Public Service Post

I am writing this post as a public service act.  You will be glad you are you by the end of it. 

Do you know what I was doing at 3 this morning? 

No, I was not snoring soundly in bed, not dreaming of wild flowers and sunshine, and definitely not basking in the feathery down of my pillow.

I was shaving the calloused skin off the bottom of my feet.  I have one of those nifty hand-held devices with a little razor that neatly shaves your cracked, dry feet layer by layer until a pile of discarded skin litters the floor beneath your piggies.  I almost took a picture of my feet, but then I reminded myself – “Boundaries FringeGirl.  You must maintain some boundaries.”

Hence, no pictures.

The logical question is why?  Why 3 am?  Why not wait for sunrise and stop by the nail salon and get a pedicure? 

It’s because my sweet little puppy made a foray on FringeKid’s room Sunday morning while our happy little family was in church singing Amazing Grace.  The wooden castle was pillaged and three Barbies were torn asunder.  It was a ghastly scene.

Just so you know, my grace is not nearly as amazing as God’s.  Oriana was in trouble. 

I was alpha dog.  I was mad dog

It seems Barbies’ hip, knee, and hands must have made their way through my sweet puppy’s digestional tract by 1 am Tuesday morning.  Let me spare you the grim details.  I’ll just say that after what I had to clean up, filleting my feet seemed a soothing task.

I told you.  You’re glad you’re not me right now.  Bask in your glorious self girls.  And guys.

I’m going to sleep.  Hopefully for the entire night.  If not, I’ll be painting my toe nails before sunrise.



26 thoughts on “Public Service Post

  1. Merryheart

    Been there. Not laughing.

    Hat Chick is right. A Marley & Me moment. Guess what? Marley’s family got another dog after Marley. Same thing happened! Turns out it wasn’t the dog. Dog Whisperer helped them learn to really be alphas–pack leaders. Helped us too.

    Anger doesn’t work. Trust me!

    Oriana is still a puppy. Now’s the time to establish leadership! We’re rehabilitating a spoiled Jack Russel Terrier. Much harder! She has long standing bad habits.

    Check out Cesar Millan on or National Geographic TV. Victoria Stilwell “It’s Me or the Dog” is also excellent.

    Merryheart@Free’nWell Blog

  2. robinaltman

    Oh, dear. I just knew that eating plastic limbs couldn’t be good for you. That’s why I’ve never tried it. Not like I’ve never been tempted. . .

  3. Pam

    I can’t use one of those things either because I am afraid I will shave my entire heel off. Better to have the poor girl in the salon deal with it. Maybe you could teach puppers to chew on your heels instead of Barbie. Hmmm, I may teach my dogs to give me a pedicure. Here Baby, here Karma…

  4. pilar

    David is too funny ha! if he just knew all we have to do, some more than others.

    I do not have to shave my feet though, but only because I am scare…. that little thingy scare me… don´t know why.

  5. Jo@Mylestones

    I’m proud of you for having boundaries. Because it really all is about boundaries, isn’t it? Even Oriana, had she stuck to dog food and chew toys, and left the out-of-bounds barbies well enough alone….well, it just could have been a different and better story, for the both of you (not to mention the barbies).

  6. Nina in Portugal

    Got to love David’s comment! He’s learning a lot about us gals cause you’re an open book Fringegirl!

    Yes, David…seriously…we shave our feet!

    The things we do for love….

  7. Kristina

    OK, so you love your stupid PedEgg. I guess I don’t have bad enough feet to be able to use it well. I am thankful for that, and am rubbing that in your face.

  8. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries

    Oh, bad puppy. She probably needs to be contained when you’re gone.

    All dogs go thru a chewing stage when young. But in our experience, if we crated them with their own toys, they got past that stage and never even mouthed anything that we didn’t directly give them.

    As you know, in a house with small kids, you WILL have stuff on the floor. My dogs don’t touch any of the kids’ toys.

    A crate really may be the thing that lets you sleep thru the night. 🙂


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