Recently the whole FringeFamily was in the car and my son attempted to play hangman with my daughter.  Slightly dazed and confused, my daughter wasn’t getting the concept of just guessing letters – any letters.

Impatiently FringeBoy prodded, telling her to “Just pick random letters!”

With all seriousness and bit of disappointment, my daughter looked at my son and said “I haven’t learned those letters yet.”

* Coming Soon *

The Random Alphabet according to FringeKid


Incase you’re upset thinking I forgot about Earth Day, please know that I have a plastic reusable grocery bag full of Diet Coke cans waiting to go back to the store for recycling.  Don’t forget I’ve made a commitment to be green in 2009



19 thoughts on “Hangman

  1. robinaltman

    The FingeKids are so cute. They slay me. Poor little Fringekid will be learning all sorts of random things soon enough. I spent the night learning about “techtonic ocean plates” so I could help Kevin with a oceonography assignment that takes place on an imaginary planet. Yes. I just wrote that. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

  2. Kara-Noel

    Stories like this make me excited for when mine are older and actually interact. Right now Eli is sword fighting Cora Jane… but she doesn’t realize it!

  3. David

    Awww, that’s sweet!

    I’ve noticed that the teens these days use the word “random” a lot. I guess it’s kind of a fad word. For instance, random people means people they don’t know. Or they’ll say, “That was random,” if someone changes the subject abruptly.

    The picture is wonderful!

  4. thedomesticfringe Post author

    That forlorn look on FringeBoy’s face is due to that outfit I made him wear for Easter.

    He’ll be scarred for life, but I feel it’s my job as his mother to give him something to complain about every now and then.

  5. Cher

    I didn’t have time to comment before going to bed last night but the forlorn look on FringeBoy’s face and the headline “Hangman” weaved through my dreams all night…and not in a good way.

    The Texas Woman

  6. Tori

    Funny, can’t wait for that alphabet post, been wondering ’bout those random letters.

    Being green, should I be concerned with that?


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