Book Winner and Fundraiser

Let me start by saying that I recommend you go shopping HERE tomorrow. 


All purchases will benefit Baby Bella and you can read more about her HERE.  Baby Bella is the granddaughter of Debbie from Talking Trash.  She was a guest on the domestic fringe and if you’d like to meet her, click HERE.


OK, now for the book winner….drum-roll please!

****Shannon from Flower Patch Farm Girl is our winner.****

Thank you all for commenting on the post about Co-Sleeping.  The discussion was interesting.  I was just surprised more people don’t co-sleep.  Maybe they do and they just didn’t comment. 

 If you normally read the domestic fringe and don’t comment, I’d like to encourage you to introduce yourself and leave a comment, opinion, or even a link to your own blog.  I enjoy getting know other bloggers!

Be back tomorrow for Fashion Friday!


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