Carnival Day

100_3679The FringeFamily spent the day at a carnival.  Each year our school district hosts a fund-raising carnival at the beach. 


What could be better than a day filled with sunshine, funnel cake, and fright?


For the sake of our entire community, I did not go on any rides.  Spittin’ chunks wasn’t high on my Mother’s Day priority list.


The FringeKids went nuts.  FringeBoy has been psyched for a year to hit all the wild rides that he’s finally tall enough to enjoy; however, after the first upside down ride, he decided his newfound prowess wasn’t all fun and games.


Not only does FringeKid think she’s a super model, but she also must think she’s a marsupial, specifically an opossum, because she spent most of the day hanging upside down.


At a carnival full of Flinstone like characters, Barbie and Ken showed up.  Just as everybody takes notice when a silicone enhanced model type mom walks by in 4 inch heels, a man in a Versace suit with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist draws some sideways glances.  Imagine the whole family package complete with two stunningly blond, overtly well-dressed children.

They were like a piece of Godiva chocolate tucked into a bag of M&M’s.  It just didn’t make sense.

So you know I had to take a picture.

Ken, if you’re reading, be flattered.  I know your ego will not so secretly revel in the fact that I photographed you.  Your exposed chest hairs were begging for a picture.


I not only caught him holding Barbie’s purse, but I’m wondering if he wasn’t picking a nose right before my camera clicked.

No, no, only the rest of us Flinstone characters pick in public.

Believe me I was scouring my purse for paper and a pen in order to bring you an exclusive interview, but they hopped into their plastic sports car and ditched the carnival.

It’s just as well.  I would’ve had to write with an eyeliner pencil.

Hey, it was all I could find.



23 thoughts on “Carnival Day

  1. Erin

    Ohhhh, plu-eeezzeeee!
    What’s up with some people?
    Looks like you guys had fun. Oh, ya, these things are for fun, plastic people.

  2. Kara-Noel

    I love the shot of the fringe kids together. There is so much personality in that pic… like you caught one of the everyday moments us moms want burned in our memories!!

  3. Amber

    nice! all the carnivals i ever end up in are always so shady. the characters they have runnin’ the machines creep me out so bad. :O

  4. Merryheart

    FringeKid and FringeBoy are too cute as always. I especially love FringeKid’s glamorous pose and the look of astonishment. But close behind is the carefree photo of FringeGirl and son. I can never be that casual in a photo!

    Then again, I’m not quite as formal as Ken. But let’s be fair, people. Maybe Ken and Barbie just came from their church services and didn’t have time to change! Some churches encourage dressing up. Too bad your camera didn’t catch them together. But the shot you got was probably funnier!

    SurvivalMaster and EagleGirl took me to the beach yesterday right after our services. We chose to go down near the harbor entrance, where EagleGirl took hundreds of photos of the beach, cliffs, trees and pier. Maybe I can get her to post some of them. What a beautiful day!

  5. David

    Your blog is always good for a smile! All the pictures are great. I especially like the one of the FringeKids together. FringeBoy looks so serious!

    Ken looks very out of place. Who the heck wears a suit to a carnival? I guess he thinks he’s gone casual because he skipped the silk tie and handkerchief. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s probably his own biggest fan.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Mindy

    FringeBoy does look a little green around the gills! Your pic of Ken is hilarious! Such timing on your part to catch the finger near the nostril. Hmmmm…Looks like good times to me! ~Mindy

  7. robinaltman

    If only you could have caught Ken with a finger shoved up his nose! He couldn’t look more out of place if he tried. So funny!

    You guys look like you’re having a blast! Yay!

  8. Debbie York

    Your children are just too stinking cute.
    Now are you sure that was Barbie’s purse….cause it sure seems to match his ensemb! Why do people do that? I don’t think he was picking his nose so much as just making sure things were nice and tucked in. It probably woudn’t do for any stray nose hairs messing up the image!
    I am such a sucker for carnivals…I’m the one who gets stuck with riding upside down with the kiddos.

  9. portugalbound

    Wow…if that was Ken, complete with nose picking and purses….I’d like to have seen Barbie!

  10. Hat Chick

    The potential pick and the purse…priceless.

    Great photos and I have to note the clear blue sky. Looks like you had a great day and the Fringekids look blissfully happy.

  11. Pilar

    Uuummmm funnel cake…….

    Love the photo of your girl (the first one), she looks like she was super excited to be there. Of couse, who wouldn´t… I know I would 🙂

    You made me laugh with the story of Ken and Barbie, too bad you couldn´t get a family shot. 🙂

    Love the picture of you with your boy. You look beautiful!


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