Aging Madly & Rapidly

Domestically Challenged is hosting a ‘We Heart Art’ week in appreciation of artwork and creativity.  Of course I wanted to participate, but I’m not an artist and I’m really not even very creative. 

FringeBoy is our resident artist.  He’s taken some art classes and enjoys drawing, but he’s been busy with kid life and doesn’t have anything new for me to show off.  He recently drew several “Puffles” (fur balls featured on Club Penguin) and traded them in school.  They became currency for him; however, he’s officially out of Puffles and is now back to using my cookies as currency.

FringeKid did bring home a drawing from school and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share it. 

Now is that time.


I pulled this out of her folder and after I stopped laughing, I realized that this looks a lot like me, now.  I’m scared, very scared. 

See the bugged out eyes, uplifted brow, crazy hair and fangs?

I don’t need to wait until I’m 100.  It’s me every morning!

I just have a hard time remaining calm when the dog eats fresh homework (I’m not kidding), my daughter floods the bathroom because she forgot to tuck the plastic shower liner into the tub, and my son decides to swim in the backyard’s trench of mud.  When it’s not even 7:35 and my coffee isn’t finished dripping, I can get a little nuts.

And so, I wonder how Mrs. Dugger does it. 

Have you watched 18 and Counting on TLC?

I’m not sure why I watch this program.  It’s a mix of morbid curiosity and a little bit of envy.  She’s got 18 kids and she’s gotta be the calmest woman I’ve ever seen.  Does she ever sleep? 

Between constant pregnancy’s, middle of the night feedings, and an obviously busy bed, she’s gotta be beat.

It doesn’t show.  Apparently she doesn’t entertain any hormonal rages or brief lapses of sanity.  Despite a much needed hair cut and wardrobe update, she looks young and healthy.  Obviously she loves her children.

I just cannot get past the thought of making grilled cheese sandwiches for 18 kids, doing at least 100 loads of laundry daily, and changing diapers for 5 solid years of my life.  She’s a better woman than I.  Kudos to her!

For now my goal is just to avoid looking like my daughter’s drawing.

I’ve gotta start somewhere.

Visit Domestically Challenged and look at some real art.


30 thoughts on “Aging Madly & Rapidly

  1. caprik

    Love the art “masterpiece” !!!

    I have seen the Duggar’s show, and I am sorry to say, all I can think about is CUTTING all of that HAIR!!!!! How much do they spend for shampoo over there?

  2. Straight~Shooter

    Don’t be silly Girl!

    I am sure you don’ t have the fangs…

    Great post.

    Am with you on the envy wagon when it comes to the Duoger Mommas out there though…

    Sheesh. Don’t they CARE how bad they make the rest of us look???

  3. Erin

    You need to put warnings on these things to not be eating chips and drinking pop while reading. That picture is HILARIOUS! Um, ya, I mean, pretty.

  4. robinaltman

    That is the greatest picture, ever. I think she intends on being a vampire when she’s older. You’d better lock her windows at night. (That’s how the vampires get in. Scratch on your window, you open it, and it’s fang city.)

  5. Rachel

    OH please, the only reason that woman with 18 kids seems to have it all together is because she has a TV show and I guarantee you she has people around helping her out ALL THE TIME.

    LOL at the busy bed. 🙂

  6. Helene

    That drawing is hilarious!! She’ll definitely get a kick out of that when she’s older, looking back on it! Sad to say I look like that now too…and I just turned 40…ugh!

    Thanks for participating in the We Heart Art carnival!

  7. pilar stark

    I think that woman is not real 🙂 How can she do it??? I love my kids very much but wow!!! that woman deserves a price or something… or a free makeover… you are right!!! Since she is in TLC already they should enter her in What not to wear 🙂

  8. Evergreen

    Okay – what happens when you look like the drawing, but do not have the kids yet???? I think I’m scared…….

    DON’T BELIEVE FRINGEGIRL!!!! She is MASSIVELY CREATIVE!!! She has more creativity in her little pinky toe than most do in their entire family tree!

  9. Debbie York

    Ah, the wonders of Prozac! She probably has a lifetime supply…she has to! Although, with 18 kids she had better hope they don’t set up a union.
    My grandmother was one of 16 kids…course her daddy had a farm to maintain and needed free labor. (I bet my great grandmother had something to say about “free labor”!)
    Don’t we all look like that drawing when we are raising children? Heck, I still do…just add some wrinkles and we could be twins.
    I say start with the hair and work down….Oh, and let me know how that works out for you!

  10. David

    I have not seen that show. But that sounds like absolute insanity to me. I had a little flashback chuckle when you mentioned the shower curtain on the outside of the tub. Been there, done that, got the soggy t-shirt!

  11. *~Michelle~*

    OK, you just made me spit out my coffee…..I love your take on life. (we’ve got the same sense of humor, lol)

    I have resorted to a dab of Preparation H under my eyes at night for the bags…..not sure what is more embarrassing, the fact that I just admitted that, or that I actually had a tube of it in my house.

    Have a great day~

  12. Hat Chick

    I have seen that show. She has 4 mini-me’s doing her bidding. I wish I had a kid who could organize groceries like that one boy of hers. He’s going to make a great Material Manager one day.


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