In ministry, it would be a long hard road if privacy was super important…especially living 27 steps from the church 😉

    What a great post, as always!

  10. Erin

    It’s funny, I’m a private person BUT (big but) if someone chance’s a look, a wave, a hello that is fine too. We have no blinds. Our curtains are short. We eat in front of our patio doors. We can pretty much be seen at all times. We’re kinda like a sitcom family, all on one side of the table so all can be seen. No big whoop.

  11. Hat Chick

    Private in the front (especially after one of my neighbors informed me that she hated my new curtains because she couldn’t see when I was making supper), but open in the back. If someone climbs the 7′ fence to peer over, they deserve the eye-full they’re gonna get.

  12. Carin

    I know I would freak out and probably go hide =) Since we moved it’s been an adjustment. We went to having no neighbors to being in a condo while we rent. adjustments in deed.

    As far as the blinds, I’ve found that mini blinds just didn’t clean up well but I put up a few 2″ wood blinds and they wipe off VERY easy, plus there are less slats on those two inchers = less to clean!

  13. Evergreen

    I fall into the “private person” category. As far as cleaning blinds, dump them in the bathtub with soapy water and let them soak. If they’re not too grungy, a simple wipe down usually removes the dirt. Lay them out to dry for a little bit, then you are good to go!

  14. Janna Qualman

    I think this shows how down-to-earth and relatable you are. Who wouldn’t love that?

    I’d be a little more skittish. Especially first thing in the morning, but I admire you your ease!

  15. caprik

    I don’t think I am ultra private. I leave the blinds open in the living areas, even at night. But I do close them in the bedrooms, as a courtesy to the neighbors!

    As far as cleaning them, the only way I will do it is with an attatchment on my vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, ditto Debbie York!

  16. Debbie York

    I tried the whole no curtain thing myself…all my neighbors took up a collection and bought me shades! I have found the easiest way to clean them is just buy new ones.

  17. Pam

    Our home sits off a the road and is fairly private so I really don’t have to worry about privacy unless someone is actually coming up the drive. My house would probably stay tidier otherwise!

  18. robinaltman

    I am very anti-private. I couldn’t care less about showing people my grungy side. I take a perverse pleasure in it. I go to the grocery store after the gym all sweaty and smelly, and see everyone I know in town. Oh, well. Life’s too short. Am I supposed to run home and shower? I think not!

  19. Kristina

    Hmmmm. My neighbors across the parking lot apparently really hate privacy, and love to have sex in front of the window. It’s awesome.

    Me? Not so much.


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