The Jacket – Fashion Must

The day I purchased a pair of white loafers with primary color stripes down the sides, colored polka dots spotting the top, and a stringer of beads pulling the entire shoe together, I knew I had a sense of fashion that strayed slightly from the norm.

I loved those shoes and wore holes in them.  Despite the fact that FringeMom sometimes disagrees with my fashion choices and FringeMan thinks I own a jacket that makes me look like a sunflower, I feel I’m qualified to talk style with you today.

After all I’ve watched 389 episodes of What Not To Wear and Clinton Kelly is following me on Twitter.  That’s gotta count for something!

I’d like to introduce you to my best friend today.  She is The Jacket. 

She hides my extra pounds, slims me down, and pulls me together.  People often say that I look put-together.  Of course I take this as a compliment and credit my jackets.  I own 6 jackets in varying neutral colors.  I’ve collected these through the years and they range in style  from starchy to fun.

I believe the jacket is an item that works for women of all weights and shapes.  A good jacket with nice slimming lines that highlight your waist will instantly take 10 pounds of your body.  Who doesn’t want that?

Just be sure not buy those eighties/nineties style long blazers with shoulder pads that rival the NY Giants padding.  You don’t want people to tackle you upon first sight.

I absolutely love this jacket.  You can purchase it at Kohl’s for under $25.  I’ve tried it on countless time; however, I already own a great denim jacket and can’t justify another.  Notice the great lines in the band at the waist…slims you down even when the jacket is open.  You can also throw it in the washer and dryer.  kohls-denim-jacket

Pair it with kacki pants or a printed cotton skirt and a cute top and you’ve got a great outfit. Very pulled-together.


You can also purchase this jacket at Kohl’s, but it’s a little trendier and won’t be in style forever.  Having said that, I think adding a few inexpensive trendy items to your wardrobe keeps it fresh and young.  I love the color and collar on this jacket. 


My last pick from Kohl’s on sale for under $25.  The nice thing about Kohl’s is that you never need to pay full price.  Everything goes on sale if you can be patient for a week.  I like how this jacket cinches at the waist and the collarless collar is great.


This is one of my favorite jackets.  I like pleats just above the bust and love the ruffles.  It’s a little pricier and can be found at Ann Taylor Loft.


This is another fabulous jacket.  It’s definitely at a higher price point and can be purchased at White House Black Market.  You can wear this with shorts, jeans, or skirts.  A great choice for summer.

Now I want to talk to the women out there who are sitting at home with a couple of kids, no cash in their pocket, and a lousy, outdated wardrobe.  I really believe you can look good at any price point.  It just takes more work if your budget is small.  I recently picked up two great jackets at a thrift store for under $6 each.  One had the tags still on it and the other jacket was gently pre-loved and from the Gap.  I adore both these jackets and you would never know they came from a thrift store.

So if your budget takes you to Nieman Marcus or Target, go get yourself a jacket.  You’ll be glad you did.

For more fashion advice, visit Big Mama’s blog and join her for Fashion Friday.


20 thoughts on “The Jacket – Fashion Must

  1. Mindy

    That blue jacket from Kohl’s? I’m not sure what body type that would look good on, but I know it is not mine! Too fussy and where does that band hit? Eek! Otherwise, I see some things that I know I’d enjoy seeing in my closet. I, too, am a fan of WNTW…Love it! ~Mindy

  2. Shannan

    Does Clinton really follow you on Twitter?!

    Love this jacket post. I’m a huge fan of the jacket, too. I just bought a super cute one at Old Navy over the weekend, brought it home, discovered that it was way too small and will be returning it shortly. I really do love me some jacket….

  3. jennifer

    I needed a little advice. I like the denim jacket very much! There is a Kohl’s down the road – I may have to stop in.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Grace Rinaldi

    For those of you that don’t personally know Mrs. Fringelady, I will attest that she is one, fabulously dressed chic! Always pulled together, with a great little jacket, cute shoes, the whole ball of wax. I’m trying to be more like her. But it’s hard, as I am very, very old. 🙂

  5. robinaltman

    Love the jackets! How incredibly cute they all are. May I add the boyfriend jacket? I have been wearing one with jeans when we go out, lately, and it hides my entire body. I can gain 80 pounds and have breast implants, and no one would know. Mwahahaha!

  6. pilar stark

    Oh, I just love Ann Taylor´s jacket!!!!! We don´t have that store here!!!! I don´t want to see and love something I can´t buy……… thanks so much… 😦

    Don´t feel guilty, I am just kidding hehe 😉

  7. Mel

    i have never understood the purpose of a jacket but i might have to go try some on now to see if they will help pull me together…i have the fashion sense of a rock.

  8. Evergreen

    Love the jackets – very cool!!!! Especially the brown one with the ruffles.

    Keep up the good work, Fashion Girl! 😉

  9. Straight Shooter

    I haven’t been here in so long, I didn’t recognize the place!
    Love, love, love it Girl!
    I’ll be back to normal and visiting regularly soon!
    I’ve missed ya.

  10. Rachel

    While I totally agree with you on the cuteness of the jacket, it just ain’t possible here. I try to avoid buying shirts that require me to wear a cami underneath. There’s no way I’m putting a jacket on in this humidity. I guess “Frump Look” is all I can handle. 🙂

  11. Kristina

    I actually have a lot of jackets, but I always forget about them!

    I have a dark denim jacket that I actually wear a lot. Just wore is yesterday. I recently rearranged my closet, and found this cream, beautiful eyelet jacket that I bought at Banana, a couple of years ago. I hope to wear it soon!

  12. Debbie York

    There is a reason books have jackets…it makes them more appealing! Even the dullest government text book looks exciting dressed in red, white and blue. Same goes for us. You are spot on with your fashion savvy advice. If you feel good about what you’re wearing and covering up some of your boring details, you are going to be more self-confident.
    Oh, and btw, a girl can never own too many shoes or denim jackets.
    I have a ton of jackets in my closet for all seasons and bought right, they never go out of style.
    Great post!

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  14. Erin

    I hear you! I am all about the jacket. That first and then the last, the tailored low section to pretend I’ve no belly, that’s the stuff! I wish we had a Kohl’s.

  15. Janna Qualman

    Oh, I concur! I’ve never NOT been on a budget. (Or maybe I’m just cheap. Naw, I think it’s both.) If you’re smart about shopping – going to second-hand stores, bee-lining to clearance racks, and watching sales – you can do fabulously. My closet attests to it, too!

    Great post, cute jackets!


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