The Skirt – Overlooked, Underworn

As the spring sun heats up (I’m pretending I live somewhere other than NY – somewhere the sun shines), we often go looking for cooler wardrobe options like shorts and capris.  The skirt is often overlooked and underworn.

That’s a shame, because a nice cotton skirt can be cool, cofortable, and can add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise ordinary day.

Gap Floral Skirt

Gap Floral Skirt

Cotton skirts like this one from the GAP are my first choice in summer.  I have a problem with legged bottoms. I bet that term conjures crazy images in your head.  Try and free yourself from your imagination for a moment.  I mean pants or shorts.

I’m one of those women who need to try on no less than 100 pairs of pants or shorts in order to find one well-fitting pair.  My legs are also …hmmm…what’s a good description?

Trunk like?  Solid?  Alabaster Pillars?

Fat.  That about sums up my problem.  I’ve got fat legs and skirts cover a multitude of sins.  The skirt is easy, breezy, and carefree.

Banana Republic Cotton Skirt

Banana Republic Cotton Skirt

They can be worn with t-shirts, tanks, or paired with a great denim jacket.

New York & Co. Stretch Skirt

New York & Co. Stretch Skirt

You can pair them with sandals or flip-flops and they are just as casual as a pair of walking shorts.

Target Tiered Skirt

Target Tiered Skirt

I think this skirt from Target is tons of fun.  By the looks of it, you can dress this right up for an evening out.

Ann Taylor Loft - Stretch Panama Swing Skirt

Ann Taylor Loft - Stretch Panama Swing Skirt

You need better legs than mine for this one; however, this model is probably almost 6 feet tall and that skirt would hit a little closer to my knee.

Ann Taylor Loft - Tiered Skirt

Ann Taylor Loft - Tiered Skirt

I’m not sure if it’s geographic, but I’ve noticed that women in the South are more inclined to wear a skirt for casual events or as everyday wear.  I’m not sure why and it intrigues me. 

Do you think women in the South are generally more feminine than Northerners?

Do you wear skirts?

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An important rule for you short lovers:  Shorts must be longer than they are wide.  This prevents your cheeks from getting unnecessary sunburn.

Look great today!


26 thoughts on “The Skirt – Overlooked, Underworn

  1. Merryheart

    I love skirts, too. Looong skirts. They are definitely cooler. But unfortunately, as the years wear on, they don’t wear well on me. I live in leggings now.

  2. JanMary, N Ireland

    Since leaving working daily in an office a rarely ever wear a skirt – ever!

    Even at a dinner dance this weekend I wore black trousers and a dressy top – and I would say the split between trousers and skirts/dresses was 50/50 (I had worried I would be the exception in trousers!)

  3. Laurie

    I used to live in the North and now I live in the South, and I think the extra skirt wearing can be boiled down into two reasons: Yes, the culture down here does seem to suggest that skirts and dresses are more feminine; and secondly, I wear them more often now because they are simply much, much cooler and more comfortable than shorts, capris or pants in the high heat and humidity.

  4. jenn

    I’d kind of given up on skirts back when my kids were toddler-aged, and I was inclined to be doing a lot of public squatting and bending over. Not a pretty picture. However, those years are gone, and I think I’m going to head over to GAP and check out the skirts! Thanks for the idea.

  5. Rachel

    I do love skirts but they don’t love me. I always end up looking frumpy in even the cutest skirts. I really like the ones you picked out though. Maybe I’ll have to go check some out.

  6. jessica

    I can’t stand summer clothes. I have short legs and nothing looks good on me. I literally get depressed just looking in my closet

  7. Mindy

    I am a skirt wearer, for sure. I think I started wearing them because of the camo it provides for the booty/thick legs. Now, I wear them because they are comfy, cool and cute! Yes. Cool. It is supposed to hit 90 today. ugh…~Mindy

  8. Janna Qualman

    I love me a good skirt (and have plenty cute ones for church and the like), but I’m a bermuda shorts and capri pants (denim) kinda gal.

    You’ve got some adorable ones here!

  9. Sarah@ Life in the Parsonage

    I am SO with you! I’ve declared it the summer of the dress/skirt for me. Here in tiny town, people only wear skirts to weddings…and maybe not even then. Every time I wear one to pick the kids up, people say “where ya going?” because if I’m wearing a skirt I’m obviously dressed up for a wedding 😉 Man, I love being the weirdo…I was so called to it!

    Great post girlie!

    PS – Only 2 more Beth Moore lessons, we’ve so enjoyed the DVD’s! I’ll be mailing them back shortly 😉

  10. Cher

    I wore a long sundress and sandals out to dinner and a street fair last Friday night and then went to the home of some friends where their dog ATTACKED ME. He grabbed me by the front of my skirt and just hung there…that is until he let go and grabbed my leg! My friend’s husband felt really bad about it but joked that the dog hadn’t seen a woman in a dress in so long that it scared him!

    So much for what I look like in a skirt or dress!

    The Texas Woman

  11. robinaltman

    Love all the skirt pictures! I like the one from Target the best. My favorite warm weather skirt is flared, white, with pictures of giant artichokes all over it. I always get tons of compliments. I also get people saying, “Huh?” I don’t know which I like better.

  12. caprik

    “An important rule for you short lovers: Shorts must be longer than they are wide. This prevents your cheeks from getting unnecessary sunburn.”

    I also need to try on several entire racks of pants to find a pair to make my hindquarters presentable. I don’t APPEAR to be oddly misshapen.
    I like skirts, they are comfy, so long as it is not a windy day. Then ALL would be lost!

  13. portugalbound

    Absolutely! Southern girls are on average, more feminine.

    No offense to you yankee ladies….

    All I wear are skirts….I’m with you on the tree trunk legs….don’t they stink!

  14. Debbie York

    Have you noticed skirt rhymes with flirt…that sort of sums up southern women. Nothing we like better than to flirt in a skirt! I love skirts because I’m so short and pants generally are longer than I am taller, but a skirt can be rolled (a little trick I learned back in the ’60’s) if it is just a tad too long.
    Cat Daddy would love it if I wore dresses all the time (eeww, last I checked we don’t live in a compound!) so a skirt is good compromise.
    I think there is another important rule for short wearers…just because it’s made in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it! Only the young and firm should wear Daisy Dukes.
    I love the Target skirt…I’m off to see if it is in my size….forget what I said about “just because it is in your size…..”, rules were meant to be broken!

  15. Jo@Mylestones

    Yep, I think you’re onto something about the north/south thing. Most folks in Northern New England seems to be partial to fleece and denim. My dressy clothes haven’t seen the light of day since we left Virginia. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….
    Oh, and I love that BR skirt.
    And “prevents your cheeks from sunburn” Made me smile!

  16. pilar stark

    Once again I love the bannana republic and ann taylor skirt… but I do have a thing for those two stores.

    I do wear skirt most all the time. I didn´t use to until I moved to the south of the US. :)… maybe a relation there 😉

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